MiVue 480D 2.7" Dual
Camera Dashcam
MSRP: $299.99
Manufacturer: Magellan
The Magellan MiVue 480D DashCam is a dual camera
solution designed to capture events occurring in front
and behind the vehicle; providing the ultimate in
safety and security. The forward facing camera
attaches to the front window and records in stunningly
clear Super HD (2304x1296). While the rear facing
camera attaches to the rear window and records in
crystal clear Full HD (1296x1080). The front camera is
equipped with a large 2.7" display that makes it easy
to play back and watch recorded footage on the unit
and shows both cameras' viewpoints when recording.
The front camera’s mount rotates so you can capture
events inside your vehicle.
1 Front windshield camera and 1 Rear
windshield camera
Front camera has a large 2.7” hi-resolution
display for easy video playback
Front camera captures video in Super HD
1296p resolution
Rear camera captures video in crystal clear Full HD 1080p
MiVue Manager - upload and browse video on your iOS or PC device
MiVue lets you organize, browse and see routes overlaid in Google maps and more
Built-in wide dynamic range provides exceptional night and low light recording
Recordings display GPS longitude/latitude, time and speed
Impact recording - 3-Axis G-sensor measures force and movement to lock video recording
Locks video recording 15-seconds prior and 50-seconds after an event
Front camera has a 140-degree viewing angle
Back camera has a 130-degree viewing angle
Parking mode - monitors front and back of car for 30 minutes
Digital Camera mode - lets you detach from mount and collect images
Lane departure warning notifies driver if they are wandering out of lane
Forward Collision warning lets you know if you are too close to the car ahead
Driver Fatigue alerts you when to switch drivers or take a break
Headlight reminder - at sunset the MiVue 420 lets you know when to turn on your lights
Speed and Traffic camera alerts warns you of fixed red light and speed cameras
Cruise speed alarm helps you maintain safe driving speeds
Share videos on social media such as YouTube and Facebook
Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Interface features 1 USB port
Includes 16GB microSD memory card and Windshield mounts
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