The Cochlear ™ Promise
As a global leader in hearing solutions, Cochlear is
dedicated to bringing the gift of sound to people
all over the world. With our hearing systems,
Cochlear has reconnected over 140,000 people
to their families, friends and communities in more
than 70 countries.
The Baha ® system provides a natural pathway
to hearing and is a simple and effective hearing
solution for many types of hearing loss. With this
pioneering system, more people can experience
the wonderful world of sound. For patients
receiving any Cochlear hearing system, our
commitment is that for the rest of your life we
will be here to support you.
Hear now. And always.
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Post-surgery Care
Post-surgery Care
After surgery
For the best result, you need to take care of the abutment
to avoid any complications with the surrounding tissue.
If the area has healed, the dressing and stitches will be
removed 10–14 days after surgery. If not, the dressing may
have to stay in place longer.
At home it is important to maintain good daily hygiene; for
the first few weeks after the dressing has been removed,
wash your hair carefully and use a strip of alcohol-free wet
wipe to keep the skin around the abutment clean.
• Always rinse the abutment cleaning brush in mild
soap and warm water and let it air dry. Change the
brush every 3 months or if you have
had an infection.
• If you have two implants, use two separate
cleaning brushes to avoid cross-contamination.
• You can get new cleaning brushes from your
hearing care center or order them
Daily cleaning
After the first few weeks you can start cleaning the outside
of the abutment with the soft abutment cleaning brush
provided. Aim the bristles at the side of the abutment, and
remove any debris that might have built up around the base.
You can do this while taking a bath or shower, using mild soap
and plenty of warm water.
Weekly cleaning
Clean the inside of the abutment every week, with the
abutment cleaning brush, as debris can also build up there.
If you should experience persistent soreness or inflammation
for any reason, or if the abutment feels loose, always contact
your clinician or hearing care center. Otherwise, it’s a good
idea to get check-ups regularly.
Loose abutment
Ensure completely clean, use
soft cleaning brush or
non alcohol baby wipes
Redness and/or soreness persists
Apply a mild antibiotic cream/
ointment, provided by physician
Redness and/or soreness persists
Contact your Doctor or Audiologist
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