Important Instructions - LNG Laundry Equipment

Important Instructions
Door Latch/Switch Assembly
Use With Frontload Washers
To reduce the risk of electric shock, fire, explosion, serious injury or death:
• Disconnect electric power to the washer before servicing.
• Never start the washer with any guards/panels removed.
• Whenever ground wires are removed during servicing, these ground wires must be
reconnected to ensure that the washer is properly grounded.
• Motor not grounded! Disconnect electric power before servicing motor.
Kit No. 802317 consists of:
- 802317
- 6-08-141
12. Disconnect harness connector from door lock and
remove lock. Do not pull wire harness out too far
or harness push tab that attaches front flange to
cabinet may become disconnected. Refer to
Figure 1.
Door Latch/Switch Assembly
Important Instructions
Door Latch/Switch Removal
Unplug washer from wall outlet.
Turn off water supply to washer.
Open loading door.
Carefully remove wire clamp ring from groove in
door seal using small flat blade screwdriver.
IMPORTANT: To avoid damaging spring located
in six o’clock position, use screwdriver on wire
clamp ring to left or right of spring. Refer to
Figure 1.
5. Grasp lip of door seal. To avoid damaging seal do
not use pliers or sharp objects to grasp door seal
6. Pull lip seal up, out, and down using a circular
motion. When seal releases from lip of front
panel, pull out and remove seal from rest of front
7. While supporting door lock from back through
door opening, remove two screws holding door
lock to front panel. Refer to Figure 1.
8. While supporting front lower access panel,
remove two screws from bottom edge of lower
access panel.
9. Gently lower access panel to disengage panel
locators from bottom edge of front panel.
10. Remove bottom left front panel screw.
11. Pull front panel out enough to remove lock
through door opening.
P.O. Box 990
Ripon, WI 54971-0990
Door Latch/Switch and Switch Wires
1. Reconnect harness to new door lock. Refer to
wiring diagram for proper placement.
2. Insert door lock through door opening. Refer to
Figure 1. Install small lip through mounting hole
first and then rotate lock into position.
3. Replace two screws holding lock to front panel.
4. Check wire routing such that wires do not come in
contact with door seal.
5. Re-attach front panel corner screw.
6. Replace lower access panel by inserting panel
locators into bottom edge of front panel.
7. Replace two screws in bottom of access panel.
8. Replace door seal around edge of door opening on
front panel. Door seal installation can be
improved by using water or soap solution to work
seal around circumference of loading door
9. Replace wire clamp ring in groove of door seal
and attach spring in six o’clock position. Refer to
Figure 1.
10. Close loading door.
11. Plug power cord into outlet.
12. Turn on water supply to washer.
13. Run washer through complete cycle to make sure
it is operating properly.
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Form No. 6-08-141
July 2008
Door Latch/
Figure 1
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