Installation Quick Start Guide for AQT-G4

Installation Quick Start Guide for AQT-G4
Important Installation Instructions
Open filter compartment door and remove the old filter by
lifting it upward until it can no longer move. Gently pull
the old filter straight out of the cartridge holder (Do Not
Twist Cartridge.) A small amount of water may drip down.
Remove protective cap from new replacement filter.
Gently swing the filter cartridge downward back into a
vertical position. If the filter does not move downward
easily, check the alignment of the top of the filter with the
cartridge holder and ensure that it is fully seated.
Run water from the dispenser for 5 minutes (about 2 ½
gallons) to clear the system and prevent sputtering. See
"To Use the Dispenser" section in refrigerator User
Manual for more information. Note: A newly-installed
water filter cartridge may cause water to spurt from the
Reset the "replace filter" light. Refer to your refrigerator
owner's manual for reset procedure.
Attach the included water filter replacement calendar
label according to the label instructions.
Insert top of filter into the cartridge holder, and push until
filter is fully seated into position.
For further questions or assistance please call (866) 218-8473.
Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm Pacific Standard Time
A newly-installed water filter cartridge may cause water to spurt from the dispenser until
all the air is removed. Do not use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of
unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the system.
Protect from freezing.
To reduce the risk of property damage due to water leakage, this filter MUST be
installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and instructions. This filter
must be replaced every 6 months, at the rated capacity, or sooner if reduced water flow
occurs. Failure to follow instructions and operation specifications will void your warranty.
Further, manufacturer assumes no responsibility or liability for damages arising out of
misuse of the product. The filter bypass plug MUST be used when a filter replacement
cartridge is not installed.
The risk associated with small parts can cause choking if swallowed. Keep children
away from small parts during the replacement of the water filter.
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