HD8921/09 Saeco Super-automatic espresso machine

Saeco Incanto
espresso machine
• 6 Beverages
• Integrated premium milk carafe
• Stainless steel
• 5 step adjustable grinder
Elegant design. Impressive coffee quality.
Delicious Latte Macchiato at the touch of a button
The Saeco Incanto sets a new standard in its class. The refined, stainless steel front houses
high-quality Italian technology, engineered to brew divine coffee, every time. Your coffee
dreams have finally been answered.
Advanced technology designed for coffee perfection
• Extract maximum flavor with the 100% ceramic grinders
• Enjoy hot coffee in no time with the Quick Heat Boiler
• Delicious hot Cappuccino and Latte Macchiato at one touch
• Fine-tune the coffee's richness with 5 grinder settings
High comfort is part of the experience
• Up to 5000 cups* without descaling with AquaClean filter
• Iconic stainless steel front, shaped to precision
• Auto-cleaning cycle removes any hassle
• The fully removable brewing group can be cleaned in no time
A variety of coffees customized to your taste
• A multitude of specialty coffees at the touch of a button
• Decaffeinaited with equal zest with the Powder Option
• The strength selection remembers just how strong you like it
Super-automatic espresso machine
6 Beverages Integrated premium milk carafe, Stainless steel, 5 step adjustable grinder
100% Ceramic grinders
Specialty coffees at one touch
deactivated once AquaClean is installed in your
favourite Saeco coffee machine.
Powder Option
The robust 100% ceramic grinders guarantee a
moment of pure coffee indulgence for years to
come. The ceramic material creates the ideal
grind, which allows the water to flow through
steadily, extracting the purest essence of the
beans. And unlike other ‘regular’ grinders’, the
ceramic material prevents the coffee from
overheating and tasting burnt.
From, espresso to Lattemacchiato, there is an
assortment of options waiting to satisfy your
coffee cravings. Whether it’s first thing in the
morning or an after dinner treat, there’s a taste
for any time of the day, right at your fingertips.
AquaClean filter
Quick Heat Boiler
When time is of the essence, you can brew
perfect espresso and cappuccino without the
wait, thanks to the Quick Heat Boiler. The
secret is in its light aluminum and stainless steel
body, which can reach hot temperatures, fast.
Sometimes it’s nice to have the option of a fullbodied, delicious coffee, without the caffeine
kick. Thanks to the Powder Option you can
make decaffeinated coffee whenever you
Stainless steel front
Saeco's new and patented innovation,
AquaClean water filter, ensures you make the
most out of your full automatic coffee machine.
By changing the filter at machine request, you
will not need to descale your machine for up to
5000 cups*, while getting the benefit of clear
and purified water. As an added benefit, the
descaling notification alarm is automatically
Every minute detail of this machine was
designed and crafted to the highest quality. The
solid, stainless steel front, vibrant display, and
tactile feel of each button are the perfect
balance of elegance, intuitiveness and Italian
craftsmanship. The Saeco Incanto will grace
any modern or traditional kitchen it finds for
years to come.
Super-automatic espresso machine
6 Beverages Integrated premium milk carafe, Stainless steel, 5 step adjustable grinder
Technical specifications
• Included: Water filter
• Power consumption brewing: 1850 W
Material boiler: Stainless steel (Inox)
Material drip tray: Stainless steel
Material of spout: Plastic
Material water tank: Plastic
General specifications
• Coffee strength settings: 5
• Suitable for: Whole coffee beans, ground coffee
• Cups at the same time: 2
• Customizing per drink: Adjustable coffee strength,
Adjustable cup volume, Adjustable temperature
• Grinder settings: 5
• Temperature settings: 3
• Type of carafe: Premium carafe
• Type of display: LCD
• Coffee drinks: Espresso, Cappuccino, hot water
• Milk Solution: Integrated Milk Carafe, Quick Milk
• User Interface: Basic Display
• Brewing time one cup: 45 (espresso) to 100 (long
coffee) sec
• Capacity milk carafe: 500 L
• Capacity waste container: 15 servings
• Capacity water tank: 1.8 L
• Frequency: 50 Hz
• Max. cup height: 150 mm
• Voltage: 230 V
• Water boilers: 1
• Coffee bean capacity: 250 g
• Color & Finishing: Black, Stainless Steel
• Cord length: 100 cm
• Country of origin: Made in Europe, Romania
• Product dimensions: 221 x 340 x 430 mm
• Filter compatibility: AquaClean
• Water tank: Access from the top
• Weight of product: 7.2 kg
• Waste container: Frontal access
Weight and dimensions
• Weight incl. packaging: 7.2 kg
• 2-year guarantee
Issue date 2017-08-19
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* Based on 8 filters replacement as indicated by the machine. Actual
number of cups depends on selected coffee varieties, rinsing and
cleaning patterns.
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