Avision AV8050U Workgroup A3 Scanner
Button Manager
of paper-based information on a daily basis. Now, with
Avision solutions enabled by AdobeÕs PDF Scan Library, users
Delivers and Manages Your Document Better on
will have more features to create, make searchable, compress,
the Internet
secure, share, and archive files at the high speed of 7.5 pages
Fit for both first-time and experienced users alike
For first-time users, AvisionÕs Button Manager provides a true
ease-of-use with the 9 pre-configured file formats and
per minute and with an accuracy rate of 97.75% (in-house
assessment sample). Heavy duty paper documents stored in
large cabinets can be saved and managed more effectively to
destinations. For advanced users, AvisionÕs Button Manager
digital format by searching key words in a few seconds.
makes full customization possible. For example, you can
change scan settings, file formats, or even add new
Avision AVScan
Scanning & Imaging Solution
destination software application to fit your own scanning
ensures that all documents are checked and polished at the
time they are scanned such that the image quality are
guaranteed before they are ready to use for other purposes.
ScanSoft Paperport
AVScan is an intelligent scanning and electronic filing solution.
- The Professional Choice to Organize and
Your Documents
Automatically converts to Adobe certified searchable
AVScan possesses distinct features that convert and index
PaperPort is the easiest way to turn piles of paper and
scanned information into electronic documents for easy storage
photos into organized files that you can quickly find, use
Incorporated with AdobeÕs PDF scan library, AvisionÕs Button
and fast retrieval.
and share.
Stop wasting time searching for paper
documents. End the frustration of organizing, editing and
Manager allows users to scan and convert document to a
increasingly popular and effective compression file format,
What bothers you most when you scan document?
sharing your digital photographs. PaperPort makes it
Adobe searchable PDF, to share and manage high volume
Distorted images?
simple to connect your scanner and computer together to
Blurred image because of pencial text?
or high-resolution color documents on the internet in an
unprecedented high quality and speed.
Often times, document imaging is the very first step of
Document Management. However, poor quality images can
Adobe searchable PDF makes document management
cause serious problems to later indexing or storing processes. It
may increase scanning labour costs due to manual correction
For many years, Adobe PDF files have become one of the
solution for your home or small office. Save time and
money with the security of knowing that important
documents and photos will never be lost.
to search them from the DMS.
documents on the internet especially for financial service,
governments, and manufacturing industries which have a
Now you can hand over all your worries to AVScan.
high demand to digitize and store the massive amounts
Avision AV8050U Product Specifications
*DjVu: Button Manager is able to convert your image file to a
DjVu format, yet this is an optional and special edition.
Minimum System Requirements
50 pages per minute
(at 200 dpi, A4 size)
Scanning Mode:
*50-page ADF and flatbed
Scanning Technology:
Color Charged-Coupled Device ( CCD )
Color Depth
paper documents right on your desktop. It is the perfect
and rescanning, and lowers the OCR accuracy when you want
most widely used file format for distributing digital
Throughput Speed:
work with PDF and JPEG images just like working with
48 bits ( input )
24 bits ( output )
Pentium III or higher
Windows¨ XP/2000/Vista
128MB RAM (256MB RAM for Windows XP)
CD-ROM drive
USB port
AV8050U scanner
Power Supply
Quick installatiom & operatiom
USB 2.0 Cable
CD-ROM includes:
Recommended Daily Volume:
Up to 5,000 pages per day
Optical Resolution:
600 dpi
Light Source:
-Avision Button Manager
Output Resolutions:
75, 100, 150, 200, 300, 400, and 600 dpi
Maximum Document Size:
297mm x 432 mm ( 11.7 in x 17 in )
-Avision AVScan
Paper Thickness and Weight:
16 - 28 lb. paper
ADF Capacity:
Up to 50 sheets of 20 lb. paper
USB 2.0 (cable included only)
Interface Support:
TWAIN and ISIS drivers (included)
File Compression:
File Format Outputs:
PDF, Multi-page TIFF and JPEG, GIF, BMP.
Electrical Requirements:
Input: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Output: 24V, 2.0A
Power Consumption:
<38.4 W
214mm x 589mm x 435.9mm
8.4 in x 23.1 in x 17.1in
11.7 Kg (25.7lbs)
*ADF: optional
A vision of your office
The Avision scanners come with TWAIN and ISIS-compatible drivers.
Avision Button Manager scans your documents directly to Adobe certified searchable PDF file!
The registered brand names and product names mentioned in this document belong to each
respective holder.
Energy Star name and marks, registered marks owned by the U.S. government
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-Scanner Driver
PPM: pages per minute
-ScanSoft PaperPort
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