Functional Test Procedure Air Wave Sensitive Edges

Functional Test Procedure
Air Wave Sensitive Edges
This document describes a procedure
for field verification of the function of air
wave sensitive edges applied to bus
door syste ms. This procedure does not
necessarily verify the proper operation
of the entire door control syste m,
nor does it include a trouble shooting
procedure for the sensitive edge syste m.
Verifies the proper functioning of the
individual sensitive edges
Verifies that the sensitive edges will detect
a standard test object held between the two
door panels
Bulletin #0031
June 2007
5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the right hand
door panel.
6. Standing outside the bus with the doors
open, hold the 1 inch diameter rod
perpendicular to the side of the bus
at the vertical centerline of the door
opening, 12 inches above the bottom
of the door panels.
7. Set the doors to close. The doors should
reopen when the door edges contact the
Required Equipment
Smooth cylindrical rod, 1 inch diameter by 18
inches long (may be hardwood or metal).
1. With engine running and Run Switch
in RUN position, park the vehicle and
set parking brake.
2. Open the doors at the opening to
be checked.
3. Set the doors to close.
4. Standing outside the bus and while
the doors are closing, firmly pinch the
sensitive edge seal on the left hand
door panel. The doors should reopen.
8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 two more times.
First with the rod held at the mid point of
the door opening and again with the rod
held at a point 12 inches below the top
of the door panels.
9. If the doors open when tested according
to steps 4, 5, 7 and 8, the sensitive edge
system is working properly.
10. If the doors fail to open in steps 4, 5, 7
or 8, this may indicate a problem with a
component of the sensitive edge system
(the sensitive edge seals on the right
and left door panels, one of the pressure
wave switches, or the tubing), or at a
connection point of these components.
Verify proper operation of these
components and then repeat this
test procedure.
11. Vapor Bus International recommends
that the sensitive edge system be
checked daily for proper functioning and
receive a complete inspection and test
every 100,000 miles.
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