General Supply Line Installation Instructions

General Supply Line Installation Instructions
Please Note: We are providing general guidelines for a standard installation as we cannot account for the
individuality of the site or items you may be working with.
Tools Layout:
The most important tool to use when installing a faucet and supply lines is a licensed plumber. Most
manufacturers will not accept warranty claims on items not installed by a licensed plumber.
1/2" Tubing cutter
Strap wrench
Smooth jawed pipe wrench
Allen Wrench
Thread Sealant (Teflon tape or liquid form) - Liquid thread sealant should not be used for installation on
supercoated brass. If used, the item will not be covered under the manufacturer's warranty. The
manufacturer recommends using teflon tape on the threaded connections.
Tape Measurer
The rough-in for your supply lines are on 3 3/8" centers, 1/2" threads above the floor, and 3/4" O.D.
Supply assembly pictured from rough in to the valve.
Apply a liberal amount of thread sealant (Teflon tape for supercoated brass) to shorter end of threaded
section of valve nipple.
Tighten valve end with o-ring to valve nipple.
Place allen wrench into allen opening and strap wrench to tighten valve end to nipple until tightened.
Slide valve lock nut onto assembly facing where valve will attach then slide escutcheon and floor plate onto
assembly as shown.
Using allen wrench tighten valve assembly to rough in and tighten with allan wrench into floor.
Slide wall bracket ring up the supply line.
Add thread sealant to valve side of thread and attach valve to supply and tighten with strap wrench and
smooth jawed wrench.
10. Add thread sealant to faucet side of supply.
11. Slide on the faucet lock nut.
12. Install the faucet end, tightening with allan wrench.
13. Then, set aside with valve nipple.
14. Hand tighten wall bracket end to wall bracket nipple.
15. Mount to room wall with enclosed screws.
16. Note: No specific height for wall bracket except that it has to be below the bend and above the valve.
17. Assemble valve and supply line to wall bracket.
18. Hand-tighten valve lock nut then tighten 1/4 turn with smooth jawed wrench.
19. Tighten wall bracket ring to wall nipple/brace.
20. Hand tighten lock nut washer on supplies to faucet and tighten a 1/4 turn.
21. Thread sealant applied to spout and hand-tighten into faucet body.
22. Attach handshower cradle basket with enclosed washer to faucet body inlet.
23. Add washers to handshower hose, 1 washer to each end.
24. Add handshower onto large nut end of hose.
25. Attach small lock nut side of hose into cradle inlet. Hand tighten a 1/4 turn using the smooth jawed pipe
26. For handle attachments, remove screws from the faucet body valves (handshower diverter, Hot and Cold)
(Note the red washer for hot, blue washer for cold) and attach appropriate handles with screws.
27. Do the same for the Hot and Cold shut off valves located toward the bottom of the supply lines.
28. Note you will probably have extra pieces (not needed) as shown in picture.
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