Introduction Exys touch screen module transforms a display into a

Exys touch screen module transforms a display into a very thin (27mm) interactive
interface. By matching our standard 320x240 display with the technology of precise analog
resistive touch screens we have developed innovative and integrated display interface
Exys has provided a clever solution to it's customers in markets as diverse as industrial,
automotive, telecommunications and process control, etc. This way we can bring our own
knowledge of many engineering disciplines together to give our customers a simple
integrated solution to their particular application.
The main board contains a 33MHz processor, ethernet controller, RAM and Flash memory, a
battery backuped real time clock, 32 LVTTL I/O's (FPGA), RS232 port, RS485 port, 86dB
sounder, etc. A special series of individual isolated solid-state I/O's are included. A total of 8
inputs and 8 outputs can handle 5v up to 33v signals.
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A solid 40pin connector on the back of the terminal allows you to plug-in various control
modules to provide relay outputs, multiple analog inputs, USB connectivity, Compact flash
interface, etc. So for complex integrations we can work together to design extra modules to
your advantage. Full-customised display solution providing the exact mechanical, electrical
and optimum characteristics for high volumes can be custom designed.
You can set up and customize menus so users can navigate simply on this unique touch
screen by tapping through intuitive menus and screens that you created. That way this
module combines the ease of touch screen control with the powerful ability run your
software, solve your problems, make decisions, control your devices,.. all with simple PC
programming. Once the DragonTouch has been programmed, you can disconnect it from the
computer and it will operate completely independently.
This user interface is well suited for use in dim light and even complete darkness with its
black colour backlight that turns on with any screen touch. The backlighting can be dimmed
under software so a little glow continuously will help you locate the touch screen in the
dark. A subtle "beep" confirms each screen press. You can turn this feature off or assign
melodies (wave files) to buttons on the screen. The CCFL backlight lamp and touch screen
panel are easily replaceable.
System Requirements
The system requirements are just a PC with a serial port and a CDROM drive. If you're
planning to build the cross-compiler manually, you should reserve 400MB of free hard disk
space, else 60MB will do. For best build performance a Pentium II computer and 64MB RAM
or more is recommended. The operating system can be GNU/Linux, FreeBSD or Windows
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Supply voltage:
Power requirements:
Operating Humidity:
Real Time Clock:
Serial Ports :
Display type:
Backlight type:
Backlight lamp life:
Contrast ratio:
Viewing Angle:
Touch screen:
Touch screen life:
10 to 35 VDC.
6 watt typical (all functions enabled).
500mA/125mA typical at 12 VDC with CCFL backlight enabled/disabled.
250mA/90mA typical at 24 VDC with CCFL backlight enabled/disabled.
0°C to 55°C.
< 40 °C, 0% to 90% relative humidity, non-condensing).
> 40 °C, 0% to 70% relative humidity, non-condensing).
MC68VZ328 33MHz.
8 Mbytes on board SDRAM (optional up to 32 MBytes).
2 Mbytes on board FLASH (optional up to 4 Mbytes).
16 kbytes on board EEPROM (for non volatile parameter storage).
Date and Time, battery backup (with 3V lithium coin cell).
1 x RS-232 Serial port (to 115200 bps max).
1 x RS-485 Serial port (to 115200 bps max).
10-Base-T interface as RJ45 connector.
Internal 85 dB(A)
¼ VGA Colour STN.
320 x 240 pixels.
CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp).
40000 hours (typical).
200 cd/m2 (typical).
+50/-50 degrees.
4 wire resistive type (glass/PET).
minimum 1 million finger touches.
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