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Binoculars &amp
Please keep this Guarantee Card in a safe place
(iii)We will accept no liability for damage caused
by incorrect use, water penetration - unless the
binocular is specified to be waterproof, or for any repairs or actions which have been carried
out outside our firm.
(iv)Parts such as carrying straps, rubber eyecups,
rubberised coatings etc. are excluded from the
Serial No:....................................................................
This guarantee is in addition and does not affect your
statutory rights.
Opticron binoculars and monoculars are of a
very high quality both in their performance and
We guarantee some parts in these instruments for up
to 2 years under the following conditions:
(i)In the case of defects attributable to faulty
processing or materials, we will assume
responsibility for the labour and material costs
during the first year after purchase. We reserve
the right to decide whether defective parts should
be repaired or replaced.
(ii)During the next year we will assume
responsibility for material costs only, charging
corresponding labour costs.
If you would like to register your purchase with us
please visit and complete the
online Product Registration Form.
Alternatively please telephone us during normal
working hours on the numbers given. We will need
the product name and serial number (if applicable),
purchase date and outlet, your name and postcode.
Registration is voluntary and failure to register will
not diminish your rights under the guarantee.
Opticron takes your privacy seriously and we do not
share personal information with other companies.
Address: Unit 21, Titan Court, Laporte Way,
Luton, Bedfordshire, LU4 8EF, UK
Phone: +44 (0)1582 726522
Fax: +44 (0)1582 723559
Email: [email protected]
Binoculars & Monoculars
User Instructions and
2 Year Guarantee
User Instructions
A binocular or monocular can be a useful companion
when travelling, going to sporting and leisure events
or used as part of a hobby such as birdwatching or
astronomy. To help you get the best results from your
equipment please read the following instructions
Adjusting to obtain a single picture (binoculars)
To adjust to the spacing of your eyes simply rotate
the two sides of the binocular around the centre
hinge until a single rounded picture is obtained
when looking through both eyepieces. Some roof
prism binoculars have two hinges and a single
rounded picture is obtained by rotating both hinges
simultaneously around the centre focusing plate.
Adjusting for maximum sharpness (binoculars)
Many people have slightly different vision between
their eyes. When using binoculars, this difference
can be easily compensated for by setting the single
eyepiece adjustment located on the right hand side of
the binocular below the eyepiece or on the eyepiece
itself. The marks on the housing show the difference
in visual acuity between your eyes on a dioptre scale.
To set the binoculars correctly, close your right eye
and look through the left eyepiece with your left eye
and using the centre focus wheel - focus on an object
of your choice until it is clear and sharp. Next, close
your left eye and look through the right eyepiece with
your right eye. You may find the object being viewed
is not absolutely sharp and this can be corrected
by rotating the right hand side adjustment ring or
eyepiece (but without turning the centre focus wheel)
until the object being viewed becomes sharp. The
binoculars are now set and a perfectly clear and sharp
image should be attainable when using both eyes
together. To focus at different distances simply rotate
the centre focus wheel.
in the ‘down’ position when viewing with glasses.
Doing this will ensure the maximum available field
of view is obtained. Be sure to return the eyecups to
the ‘up’ position if you or anybody else wants to view
without glasses.
For ‘independent eyepiece focus’ binoculars, usually
7x50 Marine binoculars without a centre focus
wheel, focusing at close range is facilitated by turning
the left and right eyepieces simultaneously.
(i) Gently remove excess dirt and dust using a
compressed air device or blower brush.
Caution: Hard and persistent rubbing of dirty
surfaces can cause abrasive scratches on the
surface of the glass which may distort viewing.
Wearing glasses
Many Opticron binoculars and monoculars are
designed to offer you the full field of view when
wearing glasses. The rubber eyecups fitted to these
instruments are designed to position your eyes
correctly to get the maximum comfortable field of
view with or without glasses and are often unique
to each individual model. If the eyepieces have a
fold down or retractable eyecup they should be used
Care and cleaning
Binoculars and monoculars require little maintenance
but occasionally the outside surfaces of the eyepieces
and objective lenses will need cleaning. To avoid
damaging these surfaces please read the following
(ii) Breathe on exposed glass surface and then wipe
with an optical cleaning cloth (code 30277) in a
circular motion until the surface is clean again.
Do not attempt to dismantle the instrument as this
will invalidate the guarantee.
Cold weather
In cold weather, equipment not hermetically sealed
and filled with nitrogen may steam up due to heat
transfer from the hands through the casing to the cold
air trapped inside. Try to avoid this by using gloves
and leaving the instrument to stand when transferring
from a cool to a warm environment.
Opticron rainguard (binoculars)
A rainguard will help protect the eyepieces from rain,
snow, dust and accidental damage when in use. If
your binoculars are not supplied complete with a
rainguard, you may be able to purchase one to suit
by contacting us at the address overleaf.
Never under any circumstances use a binocular to
view the sun. Doing so will cause serious damage to
your eyes.
We hope you will get a great deal of pleasure from
your new Opticron binocular/monocular. If you have
any problems or damage the instrument in any way
our Service Department is on hand to help you.
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