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Wally™ Inflatable Bed Rail - Manufacturer Item No. 88046
Parts included
1 - Repair Kit consisting of: 2pcs of self-adhesive repair patch
1 - Inflatable Bed Rail
1 - Rapid Foot Pump
1 - Carrying Bag
Wally™ Inflatable Bed Rail
Instructions & Warnings
Recommended age: 2+
SUFFOCATION AND STRANGULATION HAZARD Gaps in and around bed rails have
entrapped young children and killed infants. NEVER use with children younger than 2 years
old. Use ONLY with older children who can get in and out of adult bed without help. NEVER
use in place of crib. NEVER use unless bed rail is tight against mattress, without gaps,
and at least 9 in. from headboard and footboard. Do not fill gaps with pillows, blankets, or
other items that can suffocate children. NEVER use on toddler bed, bunk bed, water bed, or
bed with inflatable mattress. Use only on adult bed with mattress and mattress support as
defined by the manufacturer. Discontinue use if damaged, broken, or if parts are missing.
Read these materials prior to assembling and using your Inflatable Bed Rail, failure to follow
these instructions could result in serious injury or death.
• Set up and supervision must be done by a competent adult!
• Inflatable Bed Rail is not a life saving device!
• Ensure proper set up prior to use!
• Instruct children on proper use of this product!
Recommended age: 2+
Set up and supervision must be done by a
competent adult!
We recommend using either of the following
rapid foot pumps for proper inflation:
The Shrunks’ Jetaire™ Electric Pump is also
recommended for achieving maximum
performance of the Inflatable Bed Rail:
*We do not recommend inflating the Inflatable Bed Rail by mouth.
Inflation Warning:
- DO NOT inflate with an air compressor or other high pressure pump! This unit is designed
to be inflated with a high volume of air but at a low pressure.
- DO NOT allow children to play on the product until it is fully inflated!
- Over inflation is the major cause of leaks.
- Do not inflate with an air compressor or other high pressure pump. This item is designed
to be inflated with a high volume of air but at a low pressure.
- Read the instructions and warnings printed in this manual for proper inflation and safe use.
- All inflation and assembly is to be done, or properly supervised by, a competent adult.
- Keep away from fire and other heat sources. Keep out of direct sunlight when not in use.
- This unit is intended for domestic family use only and not for use in public areas or as a rental.
- The Inflatable Bed Rail is inflated using any of the recommended types of inflators.
- DO NOT OVER INFLATE! Product should be firm, but allow a small depression when pushed on with your hand.
- DO NOT drag across concrete, pavement or other rough surfaces. Unfold inflatable flat on a clean surface free of debris and sharp objects.
Rapid Inflation/Deflation Valve
Remove the valve plug from valve and insert the appropriate attachment of your inflation device. Inflate the mattress to 100% capacity
or until almost firm. **Close valve by inserting the stem valve plug into
valve and press firmly into place until valve is flush with the tube.
PLEASE NOTE: Keep in mind the temperature of the air going
into the product and the outside air. If your inflator is hot and
sending warm air into the product, when it cools, it will seem like
your Product is losing air. This is normal. The product should be
firm when completely inflated, but allow a small depression when
pushed on with your hand while in use. This is a good evaluation
of proper inflation. Proper inflation should be checked often if the product is left inflated for
consecutive days.
Valve location
1. Remove valve stem plug to inflate. Allows rapid inflation/deflation. Note: the rubber flap allows air to stay in, but does not allow
air to escape.
2. Close valve stem plug to secure air chamber.
3. To deflate: Open valve stem plug. Push rubber flap open. This
will allow air to rush out. Then, push rubber flap until it is held in
place. This will allow full deflation while folding product.
Be aware of your temperatures! Weather will affect the air volume /pressure in your unit.
Variations of temperatures can make the inflatable seem to lose or gain air. This is normal.
Heat - causes air to expand and PVC to feel soft to the touch. If air is expanding and it feels
like the unit is hard and does not allow a small depression when pushed on with your hand,
you will need to release some air to avoid over-inflation.
* If the air is warm and PVC feels soft to the touch, do not add air. This will stretch the
material and cause seam problems and over-inflation.
Cold - causes air to condense. When the sun comes out and the temperature rises the
air will again expand in the unit. If you are experiencing a cool span you may want to add
additional air. Be careful when the temperature rises that the unit does not become overinflated. Damage due to over-inflation voids the warranty. All inflatables are sensitive to
cold, therefore never unfold or inflate in temperatures below 50 degrees.
Prior to deflation, remove all children from the unit!
1.Use one of the Inflator/Deflator devices. Recommended in the “Inflation” Section for faster
2.Deflate the main chamber. To deflate your unit, uncap valve to release and allow air to
escape quickly and easily. Then place the deflation portion of the inflation/deflation device
into the valve and remove all remaining air. You will know you have all the air out when the
unit is flat and wrinkled. Replace stem plug back into the valve.
3.Wipe the product off with a terry cloth towel and allow to air dry completely. Store for next use.
Maintenance is essential to increase the life of your product. Please follow all maintenance
and repairs according to this manual. If you are unsure please contact The Shrunks directly.
- Inspect product regularly for potentially unsafe conditions, particularly after storms,
and suspected misuse of product.
- Do not use product if repair is needed.
- Clean product regularly per the Cleaning section of manual.
- Check storage area. Make sure it is rodent free and dry.
- When disposing of product do so in such a manner that no hazardous conditions exist at the time the product is discarded.
If your Inflatable Bed Rail is used intensively, then it should be cleaned on a weekly basis.
It is also important to clean and dry the product before it is packed away.
- When cleaning your product never use strong detergents or silicone-based products.
- Also never use high pressure cleaning equipment such as a “pressure washer”.
This will result in damage to your product.
- Clean the outside surface only
- Clean your Inflatable Bed Rail with soap and fresh water and check that the valves are clean and not damaged.
When storing your Inflatable Bed Rail, keep it in a clean and dry place that is not affected by
major variations in temperatures and other damaging factors. You can store your Inflatable
Bed Rail deflated and rolled up or lightly inflated. Be careful never to stack anything on top
of Inflatable Bed Rail.
Fill the product with as much air as you can, without running the risk of bursting the product.
Our inflatable products are not designed for high pressure, so use a pump designed and approved for the product, but NEVER use an air compressor.
Here are several effective methods for locating a leak in your product:
SOAPY WATER: Move it to a place where it can be flipped, turned and rotated freely. Visually
inspect the product. With the product filled with air, even a pin hole can become visible. Add a
little liquid dish soap to a spray bottle of warm water and begin spraying the product, one section
at a time. The leak will reveal itself with soap bubbles. This is by far the easiest and best way to
find an air leak. Wiping the product with a wet soapy rag can work as well.
SUBMERGE IN WATER: If possible, put the product into a pool with water (a bathtub will also do
the job) to submerge parts of the product or the whole product until you see bubbles rising from
the product.
A.First, you need to locate the hole. The easiest way is to fully inflate the product and listen for
a leak, or to spray with soapy water and look for bubbles. You then need to deflate the product.
B.Cut out a round patch to required size depending upon hole/puncture; at least
0.75’’ larger than the hole.
C.Clean the damaged part and surrounding area of the product with soap and water and allow to dry thoroughly. Wipe the damaged part and surrounding area with fingernail
polish remover, or rubbing alcohol, and allow to dry thoroughly .
D.Apply the patch over the hole, covering the cut. Press out the air pockets which may
have formed under the patch. You can use any round object, such as a spoon, starting in
the center and then working outwards towards the edges.
E.Place heavy object on repaired area to keep patch firmly in place for 30 minutes – the drying period.
F.Once dry, you can inflate the unit. Do not expose the repair to sun or rain until repair has
been completed.
BARE HANDS: Move the palm of your hand slowly along the surface of the product. Often, you
may feel the escaping air “brush” against your skin.
*EXTRA TIP: Here’s an effective way to repair a leak once the hole has been located. Use a
small dab of super glue and gently spread it over the hole. Make sure the glue covers the
hole completely, and let it dry for a minimum of four hours. Next, cut an appropriately sized
repair patch (these are included with your Shrunks inflatable product) and place it over top
of the sealed hole. Do not attempt to inflate the product for at least 24 hours.
LISTEN CAREFULLY: Move your head along the surface with your ear near the product. You may
hear escaping air, and the ear is especially sensitive to feeling the “draft” from the leak.
NOTE: The Shrunks Vinyl Repair Kit, complete with glue, spreading stick and patches in a
variety of sizes, is available online at www.theshrunks.com
CHECK SEAMS: Pay close attention to all seams. Inflatable products will usually have seams at
the top and bottom edges, and running along the length forming valleys. These are common
places for weak points to occur which can develop into leaks.
GARDEN HOSE: Move the product to an outdoor table. If the table has a wooden surface, cover
it with a blanket and/or newspapers first. Turn on your garden hose, and begin to “flood” the
surface of the mattress with a small stream of water. Look carefully for bubbles as the water runs
along the product surface. Move slowly - a tiny leak may only make a bubble every few seconds. Check the air filler nozzle or valve in the same way, and be sure it is tightly secured.
All of the inflatable products include repair kit patches. You can easily repair minor
punctures and cuts. This kit includes 2 round pieces of self-adhesive material to patch the
Inflatable Bed Rail.
Conditions necessary for successful repair:
Relative humidity less than 65 % / Temperature Range between 63°-77° Fahrenheit
(17°-25°) Celsius. Avoid completing repairs in direct sunlight or rain and ensure that the
material is fully deflated and lies flat.
- This is not a lifesaving or personal flotation device!
- Only use under competent adult supervision!
- Never leave children unattended.
- Only use if you are willing to accept the risks!
- Always inspect product for any unsafe conditions before use!
- Always have sufficient distance between the inflatable and other objects!
- When using, keep in mind that tipping is possible!
- Never set up or use the product in or near a swimming pool!
- Always stay in control and no wild playing while using the inflatable!
- Do not use the inflatable while under the influence of alcohol or drugs!
- Remove any sharp objects such as a watch or chain before using the inflatable!
**While every attempt is made to embody the highest degree of protection in all equipment, we cannot guarantee freedom from injury. The user assumes all risk of injury due to
use. All merchandise is sold on this condition, which no representative of the company can
waiver or change.
- DO supervise children at all times while they are using the product.
- DO retain instructions with the product.
- DO inspect product before each use.
- DO instruct children on the proper use of product.
- DO require children to remove shoes before use.
- DO allow only 1 child at a time to use the Inflatable Bed Rail.
- DO keep pets away from the product.
- DO instruct children not to attach items to the product that are not specifically
designed for use with the equipment, such as but not limited to, jump ropes, clothesline, pet leashes, cables and chains as they may cause a strangulation hazard.
- DO NOT place product near fire.
- DO NOT allow children to jump onto or off of the product.
- DO NOT allow other toys on top of the product.
- DO NOT allow helmets, headgear, loose clothing, scarves, hoods, or clothing containing drawstrings when using this product.
For warranty and replacement issues, please go to www.theshrunks.com/warranty
for more information.
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