Bridget Sweeney Symmone Johnson Alex Kaufhold Zachary

Bridget Sweeney
Symmone Johnson
Alex Kaufhold
Zachary Duckworth
Anna Luria
Algorithm: Making Coffee
Decide how many cups of coffee you need.
Pick up Tablespoon by flat end
Open top of coffee maker
Take a filter out of package
Move water spout to side
Put filter in the filter holder
Move water spout back
Open coffee container by twisting off lid
Depending on step one, measure the correct number of Tablespoons of ground
coffee (2 per cup)
10. Scoop Tablespoons of ground coffee and transfer to filter
11. Remove coffee pot from the coffee maker
12. Walk to sink
13. Turn on faucet
14. Fill coffee pot to number of cups depending on step 1
15. Walk back to coffee maker
16. Pour water from coffee pot in water container
17. Close top of coffee maker
18. Put coffee pot back in correct spot
19. Turn coffee maker on by pressing the correct button
20. Wait until coffee has finished brewing
21. Turn coffee maker off
22. Pick up coffee pot by handle
23. Take a mug out of the cupboard
24. Pour coffee in mug with leaving some room at the top
25. Add sugar and cream to desired taste
26. Lift cup to mouth and drink
27. Clean coffee maker and mug
• Assume user has necessary equipment and ingredients (ground coffee beans,
water, coffee maker, coffee pot)
• User knows how to operate basic kitchen utensils (Tablespoon)
• Assuming coffee maker is plugged in
Pseudo Code
Looping/iteration control structure for scooping correct amount of coffee grounds:
1. Scoop a Tablespoon of coffee grounds.
2. Scoop another Tablespoon of coffee grounds.
3. Repeat 1-2 for each cup of coffee you want up to 12 maximum assuming your
pot holds only 12 cups.
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