 Children must not be permitted to play
with the appliance.
 Children must not be permitted to carry
out any cleaning or maintenance work on
the appliance unless they are supervised.
 The appliance and its power cord must be
kept well away from children under 8 at all
 Caution: Keep any packaging materials
well away from children – such materials
are a potential source of danger, E.g. of
Caution: This symbol indicates that
the accessible housing surfaces may
become very hot during operation. Do
not touch any part of the appliance except
the handle; use suitable oven cloths if
 Before the appliance is used, the main unit
as well as any attachment fitted should
be checked thoroughly for any defects.
Should the appliance, for instance, have
been dropped onto a hard surface, it must
not be used any longer: even invisible
damage may have adverse effects on the
operational safety of the appliance.
 The power cord should be regularly
examined for any signs of damage. In the
event of such damage being found, the
appliance must no longer be used.
 Do not operate the appliance if excessive
force has been used to pull the power
cord. Damage cannot always be detected
from the outside; the entire unit should
therefore be checked by a qualified
technician before it is used again.
 Do not allow the housing or the power
cord to touch hot surfaces (E.g. cooker
hotplates) or come into contact with any
other heat sources.
 Do not operate the grill without the grill
plates fitted.
 During operation, the appliance must
be placed on a heat-resistant surface,
impervious to splashes and stains. When
cooking food with a high fat or moisture
content, splashes are not always avoidable.
 Always switch off and remove the plug
Contact grill
Dear Customer,
Before using the appliance, please read the
following instructions carefully and keep this
manual for future reference. The appliance
must only be used by those familiar with
these instructions.
Connection to the mains supply
The appliance should only be connected to
an earthed socket installed in accordance
with the regulations. Make sure that the
supply voltage corresponds with the voltage
marked on the rating label of the appliance.
This product complies with all binding CE
directives on labelling.
1. Handle
2. Upper grill element
3. Release button – upper grill plate
4. Power cord
5. Temperature indicator lamp
6. On/Off switch
7. Operating position lever
8. Lower ribbed grill plate
9. Upper ribbed grill plate
10. Smooth grill plates
11. Main indicator lamp
12. Fat collection tray
13. Rating label (on underside)
14. Temperature control
15. Release button – lower grill plate
16. Locking pin for upper grill element
Important safety instructions
 This appliance may be used by children
(at least 8 years of age) and by persons
with reduced physical, sensory or mental
capabilities, or lacking experience and
knowledge, provided they have been given
supervision or instruction concerning the
use of the appliance and fully understand
all dangers and safety precautions
from the wall socket
- after use,
- in cases of malfunction, and
- during cleaning.
Before moving or storing the appliance,
ensure it has cooled down completely.
Do not use the handle to carry the
The appliance is not intended to be
operated by means of an external timer or
separate remote-control system
No responsibility is accepted if damage
results from improper use, or if these
instructions are not complied with.
This appliance is intended for domestic or
similar applications, such as
- in shops, offices and other similar
working environments,
- in agricultural areas,
- by customers in hotels, motels etc. and
similar establishments,
- in bed-and breakfast type environments.
In order to comply with safety regulations
and to avoid hazards, repairs of electrical
appliances must be carried out by qualified
personnel, including the replacement
of the power cord. If repairs are needed,
please send the appliance to one of our
customer service departments. The
addresses can be found in the appendix to
this manual.
BBQ MODE: With the lever held in this position,
the upper grill element can be opened
completely for BBQ-style grilling, and also
for thorough cleaning (see Locking the upper
grill element).
On/Off switch with indicator lamps
Use the On/Off switch to turn the appliance
on. The main red indicator lamp remains lit
as long as the appliance is switched on. The
green temperature indicator lamp comes on
once the pre-set temperature is reached.
Smooth grill plates:
Particularly suitable for vegetables and
seafood, for making sandwiches or for
grilling 'au gratin'.
OPEN: The appliance can be fully opened.
LOCK: The upper grill plate is locked in place
and the appliance can be moved after a
sufficient cooling-down period.
LOW – HIGH: The height of the upper grill
element can be adjusted to five different
heights for contact grilling or cooking ‘au
gratin’, depending on the thickness of the
food to be cooked.
Locking the upper grill element
When opening the upper grill element into
the barbecue-/cleaning position, it must
be locked: put the lever first into the OPEN
position and push the handle lightly down;
in that way, the upper grill element will be
locked by the pin. Now put the lever to the
BBQ MODE position, when the appliance can
be opened.
Ribbed grill plates:
Particularly suitable for grilling
products such as steak, sausages etc.
Before using for the first time
 Clean the fitted grill plates with a damp,
lint-free cloth and wipe dry afterwards.
 Close the unit.
 Insert the plug into a suitable wall outlet,
and use the On/Off switch to turn the
appliance on. Set the temperature control
to its MAX position.
 Let the grill heat up for about 15 minutes
without any food. This will remove the
smell typically encountered when first
Temperature control
The required grill temperature can be
adjusted continuously from MIN (keeping
warm) to MAX (grilling).
Operating positions
The different operating positions can be
selected by means of the adjusting lever on
the right-hand side:
 Wait until pre-heating is complete and the
green temperature indicator lamp comes
 The non-stick grill plates only need to be
slightly greased when first used.
 The grill is now ready for use.
 Open the lid if necessary.
 Place the items to be cooked into the
unit. The cooking or grilling time
depends largely on the nature of the food
 In order to prevent the non-stick grill
plates from being damaged, do not use
sharp or pointed objects while placing or
removing food items.
 After cooking is complete, remove the
plug from the wall socket and allow
sufficient time for the unit to cool down
with the plates closed.
switching on a grill. (A little smoke may be
emitted; this is quite normal, but ensure
there is sufficient ventilation.)
 Let the appliance cool down.
 Clean the grill plates afterwards as
described in the ‚General care and
cleaning’ section.
 Both ribbed and smooth plates must be
cleaned in this way.
 Fit the required grill plates and set the
appliance up in the desired operating
Contact grilling (LOW – HIGH)
E.g. cutlet or escalope, fried sausage,
sandwich, panini etc.:
adjust the upper grill element to the
thickness of the food to be grilled. The
upper grill element should be in level
contact with the food but should not press
down on it.
General care and cleaning
 Before cleaning the appliance, remove the
plug from the wall socket and make sure
that the grill has cooled down completely
with the plates closed.
 To avoid the risk of electric shock, do not
clean the appliance with water and do not
immerse it in water.
 The outside of the grill may be cleaned
with a soft damp cloth only. Wipe dry with
a dry cloth afterwards.
 Cleaning the non-stick grill plates:
The plates can be removed for easy
cleaning: open the unit and put the upper
element in a vertical position; then push
the release button to remove the plate.
To remove the lower plate, push the lowerplate release button and remove the plate.
Clean the plates in warm soapy water; dry
thoroughly afterwards.
Replace the plates in the unit after
cleaning. Ensure that the recesses on the
plates engage on the brackets on the unit.
 The fat collection tray can also be cleaned
with hot soapy water.
Cooking ‘au gratin’ (HIGH)
E.g. toasted dishes:
use the adjusting lever to bring the
upper grill element to its highest (and
horizontal) position.
Barbecue-type grilling (BBQ MODE)
E.g. steak, cutlet or escalope, fried sausage:
put the lever first to the OPEN position and
push the handle down lightly; in that way,
the upper grill element will be locked.
Now open the upper grill element slightly,
put the lever to the BBQ MODE position,
hold the lever and open the appliance
 Insert the plug into a suitable wall outlet,
and use the On/Off switch to turn the
appliance on.
 Ensure that the fat collection tray is in
place; always empty it in good time
during operation.
 Use the temperature control to choose the
desired temperature level.
Do not dispose of old or defective
appliances in domestic garbage;
this should only be done through
public collection points.
This product is guaranteed against defects
in materials and workmanship for a period
of two years from the date of purchase.
Under this guarantee the manufacturer
undertakes to repair or replace any parts
found to be defective, providing the product
is returned to one of our authorised service
centres. This guarantee is only valid if the
appliance has been used in accordance with
the instructions, and provided that it has not
been modified, repaired or interfered with
by any unauthorised person, or damaged
through misuse.
This guarantee naturally does not cover wear
and tear, nor breakables such as glass and
ceramic items, bulbs etc. This guarantee does
not affect your statutory rights, nor any legal
rights you may have as a consumer under
applicable national legislation governing
the purchase of goods. If the product fails
to operate and needs to be returned, pack it
carefully, enclosing your name and address
and the reason for return. If within the
guarantee period, please also provide the
guarantee card and proof of purchase.
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