60cm Built In Oven
Model No.
BOT605BX-F FINELINE: 5103641 NZ Only
GSM Sales Pty Ltd ABN: 53 007 582 475
For Warranty and technical queries: 1300 373 199 Aust OR 0508123108 NZ
Model: BOT605BX-F
60cm Built In Oven
V.3 SEPT17
Thank you
Thank you for choosing Bellini Appliances.
Bellini prides itself on ‘affordable living’ making sure there is
no compromise in your favourite room … The Kitchen
All Bellini appliances carry a 3 year In Home warranty,
be sure to retain your installation and user manual and
For all warranty and technical queries please contact
1300 373 199
GSM Sales Pty Ltd ABN: 53 007 582 475
For Warranty and technical queries: 1300 373 199 Aust OR 0508123108 NZ
Model: BOT605BX-F
60cm Built In Oven
Safety instructions----------------------------- 1
Product description---------------------------- 3
Oven Setting--------------------------------------7
Maintenance and cleaning -------------------10
Warranty------------------------------------------ 13
GSM Sales Pty Ltd ABN: 53 007 582 475
For Warranty and technical queries: 1300 373 199 Aust OR 0508123108 NZ
Model: BOT605BX-F
60cm Built In Oven
Important Safety Instructions
This manual explains the proper installation and use of your oven, please read it carefully before
using even if you are familiar with the product. The manual should be kept in a safe place for future
experience and knowledge, unless they’ve been
General Warnings
If the supply cord is damaged, the cord must be
given supervision or instruction concerning use of
replaced by the manufacturer, its service agent or
the appliance by a person responsible for their
similarly qualified persons in order to avoid a
This product has not been designed for any uses
other than those specified in this booklet
Children should be supervised to ensure that they
do not play with the appliance.
During use this appliance becomes hot. Care
This appliance must not be used as a space
should be taken to avoid touching hot surfaces, e.g.
oven door, heating elements.
In order to avoid fire, the appliance must be kept
clean and vents kept unobstructed.
To avoid burns and scalds children should be kept
Do not spray aerosols within the vicinity of the
Accessible parts will also become hot when in use.
appliance during operation.
Do not store flammable materials in or under the
Installation, Cleaning & Servicing
appliance, e.g. aerosols.
Do not line the bottom of the oven with foil or
instructions provided. Incorrect installation may
Always use gloves when handling hot items inside
cause harm to persons, animals or may damage
the oven.
Always turn the grill off immediately after use as
Do not leave the appliance unattended when
In order to avoid any potential hazard, the
materials are removed from the appliance.
overheating or boiling over.
enclosed installation instructions must be followed.
The panels adjacent to the oven must be made of
heat-resistant material.
Do not use the appliance in the event of a
technical fault. Any faults must be fixed by an
Ensure that all specified vents, openings and air
spaces are not blocked.
Do not put pans weighing over 15Kgs on the
opened door of the oven.
Before using the appliance, ensure that all packing
cooking. Oils and fats may catch fire due to
fat left behind may catch fire.
The appliance must be installed only by an
appropriately qualified and authorised person.
assembled with glues which can withstand
In the event of any incident caused by a technical
temperature of up to 120°C.
fault, disconnect the power and report the fault to
the service centre to be repaired.
The rules and provisions contained in this
instruction manual should be strictly observed.
Do not allow anybody who is not familiar with the
contents of this instruction manual to operate the
To reduce the risk of fire, do not place or install this
unit in areas where the ventilation or circulation
ducts may become blocked. Make sure there are
Child Safety
This appliance is not intended for use by persons
at least 70mm of space between the back of your
oven and the wall. Keep some distance on each
sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of
side of your oven that you can use that distance
GSM Sales Pty Ltd ABN: 53 007 582 475
For Warranty and technical queries: 1300 373 199 Aust OR 0508123108 NZ
Model: BOT605BX-F
60cm Built In Oven
flowing installing instructions.
The unit's power cord must be connected to a
may catch on fire.
properly grounded and protected, 220-240V
When transporting or storing the unit, keep it in a
Do not leave the grill on unattended.
dry location, free from dust, excessive vibration or
To avoid fire, ensure that grill trays and fittings are
other factors, which may damage the unit.
always inserted into the appliance in accordance
Do not operate oven with a damaged cord, plug or
with the instructions.
if the oven has malfunctioned or has been
dropped or damaged in any manner.
Do not place thick portions of food under the grill.
Foods may curl, catch and ignite.
oven to authorised service facility for repair.
Always keep the grill dish clean as any build up
may catch on fire.
protection where required by the electrical code.
Do not cover the grill insert with foil, as fat built up
Accessible parts may become hot when grill is in
use. Children should be kept away.
Only authorised personnel should carry out
servicing. (Certificate of Compliance to be
Environmental Hints
Always ensure the appliance is switched off
Do not use steam cleaners, as this may cause
Always clean the appliance immediately after any
To maintain safe operation, it is recommended
that the product be inspected every five years by
Select the correct shelf location for food being
food spills.
Cook 2 trays of scones, small cakes or sausage
rolls at the same time.
moisture build-up.
Use the oven efficiently, by cooking many trays of
food at the same time.
before cleaning or replacing parts.
Do not open the oven door more than necessary.
After the oven is turned off it retains
heat for some time.
an authorised service person.
This product must not be disposed together
with domestic waste. This product has to be disposed
During use the appliance becomes hot. Care
at an authorised place for recycling of electrical and
should be taken to avoid touching the hot surfaces
electronic appliances.
inside the oven.
By collecting and recycling waste, you help save natural
Switch the appliance off before removing the oven
resources, and make sure the product is disposed in an
light glass for globe replacement.
environmental friendly and healthy way.
To avoid an accident, ensure that oven shelves
and fittings are always inserted into the appliance
in accordance with the instructions.
Do not use the door as a shelf.
Do not push down when the oven door is open.
GSM Sales Pty Ltd ABN: 53 007 582 475
For Warranty and technical queries: 1300 373 199 Aust OR 0508123108 NZ
Model: BOT605BX-F
60cm Built In Oven
Product Description
A. Minute Timer Knob
B. Function Select Knob
C. Temperature Select Knob
Accessory Name
D. Heating Indicator Light
E. Handle
F. 3 Layer Glass Door
Mounting Screws(ST4x20)
2 pcs
Baking Pan & Rack
1 Pair
2 pcs
Tray handle
1 pc
GSM Sales Pty Ltd ABN: 53 007 582 475
For Warranty and technical queries: 1300 373 199 Aust OR 0508123108 NZ
Model: BOT605BX-F
60cm Built In Oven
Technical data
All 2 models
Oven light:
product dimensions
min. fuse
max. power
max. current
(L x W x D) mm
2.7 – 3.22Kw
Heating elements
Oven inside heating el. 1900 Watt
Total grill heating el. 1000+1900 Watt
Shaded motor (back)
25 Watt
Circle heating el.
Shaded motor (top)
GSM Sales Pty Ltd ABN: 53 007 582 475
For Warranty and technical queries: 1300 373 199 Aust OR 0508123108 NZ
Model: BOT605BX-F
60cm Built In Oven
Please follow the points below when
installing the appliance
The unit panels next to the appliance must be
heat resistant. In the case of veneered wood
units, glue must be resistant to a temperature of
Use an Authorised Person
Installation should be carried out according to the
instructions by a professionally qualified person.
The manufacturer declines all responsibility for
GSM cannot accept responsibility for damage
caused by installation into low temperature
a wrong installation.
tolerant cabinets.
Wiring connections must be in accordance with
After installation, test and ensure that the
AS/NZS 3000 Wiring Rules and any particular
appliance operates correctly before handing it
conditions of the local authority.
over to the customer.
Refer to data plate for rating information. The
Once the appliance is installed, there must be no
data plate is positioned behind the bottom of the
possible contact with electrical parts. Any
oven door. The circuit diagram is positioned on
protective parts must can only be removed with
the use of tools
A functional switch should be provided near the
If a power point is fitted, it must be accessible
appliance in an accessible position. Refer to
with the appliance installed, as the plug must be
AS/NZS 3000 clause 4.7.1
accessible after installation
Wiring should be protected against mechanical
A means of disconnection with a contact
separation of at least 3mm must be supplied in
the fixed wiring. Always turn the grill off
immediately after use as fat left behind may
catch fire.
any damage to persons, animals or things due to
failure. Refer to AS/NZS 3000 clause 1.5
available from the vinyl-wrap supplier.
the top panel of the appliance.
If the appliance is to be installed adjacent to vinyl
To avoid any potential hazard, you must
follow our instructions when you install
your appliance. Failure to install the
appliance correctly could invalidate any
warranty or liability claims and lead to
Unplug the power plug of appliance from socket
Install the shelf
This Appliance Must Be Properly Earthed
Do not lift the appliance by the door handles.
Prepare the cupboard opening to match your
appliance measurements. (See diagrams)
Slide appliance into the cupboard, ensuring that
To prevent tipping, secure your oven into the
the supply cable (where fitted) does not kink.
cupboard by fastening with 2 screws supplied.
Where the appliance is built into a cabinet, the
cabinet must be capable of withstanding 70°C.
1. Pay attention to high temperature, you may need
to wear gloves if it is hot inside.
2. Always slide shelves into the layer with stopper.
cabinetry (e.g. Vinyl coated) may result in
deterioration of the low temperature coating by
discoloring or bubbling.
GSM Sales Pty Ltd ABN: 53 007 582 475
For Warranty and technical queries: 1300 373 199 Aust OR 0508123108 NZ
Model: BOT605BX-F
60cm Built In Oven
Cabinet Construction For Your Appliance
The unit panels next to the appliance must be heat
The sizes of the unit for installing the appliance under
resistant. In the case of veneered wood units, glues
a worktop or in a column unit are shown in figure.
must be resistant to a temperature of 120°C.
Fitting Your Appliance
Fit the appliance into its surround (beneath a work-top
or above another appliance) by inserting screws into
the 2 holes that can be seen in the frame of the oven
when the door is open.
Mounting Screws
Your appliance must be mounted on a flat surface for
the full width and depth of the product
Connect Power Supply Cord
‹ Pull open terminal board cover at rear panel of
‹ Fit wires through on terminal board and make
connections to terminals.
‹ Engage wires into plastic clip. Secure plastic clip
with supplied screws.
‹ Close the terminal board cover.
To provide adequate ventilation, there must be
appropriate ventilation opening, the panel to which
the oven is fitted should have a gap of at least 70 mm
at the rear.
Plastic clip
Plastic clip
GSM Sales Pty Ltd ABN: 53 007 582 475
For Warranty and technical queries: 1300 373 199 Aust OR 0508123108 NZ
Model: BOT605BX-F
60cm Built In Oven
Oven Settings
Preparing Your Oven
1. Please remove all stickers, leaflets and boxes from the door and from the floor of the oven before operation.
2. Please wipe out the oven interior prior to operation with warm soapy water and polish dry with a soft clean
Do not close the oven door until the oven is completely dry.
Select the Functions
Turn the function selector in any direction to the desired function. The oven cavity light will turn on.
GSM Sales Pty Ltd ABN: 53 007 582 475
For Warranty and technical queries: 1300 373 199 Aust OR 0508123108 NZ
60cm Built In Oven
Model: BOT605BX-F
Function Selector
Oven Light
When the selector knob is in any position other than the “0”position, the oven light
comes on.
Select this function, the air at ambient temperature is distributed inside the oven for
defrosting food more quickly and without proteins adulteration.
Fan Forced
Both the fan and the circular heating element operate together. The hot air
adjustable between 50°C and MAX°C is evenly distributed inside the oven. This is
ideal for cooking several types of food (meat, fish) at the same time without affecting
taste and smell. It is ideal for delicate pastries.
Full Grill
Full Grill + Fan Force
This feature activated all upper heating elements and give rapid cooking to food.
The air which is heated by the grill heating element is circulated by the fan and so
helps to distribute the heat between 50°C and 200°C. This function can be used for
sterilizing glass jars.
GSM Sales Pty Ltd ABN: 53 007 582 475
For Warranty and technical queries: 1300 373 199 Aust OR 0508123108 NZ
Model: BOT605BX-F
60cm Built In Oven
Select the Temperature
To set the temperature, turn the temperature selector in a clockwise direction to the desired setting. An
indicator light above the temperature selector will come on.
A thermostat controls the temperature in your appliance. When the temperature is reached, the heating
source switches itself off and the indicator light goes out. When the oven temperature falls below the desired
setting, the heating source switches on and the indicator light comes on again.
Once the food is cooked, turn the temperature selector back in an anti-clockwise direction. Do not force it
right round in a clockwise direction as this will result in damage to the thermostat.
The desired cooking function must be selected before the oven will operate.
Minute Timer
Turn the knob clockwise to set the desired duration. The minute minder can be adjusted from 1 to 120 minutes.
An audible signal will sound at the expiry of the set time ,this will NOT switch the oven OFF. Switching the oven
OFF has to be manually conducted by turning Function Selection Knob to O
GSM Sales Pty Ltd ABN: 53 007 582 475
For Warranty and technical queries: 1300 373 199 Aust OR 0508123108 NZ
Model: BOT605BX-F
60cm Built In Oven
Maintenance & Cleaning
Before cleaning your oven, or performing maintenance, disconnect it from the power supply.
Do not use steam cleaners.
Do not line the oven bottom with aluminium foil, as the consequent accumulation of heat could compromise
the cooking and damage the enamel.
To protect against the risk of electrical shock, do not immerse the unit, cord or plug in water or other liquid or
sprinkle water to clean the appliance!
Do not clean the appliance when it is still hot! The inside and external surface of the oven should preferably
be cleaned by damp cloth when it is cooled down.
Wash all accessories in hot soapy water or in a dishwasher and wipe dry with a paper or cloth towel.
If you use your oven for an extended period of time, condensation may form. Dry it using a soft cloth.
Stainless Steel
‹ All grades of stainless steel can stain, discolour or become greasy. You must clean these areas regularly by
following the procedures below, if you want your appliance to look its best, perform well and have a long life.
‹ Care must be taken when wiping exposed stainless steel edges, they can be sharp!
‹ The front frame around the oven can be cleaned with stainless steel cleaners if it becomes soiled or
‹ The stainless steel should only be cleaned with warm water and a mild detergent.
‹ Do not use stainless steel cleaners, abrasive cleaners or harsh solvents.
Make sure you follow the polish or brushing lines in the steel.
‹ Glass surfaces on doors and control panels are best cleaned immediately after soiling.
‹ A damp cloth may help remove baked on food deposits.
‹ Oven cleaners can be used to remove stubborn marks and stains.
‹ Do not use harsh abrasive cleaners or sharp metal scrapers to clean the oven door since they can scratch
the surface, which may result in shattering of the glass
‹ Treat glass door gently.
‹ Always keep your appliance clean. Ensure fats and oils do not accumulate around elements, burners or fans.
‹ Always keep the oven dish, baking trays and grill dish inserts clean, as any fat deposits may catch fire.
‹ Always wrap your meats in foil or an oven roasting bag to minimise cleaning. Any polyunsaturated fats can
leave a varnish-like residue which is very difficult to remove.
‹ Always keep the grill dish and grill insert clean, as any fat deposits may catch fire.
GSM Sales Pty Ltd ABN: 53 007 582 475
For Warranty and technical queries: 1300 373 199 Aust OR 0508123108 NZ
Model: BOT605BX-F
60cm Built In Oven
Replacement of the Oven Light Bulb
In order to avoid the possibility of an electric shock ensure that the appliance is
disconnected from the power supply before replacing the bulb.
‹ Set all control knobs to the position”●”/”0” and
disconnect the mains plug
‹ Unscrew and wash the lamp cover and then wipe
it dry
‹ Unscrew the light bulb from the socket, replace
the bulb with a new one-a high temperature bulb
(300℃) with the following parameters:
-voltage230 V
-power 15 W
-thread E14.
Screw the bulb in, making sure it is properly
inserted into the ceramic socket.
Screw in the lamp cover.
Door Removal
In order to obtain easier access to the oven chamber
for cleaning, it is possible to remove the door. To do
this, tilt the safety catch part of the hinge upwards.
Close the door lightly, lift and pull it out towards you.
In order to fit the door back on to the a, do the reverse.
When fitting, ensure that the notch of the hinge is
correctly placed on the protrusion of the hinge holder.
After the door is fitted to the oven, the safety catch
should be carefully lowered down again. If the
safety catch is not set it may cause damage to the
hinge when closing the door.
Middle Layer Glass Removal
The oven door is made up of 3 panes of glass and has vents at the top and bottom. When the oven is operating,
air is circulated through the door to keep the outer pane cool. If condensation has worked its way in between the
glass panes, the door can be dismantled in order to clean in between the panes.
Remove the door as per above instruction and place it on a protective surface (e.g. on a table cloth) to prevent it
getting scratched. The door handle should line up with the edge of the table. Make sure the glass lies flat to avoid
breakage of glass during cleaning.
1. Undo the 2 screws on upper bracket.
2. Take out upper bracket and first pane of glass.
3. Loosen the 4 clips.
4. Slide out middle pane of glass carefully. Clean the glass panes and other parts with a damp microfiber cloth
or a clean sponge and a solution of hot water with a little washing-up liquid. Wipe dry using a soft cloth.
GSM Sales Pty Ltd ABN: 53 007 582 475
For Warranty and technical queries: 1300 373 199 Aust OR 0508123108 NZ
Model: BOT605BX-F
60cm Built In Oven
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
The upper crust is dark and
Not enough heat from the bottom
Use the natural convection position.
Use deeper cake tins.
Lower the temperature.
Put the cake on a lower shelf.
Use the natural convection position.
Use lower side tins.
Lower the temperature.
Put the cake on a higher shelf.
Lower the temperature and increase the
the lower part too pale
The lower part is dark and
Excessive heat from the bottom
the upper crust too pale
The outside is too cooked
Too high temperature
and the inside not cooked
cooking time.
The outside is too dry even
Too low temperature
though of the right color
The appliance does not work
Increase the temperature and reduce the
cooking time.
Break in power supply
Check the household fuse box, if there is a
blown fuse replace it with a new one.
The oven lighting does not
Bulb is loose or damaged
Tighten up or replace the blown bulb. (See
chapter Cleaning & Maintenance).
*New appliances could have a smell during first use. It is recommended to ‘run in’ the oven before you cook for the first time. Operate the
oven, empty, at a temperature of 180°C for approximately 2-4 hours. Please ensure the room is well ventilated during this process.
GSM Sales Pty Ltd ABN: 53 007 582 475
For Warranty and technical queries: 1300 373 199 Aust OR 0508123108 NZ
Model: BOT605BX-F
60cm Built In Oven
In this warranty:
1.1.1 Australian Consumer Law means the law as set out in Schedule 2 of the Competition and
Consumer Act 2010;
1.1.2 Company means GSM Sales Pty Ltd ABN 53 007 682 475 of 142-144 Fullarton Road, Rose
Park SA 5067. Email; Australia 1300 373 199 or New Zealand 0508
123 108.
1.1.3 Consumer means a “consumer” as that term is defined in Section 3 of the Australian Consumer
Law as the original purchaser of a Bellini product;
1.1.4 Consumer Guarantees means the guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law;
1.1.5 You means the Consumer.
Nothing in this warranty affects any person’s rights under the Australian Consumer Law. The benefits to
any Consumer under this warranty are in addition to the rights and remedies available under any
Consumer Guarantees.
Subject to the other clauses of this warranty, the Company warrants to the Consumer that the Bellini
product will be free of manufacturing defects and will perform to the Company’s specifications.
The benefit of this warranty extends only to the Consumer as original purchaser of a Bellini product which
is installed in a residential property.
This warranty commences on the date of purchase of the Bellini product by the Consumer and
continues for the benefit only of the Consumer until the expiry of three (3) years (Warranty Period).
If within the Warranty Period a manufacturing defect is discovered in the Bellini product or it fails to perform
to the Company’s specifications as a result of some defect in materials, components or workmanship
(Defect) then the Company will, at its option, repair the Bellini product or supply a replacement Bellini
product free of charge. A replacement Bellini product may differ from the original product purchased by the
This warranty will not apply to any Bellini product:
Installed by any person other than a qualified tradesperson; or
Subjected to misuse, neglect, negligence or accidental damage; or
Operated in any way contrary to any operating or maintenance instructions; or
Improperly handled, installed or maintained; or
Altered or modified prior to or after installation; or
Damaged directly or indirectly by power surges, electrical storm damage or connection to incorrect
power supply
The Australian Consumer Law requires the inclusion of the following statement with this warranty: Our goods come with guaranteed that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are
entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably
foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods
fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.
CONSUMER MUST CALL 1300 373 199 (AUSTRALIA) OR 0508 123 108
GSM Sales Pty Ltd ABN: 53 007 582 475
For Warranty and technical queries: 1300 373 199 Aust OR 0508123108 NZ
Model: BOT605BX-F
60cm Built In Oven
You must provide proof of your purchase of the Bellini product and the date of purchase in order to obtain
the benefit of this warranty.
If you live outside the service area of the Company or one of its service agents, this warranty does not
cover the cost of transport of the Bellini product for service nor the service agent’s traveling costs to and
from your home.
1.10 If you are required to transport the Bellini product to the Company or its service agent, you must ensure it is
safely disconnected by a qualified tradesman and securely packed and insured. The Company does not
accept any responsibility for loss or damage of the Bellini product prior to it being received by the Company
or its service agent.
1.11 You will be responsible for all costs of returning a Bellini product to the Company and for redelivery of the
Bellini product by the Company (whether it is the original or a repaired and/or a replacement Bellini product)
and for any other expenses you incur in claiming under this warranty.
1.12 The Company or its service agent will examine any Bellini product and if the Company determines that it is
defective through no fault of the Owner and is otherwise undamaged, the Company will repair or replace
the Bellini product in accordance with this warranty.
Fill out the following details and file with your purchase invoice.
Your Purchase Receipt/Invoice is proof of date of purchase. If you are unable to establish the date of purchase,
or if the fault is not covered by this warranty, or if the product is found to be in working order, you will be required
to bear all service call charges.
GSM Sales Pty Ltd reserves the right to discontinue items, modify designs and change specifications without
incurring obligation.
Whilst every effort is made to ensure that descriptions, specifications and other information in this publication is
correct, no warranty is given in respect thereof and the company shall not be liable for any errors therein.
Purchased from:
Co. Name:
Date of Purchase:
Serial number:
Consistent with our continuing product development policy, improvements may have been made
which render the contents of this packaging slightly different to that shown.
GSM Sales Pty Ltd ABN: 53 007 582 475
For Warranty and technical queries: 1300 373 199 Aust OR 0508123108 NZ
Model: BOT605BX-F
60cm Built In Oven