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Project FOCUS
Best Lessons
Title of Lesson: Creating Flowers
Theme: Life Science
Unit Number: 6
Unit Title: Plants and Animals
Performance Standard(s) Covered (enter codes):
Enduring Standards (objectives of activity):
Habits of Mind
Asks questions
Uses numbers to quantify
Works in a group
Uses tools to measure and view
Looks at how parts of things are needed
Describes and compares using physical attributes
Observes using senses
Draws and describes observations
Content (key terms and topics covered):
Plant parts
Learning Activity (Description in Steps)
Abstract (limit 100 characters): This lesson teached kids about the basic parts of the flower: the
petals, stem, leaf, and roots.
Details: This can be done in two groups, or easily explained to a teacher so that two groups can
complete this at the same time.
Give each child a conical coffee filter. Tell them that they can use different colored markers to color
ABOVE the pencil.
Let them color above the pencil line on the coffee filter with different colors.
In the Dixie cups place about 2 cm of water in each cup.
Let the children fold their completely colored coffee filter so that the point on the coffee filter
remains the point. Place each folded coffee filter in the Dixie cups, with the point in the water. Each
child can watch as the water moves upward on the coffee filter to spread the color all over their
When the water has reached the top, take the coffee filters out and lay them out to dry.
The next day, put green pipe cleaners on the flowers to create "stems."
Then, glue a felt "leaf" onto their "stems."
Materials Needed (Type and Quantity):
Conical coffee filters
Green pipe cleaners
Felt leaves
Small Dixie cups
Notes and Tips (suggested changes, alternative methods, cautions):