Cuisinart Vacuum Sealer
For your safety and continued enjoyment of this product, always read the instruction book carefully before using.
When using an electrical appliance, basic
12. Do not operate your appliance in an
appliance garage or under a wall
cabinet. When storing in an appliance
garage always unplug the unit from the
electrical outlet. Not doing so could
create a risk of fire, especially if the
appliance touches the walls of the
garage or the door touches the unit as
it closes.
13. Keep the appliance 8cm from other
objects to ensure motor ventilation.
14. Do not use the appliance close by a
flame, hot plate or stove.
15. Only use food grade vacuum bags and
canisters. Never overfill the pouches or
16. Allow the unit to recover in between
vacuum sealing processes. A maximum
rate of one bag or accessory per minute
is recommended.
safety precautions should always be followed to reduce risk of fire, electric shock
and/or injury, including the following:
2.ALWAYS unplug from outlet when not
in use, before putting on or taking off
parts and before cleaning.
3.To protect against the risk of electric
shock, do not place cord, plug or base
of appliance in water or any other
4.Close supervision is necessary when
any appliance is used near children.
Children should not operate.
5.Avoid contact with moving parts. Keep
hands, hair, clothing, as well as
spatulas and other utensils away from
unit during operation to reduce the risk
of injury and/or damage to the
6.Do not operate any appliance with a
damaged cord or plug, or after the
appliance malfunction, or is dropped or
damaged in any manner. Return the
appliance to the nearest Cuisinart
Repair Center for examination, repair,
electrical or mechanical adjustment.
7.The use of attachments not
recommended by Cuisinart may cause
fire, electric shock or risk of injuries.
8.Do not use outdoors.
9.Do not let the cord hang over the edge
of the table or counter, or touch hot
10. The appliance is for household use. Any
servicing other than cleaning and user
maintenance should be done only by
authorized by Cuisinart Repair
11. Do not use appliance for other than
intended use.
Do not attempt to repair this appliance
yourself. Only an authorized Cuisinart
representative should perform any repairs.
Please contact Cuisinart customer service
for information.
This appliance has a polarized plug (one
blade is wider than the other). As a safety
feature, this plug will fit into a polarized outlet only one way. If the plug does not fit fully
into the outlet, reverse the plug. If it still does
not fit, contact a qualified electrician. DO not
attempt to defeat this safety feature.
seal process.)
d. Canister Only Button
Use this button for an automatic airtight
vacuum seal at the touch of a button.
The action vacuums air out, seals the
canister or other accessory and shuts off
the seal function when complete.
e. Indicator Lights
Alert the user when vacuuming or
sealing process is in progress; lights turn
off when process is complete.
4. Side Locking Buttons
Important Safeguards . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
Parts and Features . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
Before First Use . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
Operating Instructions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
Cleaning and Maintenance . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
Tips and Hints . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
Troubleshooting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
Warranty . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
PARTS and features
5. Bag Cutter
1. Accessory Hose
For use with accessary port and
optional accessories
6. Bag Cutter Storage
7. Vacuum Channel
Indented channel to place open end of
bag in to vacuum seal.
2. Accessory Hose Storage
3. Control Panel
a. Accessory Port
Attach accessory hose to this port for
use with Cuisinart canisters and other
8. Foam Gasket
9. Sealing Strip
b. S
eal Only Button
Use this button to create a seal that
forms the base of a bag. The Cuisinart
vacuum bag roll lets you customize
bag size.
3b 3c 3d
Also, use this button after hitting the
cancel button when utilizing the
delicate food feature (see operating
instructions). Seals bag without
additional vacuum action which can
crush delicate foods.
c. V
acuum Seal/Cancel Button
Use this button for an automatic
airtight vacuum seal at the touch of a
button. The action vacuums air out,
seals the bag and shuts off the seal
function when complete.
Press this button again at any time to
prevent vacuum pressure from crushing
delicate food items. The action
immediately cancels the vacuum seal
process. (Reference the Seal Only
button function to complete the delicate
before first use
7. Continue to “Vacuum Sealing with
Cuisinart Bags” to seal and preserve your
emove all packaging materials and any
promotional labels or stickers from your
Vacuum Sealer. Be sure all parts (listed in
Parts and Features) of your new vacuum
sealer have been included before
discarding any packaging materials before
discarding any packaging materials.
• You may want to keep the box and
packing materials to use at a later date.
• Before using your Cuisinart Vacuum Sealer
for the first time, remove any dust from
shipping by wiping the unit with a damp
Vacuum Sealing with Cuisinart Bags
1. Place the food items you wish to seal into
the vacuum bag. Be sure to allow at least
two extra inches between the contents of
the bag and the top of the bag. NOTE: Be
sure the end of the bag that will be going
into the vacuum channel is clean and free
of any food pieces, liquids or oils as these
could prevent proper sealing.
2. Press the buttons on the sides of the unit
to open the lid and position the open end
of the bag over the vacuum channel.
3. Close the lid by pressing down firmly on
each side to ensure the lid is securely
locked. You will hear it lock into place.
NOTE: If sealing delicate or moist foods,
please refer to “Using the Delicate Food
Feature with Cuisinart Bags” before
aking a Bag from a Cuisinart Vacuum
Sealer Bag Roll
1. Using your Cuisinart Vacuum Bag Cutter,
cut a length of bag material from the roll
a few inches longer than the length of the
item you intend to seal. Be sure to cut
the bag material in a straight line.
4. Press Vacuum/Seal button.
5. The blue Vacuum/Seal indicator light will
illuminate while the unit removes the air
from the bag.
NOTE: Make sure bag is on a clean flat
surface. Hold roll material taught and to help
guide straight cutting line.
6. The red Seal Only indicator light will illuminate as the unit automatically switches to
the sealing function to seal it.
2. Open the lid of the unit and place one
open end of the bag material on the
sealing strip.
7. When both lights go off, the automatic
vacuum seal process has been completed. Push the buttons on each side of
the unit to unlock the lid and remove your
sealed bag.
3. Close the lid by pressing down on both
ends of the front of the lid to ensure it’s
securely locked. You should hear each
side click into place.
Using the Delicate Food Feature with
Cuisinart Bags
4. Press the Seal Only button.
1. Follow steps 1-3 of “Vacuum Sealing
with Cuisinart Bags” section.
5. The red indicator light will turn on as the
unit seals the end of the bag and turn off
when the sealing process is complete.
2. Press the Vacuum/Seal button to begin
the sealing process.
6. After the light goes off, press the buttons
on the sides of the unit to unlock the lid;
remove your bag.
3. Once enough air has been removed and
before delicate foods start to get crushed,
press the Vacuum Seal/Cancel button
again to stop the vacuum process.
ry the machine gently with a soft, clean
4. Immediately press the Seal Only button to
seal the bag at the current vacuum level.
The red Seal Only indicator light will
illuminate while the unit seals the bag.
1. F
or best results use Cuisinart bags,
canisters and accessories.
5. O
nce the red indicator light goes off, the
sealing process is complete. Push the
buttons on each side of the unit to unlock
the lid and remove your sealed bag.
2. Allow at least 30 seconds in between
using Seal Only function to allow sealing
strip to cool slightly
How to Vacuum Seal with Cuisinart
Canisters and Accessories
3.Place bag on vacuum sealer so that the bag curves naturally towards the unit.
1. P
repare the canister or accessory
according to Cuisinart guidelines.
4. During the vacuum sealing process,
small amounts of liquids, crumbs or
food particles can be pulled into the
vacuum channel, clogging the pump
and damaging the unit. To prevent this,
follow these tips:
2. W
ith lid closed, insert one end of the
Accessory hose into the Accessory Port
on the unit. Insert the other end into the
3. L
ock the unit as if you were sealing a bag
before vacuuming.
a.Folding bag ends over and/or
standing bag up in a bowl allows you
to add foods into the bags with ease.
Folding bag ends over also allows you
to cleanly add (especially moist foods)
without getting any residue on the bag
edges, helping to ensure a better seal.
4. P
ush the Canister Only button. The
blue indicator light will illuminate during
vacuum sealing process and both vacuum
and light will shut off once complete.
5. W
hen light turns off, gently twist and
remove the Accessory Hose from the
accessory and the unit. Unlock the
vacuum sealer lid.
b. For moist and juicy foods such as raw
Pre-freeze food first. You can also
place a folded paper towel inside the
top of the bag, but below the seal
area before vacuum sealing to help
absorb some of the excess moisture.
Cleaning and
c. For soups, sauces and liquids:
Freeze first and avoid overfilling bags.
Or use a canister in refrigerator.
lways unplug the machine before
o not immerse the unit or electrical cord
in water or any other liquid.
d. For powdery or fine-grained foods:
Avoid overfilling bags or use a
canister. You can also place a
paper towel inside the top of the
bag, but below the seal before
vacuum packaging to avoid particles
preventing a secure seal.
o not use abrasive cleaners or scouring
pads to clean the unit as they may scratch
or damage the surface.
lean the outside of the unit with a soft
damp cloth, using mild dish soap and
warm water.
e. Clean vacuum channel in between
each use with a clean paper towel
tightly wadded or rolled up and
inserted into vacuum channel to soak
up any liquid.
o clean the inside of the unit, use a paper
towel or a soft clean cloth to wipe away
any food or liquid. Dampen a soft cloth
with mild soapy water and gently wipe
5. Allow at least a few inches of bag
material between the bag contents and the top of the bag. Then leave
at least one additional inch of bag
material for each time you plan to
reuse the bag.
6. Save money by buying foods in
bulk like meats and vegetables and
vacuum seal to keep fresher longer.
Prep foods before sealing so that
they will be ready to go.
7. Remember that softer foods should
be frozen slightly before vacuumed
and stored in freezer. Examples
would be baked goods, soft fruits
and vegetables and cooked dishes
like pre-portioned leftover foods.
15. P
erishables still need to be
refrigerated or frozen. Any frozen
foods that are sealed should be
stored in the freezer until ready to
defrost and use.
16. W
hen vacuum sealing items with
sharp edges, protect bags from
punctures by wrapping items in a
soft, cushioning material such as
a paper towel. You may want to
use a canister instead of a bag.
17. W
hen using accessories, leave
one inch of space at the top of
the canister and make sure to
lock the unit before vacuuming.
Unlock the unit when finished.
18. Always store unit in an unlocked
8. To keep track of dates, you can write
on the white stripe on the bag with
permanent marker.
9. Save and freeze leftovers! Portion
leftovers like lasagna and casseroles
into proper serving sizes and vacuum
and freeze so that they are ready to
defrost and serve with ease. Softer
foods like pastas should be slightly
frozen first so that they do not lose
their shape when vacuum sealed.
10.Seal and save fresh squeezed citrus
juices. Freeze first in ice cube trays
and then vacuum seal cubes to keep
in freezer for future use.
11.Make cookie dough and scoop
into individual portions. Freeze the
scoops and then vacuum for cookies
ready to be baked at anytime.
12.Think of your vacuum sealer before
you travel. Vacuum seal food when
hiking, camping or even the long car
trip. Toiletries can even be sealed so
that they will not leak in a suitcase.
13.Make instant ice packs by sealing
a bag filled with water and then
keeping in the freezer.
14. Do not create your own side seams
on bags.
ake sure the top end of the bag rests entirely
within the vacuum channel.
Air is not completely removed from
the bag
heck sealing strip and gasket for debris or
• Be sure the cover is securely locked.
heck to make sure the bag does not have a
heck to make sure the bottom of bag is
completely sealed.
Vacuum bag loses vacuum after
being sealed.
rinkles, crumbs, oils or other liquids may cause
leaks around the seal. Reopen the bag with your
bag cutter, cutting a straight edge across the bag
just below the seal. Smooth out the edge and
wipe the inside of the top of the bag wit a clean
dry cloth or paper towel before attempting to
heck to make sure the bag does not have a
Vacuum sealer fails to properly seal
the pouch.
• If the sealing strip overheats, it can melt the bag
resulting in an incomplete or improper seal. Lift
the cover and allow the sealing strip to cool for
several minutes before attempting to use again. It
is recommended that you always wait at least 30
seconds between uses of the Seal Only and
vacuum/seal function.
ood or debris in the sealing strip can result in
improper sealing. Wipe the cooled strip lightly
with a damp, clean cloth and dry thoroughly.
Limited Three-Year
Cuisinart Vacuum Sealer should prove to be
defective within the warranty period, we will repair
or, if we think necessary, replace it. To obtain
warranty service, please call our Customer Service
Center toll-free at 1-800-726-0190 or write to:
Cuisinart, 7811 North Glen Harbor Blvd. Glendale,
AZ 85307. To facilitate the speed and accuracy of
your return, enclose $10.00 for shipping and
handling. (California residents need only supply a
proof of purchase and should call 1-800-726-0190
for shipping instructions.) Please be sure to
include your return address, description of the
product’s defect, product serial number, and any
other information pertinent to the return. Please
pay by check or money order. NOTE: For added
protection and secure handling of any Cuisinart
product that is being returned, we recommend
you use a traceable, insured delivery service.
Cuisinart cannot be held responsible for in-transit
damage or for packages that are not delivered to
us. Lost and/or damaged products are not
covered under warranty.
This warranty is available to consumers only. You
are a consumer if you own a Cuisinart Vacuum
Sealer that was purchased at retail for personal,
family or household use. Except as otherwise
required under applicable law, this warranty is not
available to retailers or other commercial
purchasers or owners. We warrant that your
Cuisinart Vacuum Sealer will be free of defects in
materials and workmanship under normal home
use for 3 years from the date of original purchase.
We recommend that you visit our website, www. for a fast, efficient way to complete
your product registration. However, product
registration does not eliminate the need for the
consumer to maintain the original proof of
purchase in order to obtain the warranty benefits.
In the event that you do not have proof of
purchase date, the purchase date for purposes of
this warranty will be the date of manufacture.
Your Cuisinart Vacuum Sealer has been
manufactured to the strictest specifications and
has been designed for use only with the Cuisinart
authorized accessories and replacement parts.
This warranty expressly excludes any defects or
damages caused by attempted use of this unit
with accessories, replacement parts or repair
service other than those authorized by Cuisinart.
This warranty does not cover any damage caused
by accident, misuse, shipment or other than
ordinary household use. This warranty excludes all
incidental or consequential damages. Some states
do not allow the exclusion or limitation of these
damages, so these exclusions may not apply to
you. You may also have other rights, which vary
from state to state.
California law provides that for In-Warranty
Service, California residents have the option of
returning a nonconforming product (A) to the store
where it was purchased or (B) to another retail
store that sells Cuisinart products of the same
type. The retail store shall then, according to its
preference, either repair the product, refer the
consumer to an independent repair facility,
replace the product, or refund the purchase price
less the amount directly attributable to the
consumer’s prior usage of the product. If neither
of the above two options results in the appropriate
relief to the consumer, the consumer may then
take the product to an independent repair facility,
if service or repair can be economically
accomplished. Cuisinart and not the consumer will
be responsible for the reasonable cost of such
service, repair, replacement, or refund for
nonconforming products under warranty.
California residents may also, according to their
preference, return nonconforming products
directly to Cuisinart for repair or, if necessary,
replacement by calling our Consumer Service
Center toll-free at 800-726-0190. Cuisinart will be
responsible for the cost of the repair, replacement,
and shipping and handling for such
nonconforming products under warranty.
Important: If the nonconforming product is to be
serviced by someone other than Cuisinart’s
Authorized Service Center, please remind the
servicer to call our Consumer Service Center at
1-800-726-0190 to ensure that the problem is
properly diagnosed, the product is serviced with
the correct parts, and to ensure that the product
is still under warranty.
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