EC100 Pump Espresso &
Cappuccino Machine
Manufacturer: Capresso
The EC100 portafilter sieves are pressurized, making
it easy to achieve excellent crema even if grind size or
tamping pressure isn’t perfect. 15 bars of pressure
ensure flavor-rich espresso and the dual frother wand
provides powerful steam/froth for delicious milk
Perfect the art of brewing espresso and
creating gourmet coffee beverages
Features 15 bars of pressure for brewed
ThermoBlock heating system
Self-locking filter holder with thumbguard
Two sieves produce one to two espressos at a
Single sieve for pre-ground coffee or espresso
Unlimited steam output for frothing or
steaming milk
Swivel frother for frothing in a tall glass or
Separate frothing positions for steamed milk and frothed milk
On/Off switch and Coffee/Steam dial
Heavy-duty stainless steel warming cup platform
Removable 46z water container for filling and cleaning
Removable drip tray
Automatic rinsing cycle for proper temperature
Includes Measuring scoop/tamper
Power: 1350W, 120V/60Hz
Dimensions: 11.75”H x 8.25”W x 10.25”L
1-Year manufacturer limited warranty
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MSRP: $180.00
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