Accurately forms thin ceramic layers
Excellent alignment of screens and ceramic (5 micron accuracy)
Prints via electrode with a stencil or screen
Flexible design matches your process
Horizontal drying ovens save precious floor space
High productivity, at the lowest cost per component
Pneumatic screen positioning system
Low cost bulk production
FEP 10 is the first wet stack inductor machine1 available on
the open market. The fully automatic machine accurately
deposits thin ceramic layers on the carrying plates to build
up the multilayer stack. The metal paste printers on the
machine can be used for various purposes to add flexibility
to the process or make different components. For the
fabrication of inductors one printer is used to print the via
fill, the other to print the coil structure. Plates travel around
on a carousel to build up the multilayer structure. By shifting
screens between fixed A and B positions, the electrical
designs suitable for inductors, and also MLCC and filters,
can be realized in an economical fashion. The machine is
fully computer controlled, allowing for fully automatic
operation. However, local panels with each printer or
ceramic layer deposition unit also allow easy access to
operators for changing screens, etc.
The machine is designed to maintain fully stabilized process
conditions for each layer deposited. Block temperature is
carefully controlled by a cooling system to the ideal
conditions of printing and layer deposition. Accurate
alignment of all screens is obtained by using an
intermediate frame. Screens are fixed on the frame with a
screen-centering device featuring an operator-friendly
magnified view on a monitor and accurate positioning
screws. Screen changing on the FEP 10 is rapid and precise,
due to pneumatic holders that fix the screen on the
intermediate frame into the printer. The screen is lifted with
micrometer accuracy for each layer that is added to the
stack. For inductors, A-B shifting is done automatically by
means of an inserted mechanical spacer.
Bars are transported on a high-speed belt transporter
resulting in a low cycle time – only 5 seconds for single
deposits. On the corners each bar is rotated 90 ş. The use of
circulating air tower-dryers result in a tremendous saving of
floor space.
FEP 10 can be fitted with several options to automate the
process even further with automatic paste and ceramic slip
supply. In-site measurement of ceramic deposition by laser
reflection is available. Individual bars can be marked with bar
codes to track the process and individually correct the
ceramic deposition process. Carrying plates can be supplied
by a cassette system that allows easy handling by operators
between subsequent process steps.
The FEP 10 allows the most economical processing available
today because: 1) no other steps in the build up process for
the manufacture of ceramic components are needed, and 2)
the FEP 10 makes the ceramic layers in-site at an incredible
pace of 5 seconds per layer without the need of subsequent
isostatic compression of produced bars. The flexibility of the
FEP 10 also makes it the most suitable equipment for large
scale prototyping of completely new component designs.
If your applications require a new feature to be added onto
the machine, we will design and build the machine to
accommodate this feature, working closely with you to make
sure your performance expectations are met.
Fully Automatic Wet Palette size:
Multilayer Component Number of palettes:
Maker FEP-10
Palette transport:
170 x 170 mm or 6.7 x 6.7 inches
up to 254 x 254 mm or 10 x 10 inches
1 – 250 pieces
high-speed belt
typically 5 sec. (palette to palette)
<<1 min.
50 – 300 mm/s or 2 –12 inches/s
max. 10 mm, adjustment with 1 microm. or 1/25 mil accuracy
circulating air heated up to 100 °C
typical 5 minutes, adjustable
tracks fully covered for clean room appl.
equipment complies with US and CE safety regulations
Length 2,920 mm or 114 inches
Width 2,920 mm or 114 inches
Height 2,340 mm or 92 inches
Weight approx. 2,500 kg or 5,500 lbs.
Typical specifications
Cycle time:
Time change screen:
Squeegee speed:
Drying time:
Clean air:
Up to four printers/dryers
Cassette carrying plate loading system
Automatic ink and ceramic slip dispensing
Choice of ceramic printing or slotted die deposition
Laser ceramic thickness measurement
– Reel feeding systems for coversheet dispensing
– Off-line automated coversheet stacker
– Automatic visual inspection systems: electrode print quality
– Custom designs to meet special requests for your technology
1) Keko Equipment accept no liability whatsoever to infringe on third party patents. Delivery of the equipment does not constitute a licence to use patents.
2) Because our equipment is customized for specific requirements, specifications given are subject to change.
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