How To
Pick Up a
Based on the Bike Pickup Technique by
Carol Youorski with Pink Ribbon Rides
P/N: 98999-08PUM
Do Not Pick Up The
Motorcycle if:
1. Your bike is leaking any
fluids. Rather, call an
emergency contact.
2. Your bike is on an incline or
decline as it can roll away
from you.
3. You have any health issues,
such as back problems.
Before You Start the
Lifting Process:
1. Stop the engine using the
engine cutoff switch.
2. Put the motorcycle in gear to
stabilize the bike and prevent
from rolling.
3. Place the sidestand down if the
bike is on its right side.
4. Scrape away gravel from
underneath the tires and your
feet to provide traction.
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Lifting the Motorcycle:
1. S quat down with your back toward
the bike’s seat.
2. G rip underneath the back
fender with one hand and the
lower handlebar grip with the
other. Your knuckles should be
facing out.
10. Simply rest the bike onto
the kickstand.
3. P lace your butt between the
center of the seat and the upper
edge of the seat.
4. F ind your foot placement, whether
both feet together underneath you,
or one foot forward.
5. K eep trying new stances and
positioning your body differently if
you don’t get it on your first try.
6. U se only the butt and leg muscles
for this lift. Do not use your back
or arms.
7. Begin to rock the bike up to a 45
degree angle.
Now, if your bike fell onto the sidestand side, you’re going to follow
the same steps, except you’re not
going to completely upright the bike
because you take the chance of
dropping it back down the other way.
So, when the bike is almost upright,
you can do one of two things:
8. Re-situate
your body position.
Place your feet closer together
and place your butt in the middle
of the seat.
9. Lean back and start taking
baby steps backwards, walking
the bike up to 90 degrees.
1. Put the side-stand down using
the heel of your boot and rest the
bike down onto it.
2. Slowly and carefully turn your
body around so you can grip both
handgrips, face the motorcycle,
and then put the side-stand down
with the toe of your boot.
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