Idea Cappuccino
Idea Coffee + Milk Modules
Idea Cappuccino comes with an integrated professional
cappuccinatore – coffee and milk or milk froth are dispensed at
the same time. This clever feature draws milk directly from its
container and turns it into creamy froth for up to 4 selectable
milk-based specialties. Effective and handy: the cappuccinatore
cleans itself after every preparation.
Equipped with a double boiler (for coffee and hot water/steam)
and three water circuits Idea Cappuccino offers simultaneous
dispensing of coffee, hot water and steam.
With the Horeca kit, a simplified keypad, Idea Cappuccino can
easily be used as a self-service machine.
Main features
• Removable and washable brewing group
• Continuous steam production without damps
• Hot water production/hour (150 cc cup): 400
• Coffee preparations/hour (30 cc cup): 150
• Cappuccino preparations/hour (150 cc cup): 60
• Height-adjustable coffee spout
• Coffee beans container capacity: 2.1 kg
• Coffee grounds container capacity: 100
• Grinder equipped with 64 mm ceramic blades
• Automatic cappuccinatore
• Simultaneous dispensing of coffee, hot water and steam thanks
to 3 separate water circuits
• Hot water independent heat exchanger
• Multilingual Horeca keypad kit
• 7/9 g brewing group kit
• Pump/independent water tank kit
• Water softener kit
• Interconnection kit to link 2 or more machines
Structural specifications
Dimensions (w x h x d)
Framework material
Housing material
Electrical specifications
Power supply
Power consumption
Water specifications
Boiler capacity
Coffee boiler material
Steam boiler material
Hot water independent heat exchanger
Stainless steel articulated steam wand
Stainless steel hot water wand
Water connections
Standard water supply
Optional water supply
Water connection
Other specifications
Coffee beans container
Coffee beans container capacity
Coffee grounds container capacity
Simultaneous preparation of two cups
Grinder equipped with 64 mm ceramic blades
Automatic cappuccinatore
Brewing group
Height-adjustable coffee spout
Adjustable grinder
Electronic pre-brewing
Adjustable amount of ground beans used
Electronically adjustable servings
Possibility to use pre-ground coffee
Pre-warming cup surface
Automatic servings counter
Digital display
Number of selections
Number of preselections
Continuous steam production without damps
Hot water production/hour (150 cc cup)
Coffee preparations/hour (30 cc cup)
Cappuccino preparations/hour (150 cc cup)
Idea Cappuccino
530 x 690 x 545 mm
54 kg
pre-galvanized and painted steel
ABS + polycarbonate/stainless steel
208-220 V/60 Hz - 230-240 V/50 Hz
3300 W
1.7 l
stainless steel
water supply
pump/independent water tank kit
3/4“ (1-8 bar)
2.1 kg
7/9 gr or 9/16 gr
CE,VDE, CSA and NSF approved
Idea Cappuccino Horeca + Idea Milk
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Technical data
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