Office One
Engaging design and compact dimensions for Office One,
the capsule coffee machine perfect for offices.
It ensures a top quality espresso, plus steam and hot water
dispensing for the preparation of tea and herbal tea to satisfy
all needs. The high capacity water tank and dump box
make this machine different. It is user-friendly thanks to
the complete display and the 5-button keypad. Office One
is equipped with a plate for cups and autonomous tank; it
is available with cabinet.
Main features
• Removable brewing unit suitable for Caffitaly capsules:
easy cleaning and maintenance
• Manual capsule loading through an extractable drawer
• Electro-mechanical unloading
• Possibility to use cups of various dimensions thanks to
the tilting support
• Removable steam tube for easy cleaning
• Washable and frontally removable dump tray
• Washable and frontally removable drip tray
• Door with lock and key
• Water tank cover with lock and key
• Immediate user interface thanks to display and direct
access keypad
• 3 coffee buttons (short, long, continuous dispensing)
• The practical sealed capsule is easy and quick to use
and contains the ideal coffee dose, ensuring a perfect
espresso with unspoiled aroma and flavour
• Cappuccinatore kit • Kit for water softener cartridge
• Cabinet with cups, stirrers, sugar containers and height adjustable feet (w x h x d 440 x 920 x 465 mm, 21 kg)
Technical Data
Office One
Dimensions (w x h x d)
300 x 420 x 450 mm
12.2 kg
Power supply
230 V/50 Hz
220 V/60 Hz
120 V/60 Hz
Power consumption
1600 W
stainless steel
Water supply
Number of other selections
water tank
3 (short, long,
continuous dispensing)
2 (steam, hot water)
Office One
Dump box
25 capsules
Independent water tank
Number of coffee selections
Technical specifications
• Painted thermoplastic body
• Stainless steel boiler with refill system with additional
heating element
• Containers and tank in food-contact approved resin
• Plastic cup holder, tilting, with fixed position
• Possibility to use cups of various dimensions
• Signal for water empty, capsule presence, brewing unit
presence, capsule drawer inserted, open door, full dump
• Stand-by function (energy saving) and timer function
• Electronically controlled boiler temperature
• Electromagnetic vibration pump
• Personal computer connection inside the machine
• Solenoid valve for steam and hot water output
• Protection fuses
• CE, VDE, UL and KTL approved
User interface
• Direct access 5-button keypad for coffee, hot water and
steam selection
• 3 coffee buttons: short, long, continuous dispensing
• 4-line, 16-character multilingual alphanumeric display
• Selection of 4 languages from menu
Mixed Sources
Product group from well-managed forests
and other controlled sources
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As our Company is constantly involved in the continuous improvement of its production, aesthetic characteristics and dimensions, technical data, equipment
and accessories can be subject to variation. For this reason the manufacturer reserves the right to make any changes without prior notice.
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