FPi-5500 - Associated Business Machines

Crisp folds, complete and correct envelopeinsertions, fill & start automation…the
FPi-5500 Series is ready to process all the
mail your business generates.
Today’s businesses are moving quickly, and the mailroom can’t miss a beat. The FPi-5500
series can swiftly fold and insert up to 10 pages per envelope – mailings with supplements,
invoices, personalized mail, and more. Intelligently designed modular construction
lets you configure this system for 2 to 6 stations or tailor it for a customer-specific
solution. Compact design and quiet operation make it the best worker in the office.
Multi-Functional Feeder Stations
The FPi-5500 series can be configured with
two, four, or six automatic feeder stations.
These additional stations can be added
in pairs, for up to six stations total.
All six stations can feed documents or
supplements — flyers, postcards, return
envelopes, brochures — for insertion.
• Variofeed Stations process varied documents or
envelope-sized inserts.
• Special Stations utilize a manual material separation
setting to handle heavier items like booklets or
treated (glossy) brochures, and special mail articles.
• Maxifeeder (optional) offers maximum capacity
for up to 1,200 sheets of 20 lb. paper or 325 return
envelopes or brochures.
• Flex Stations provide a customized solution where
the quantity and types of stations are configured
according to the customer’s specific needs.
• Optional Optical Mark Reading (OMR) System uses
printed marks to automatically identify document
sequence and size. This enables the processing of
personalized mailings, flexible control of various
supplements, or exclusion of duplicate copies.
Reverse OMR handling is also possible.
Feeder Swap
Semi-Automatic Envelope Adjustment
ing Maxifeeder) to work together. When one feeder
Facilitates reliable processing of various envelope types.
Envelope Delivery and Stacking
The FPi-5500 comes with a conveyor-stacker as
For uninterrupted operation, switch feeders (includis empty, the machine automatically switches to the
second so you can reload the first with more material.
Standard Folding Styles
standard equipment. Available options include side exit
Single-fold, letter-fold, z-fold, and double-parallel fold.
and two alternative stackers for large volume envelope
Specialty Folding Styles
collection or connection to a postage meter.
Short fold with Bottom Address (BA) – minimum
Daily Mail
folding length of 0.98" for processing documents
Ideal for mixed mail — varied document sets of up
with recipient’s address at the bottom.
to 10 pages can be fed manually in the top station.
Clamshell Construction
The clamshell design allows the machine to be
Feed, collect, fold, and insert up to 10 pages from any
single station. Up to 25 sheets (20 lb.) can be handled
without folding.
easily opened for complete access to material
handling components. Remove paper jams quickly
and without damaging documents.
Weight 16–67 lbs.
5.1" – 9.5"
3.5" – 14.0"
Envelopes (With or Without Window)
Hopper Capacity
5.5" – 9.8"
3.5" – 6.5"
325 Envelopes
Pre-folded supplements
Max. Weight
Fold Types
Short Fold
Up to Approx. 0.08" Thickness
Max. 10 Sheets (20 lb.)
42.5 lbs.
Letter, Zigzag, Single, Double Parallel, None
Min. 1" from Bottom
Feeder capacity
Variofeed Stations
325 Sheets (20 lb.)
Inserting capacity
Without Folding (Envelope-Size Material)
Inserting Speed
Programmable Memory
Up to 25 Sheets (20 lb.)
Up to 4,000 Letters/Hour
25 Jobs Plus Fill & Start Function
(FPi-5560 - Six Stations with Conveyor-Stacker)
Weight (FPi-5560 - Six Stations)
72.4"l x 16.5"w x 36.2"h
242 lbs.
Power Supply
Noise Emission
Product Certification
115V, 60 Hz
<66 dB according to ISO 11202
FPi-5500 series
Folding, inserting...
finally there’s an
automated solution that’s
built to meet your demands
and help you achieve new efficiencies.
Best of all, it’s loaded with all the features
that make using it a breeze.
Easy to use — Full-color, adjustable touch screen for
simple operation.
Fast and reliable — Precisely-engineered equipment
processes up to 4,000 filled envelopes per hour; up to
60,000 filled envelopes per month.
Flexible — Modular component design reconfigures to
fit your business needs.
Safe and secure — Security and monitoring functions
ensure that every envelope is correctly and completely
filled for its intended recipient.
Special Features — For intuitive operation and
dependable performance:
• Fold-Down Display with Full-Color Touch Screen
Manually adjust the touch screen according to how
you wish to organize your workflow. Just turn the
display to where you need it. The intuitive operating
instructions use pictures and clear text directions for
easy programming. Up to 25 frequently used job
settings can be saved for instant retrieval.
• Fill & Start Function
When the Fill & Start function is selected, the machine
automatically measures the envelopes and the
documents, makes the correct fold settings, then
starts the job.
• Double Document Detection Creates Maximum
Security: Real Sheet Control + Insert Control
These two features constantly monitor the content
of every letter. The automatic double document
monitor uses electro-mechanical sensors to measure
paper thickness and envelope contents. A double
document monitor can be individually turned on or
off at each feeder station.
• Divert & Go
This function automatically diverts incorrect
document sets out of the processing stream without
stopping the machine. If used with the optional
Optical Mark Reading (OMR) system, this feature
diverts specified documents to an integrated
collecting station so the production line keeps
• Power Fold
The FPi-5500 series is equipped with a patented
power-fold component that single-folds up to
10 sheets of paper; z- or letter-folds up to 8 sheets.
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