BONMAC (1 cup) - Method Coffee Roasters

a guide to the
BONMAC (1 cup)
The Bonmac pourover is one of many pourover methods. The difference is the grooved
sides, and small drip-holes allow for the coffee to steep slightly longer creating more
depth and body in your cup.
Things you will need:
• Bonmac Dripper
• Drip Cone Filters
• Kettle
• Burr Grinder
• Scale
• Timer
• Cup/Brew Vessel
Step 1:
Fill your kettle and heat water to approximately 200-202° F
Step 2:
Weigh out 12g of coffee and grind on a fine, sand-like setting
Step 3:
Place your Bonmac on the brew vessel. Take a filter, open it, set in
the Bonmac dripper, and rinse it thoroughly with hot water to ensure
no paper taste carries into the cup and to pre-heat your brew vessel.
Step 4:
After rinsing, pour out the water from the brew vessel into a sink.
Step 5:
Place the Bonmac with wetted filter and brew vessel on the scale and
tare. Place ground coffee in the Bonmac and tare again.
Step 6:
Start timer and pour about 50g of water to pre-wet the coffee. Use a
counter-clockwise circular patter. This allows the coffee to bloom and
release any excess CO2. Allow the coffee to bloom roughly
45 seconds (varies depending on coffee).
Step 7:
Using a continuous circular motion, pour water over the center of the
coffee. Stop when the weight reaches 368g.
Step 8:
Once the drips stall to every couple of seconds, the brew is finished.
A correct grind should yield a time of approximately of
2.5 – 3 minutes. Remove the filter and discard.
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