MSRP : $Call Dealer for Pricing
• Cleans Pool Floor, Walls and Waterline
• Features AquaSmart Cleaning Technology
⚬ Smarter, Faster and More Efficient
• Includes Advanced Cleaning Options
• 1 hr, 1.5 hr, and 2 hr cleaning durations
• Automatic 2, 3 and 4 day cleaning cycles
• Extra Long 60’ Cable with Swivel
• Features PVA Brush for Superior Wall
Category: Pool Supply Unlimited
Scrubs and Vacuums Pool Floor, Walls & Waterline
Aquabot robotic pool cleaners are engineered with the strongest pumps and finest filtration in the
Aquabot ProIG utilizes AquaSmart Technology to efficiently maneuver the cleaner to cover the pool
bottom, walls and waterline in a systematized fashion to save time and money.
Rotating PVA Brushes provide superior traction and climbing ability. Scrubs pool floor, walls and
Independent Drive & Pump motors.
100% brushless motor great for durability. Dependable and rugged for years of reliable service.
Provides 80 GPM of clean water circulation.
Microfilter Bag - Largest capacity fine filter bag available. Captures debris as small as 2 microns.
Algae - Bacteria - Leaves - Sand
Exceptional Cleaning Performance for Fewer Chemicals and a Healthier Clean
The Aquabot Pro IG (ABPROIG) Robotic Professional Pool Cleaner has a built-in Aqua Smart cleaning
program - an intelligent algorithm installed in the brain of the cleaner that will help clean your pool
in a fast systemized fashion, without the hassles of tangled cables. This pool cleaner is all about
getting your pool cleaned quickly and easily. With ultra-fine reusable filter bags your pool water will
be filtered down to 2 microns giving the pool the “polished” clean look that you’ll love. Designed for
all in ground pools of any pool surface, the super grip PVA scrubbing brushes will clean from floor to
water level picking up dirt and debris at a rate over 70 gallons per minute (over 16,000 gallons in 4
hours) - Now that’s whole pool clean.
User friendly from conception with what we like to call “Auto Smart cleaning program”. Three auto
timer settings to choose from which turn the unit on for periods of 1, 1-1/2 and 2 Hours. When
these settings are combined with automatic cleaning cycles which automatically start the cleaner
every 2, 3 or 4 days you get a guaranteed clean. By utilizing the cleaning time options you’ll
certainly save on energy costs when compared to other robotic pool cleaners. The choice is totally
yours. This is one of the industry's first “Set It and Forget it” automatic robotic pool cleaners.
Complete pool cleaning and energy savings at the Touch of a Button.
With a 60’ cable and an inline detangle device there’s no place this cleaner won’t be able to clean.
Maximum pool size for this cleaner is 20' x 50'.
Pool Type
Pool Shape
Figure-8, Grecian, Kidney, L-Shaped, Oval or Round, Rectangle
Surface Type
Concrete, Fiberglass, Gunite, Tile, Vinyl
Method of Propulsion
Drive Motor
Cleaning Modes
Pool Floor, Cove, Wall and Waterline
Filter Loading
Bottom Access
Cable Length
60 ft
Timer - Auto Shut Off
1-7 hr Digital Timer, Yes Programmable with External Timer**
1 Year Warranty
Gallons Per Minute
80+ GPM
Operating Cost per Cleaning $0.05
Electrical Requirements
120v / 60Hz
Power Consumption
230 Watts