UCSF Print Management Program
The UCSF Print Management Program (PMP)
managed by Documents & Media offers the
University a convenient, sustainable, economic
solution for its copiers, multifunction devices, and
networked desktop printer needs.
Reduce or eliminate administrative time
• No need to generate a purchase order, since
we’ll be the ones leasing or purchasing the
• No need to review monthly bills from outside
vendors for lease payments, maintenance, and
• No need to track individual impressions, since
we’ll be the ones responsible for tracking
usage on a monthly basis. Recharge billing
can be viewed 24/7 on our online portal. This
portal includes a breakdown in usage by
each COA and the amount recharged to that
• No need to order consumable supplies, like
toner or solid ink. We provide all equipment
supplies, and we help keep used supplies out
of landfill by responsibly recycling them.
• We can provide 100% recycled plain or 3-hole
recycled paper.
• We are firmly committed to environmental
sustainability and fully support the Carbon
Neutrality goals of the University. We only
use printing devices that are Energy-Star®
Significantly reduce maintenance time
• Documents & Media becomes the key
contact for all maintenance needs. No more
rising service costs, burdensome third-party
maintenance agreements, or tracking down of a
technician for equipment repairs.
• All of your equipment service and supply
requests are conveniently managed and tracked
using ServiceNow. Tickets can be seamlessly
transferred for IT support when needed.
• Major parts are stored by Documents & Media
at the Mission Center. This reduces the time
needed to order parts and results in equipment
potentially being serviced quicker.
Convenience and Ease of Use
• Individual access codes for each account (tied
to the department fund/dpa) can be set up on
each multifunction printer, allowing for universal
access for all department users in the program.
• Equipment installed can be from the same
manufacturer, using the current UC system-wide
approved vendors. This uniformity enables
users the capability to easily operate each
device, which in turn eliminates the frustration
and downtime of having to readjust to different
• We can also support supplies & service, and
break/fix repairs on desktop laser printers.
Email Us! dmpmp@ucsf.edu
Online @ tiny.ucsf.edu/pmp
Call for Help at 415-476-5900
Send your high-quantity print & copy jobs to us!
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In addition to the UCSF Print Management
Program, we can also do your digital printing &
copying for you.
Our digital production facility at MCB features
a Xerox 1000 Color Digital Press and several
high-speed production black & white copiers.
For convenient color copies at Parnassus, we
have office color machines at the DM Service
Center in the UCSF Libary.
Print Design
UCSF & Medical Center Business Stationery
High-End Digital Copying
Full Color Printing and Copying
Digital Photography
Large Format Color
Complete Bindery Solutions
Variable Data Printing
Mail Merge
Digital Scanning
Flash Drive Production
Direct Mail Services
First Class and Standard Presorting
Mail Design and Format Consultation
Outgoing Mail Permit and Metering Service
Order your stationery online
This equipment mix allows us to provide to the
University fast and cost-effective color and
black & white digital printing & copying. Our
standard turnaround time for most copy jobs is
24 hours. If you need your project sooner, we
offer rush and even super rush, while-you-wait
We carry a wide variety of paper stocks,
including colored cover and text weights,
textured papers, and tabs.
And print & copy are only part of the package.
We offer a variety of binding options, including
comb, tape, FastBack, and velo binding, as
well as hard-cover book binding, complete with
attractive foil-stamped spines and covers.
We can handle any type of hand-labor (folding,
inserting, stuffing) required for your job.
Our digital production partners are firmly
committed to environmental sustainability.
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