Rada 215 Thermoscopic Mixing Valves for Hot &

Valves for Hot & Cold Water
½” thermoscopic mixing valve range featuring the unique ‘Radatherm’ technology
Revolutionary new thermostat giving better temperature control
Optional locked temperature control for extra safety
Rada 215 Thermoscopic Mixing
Service-free thermostat and checkvalve cartridges for low cost maintenance
Rada 215-t3 zc
Rada 215-t3 bc
Rada 215-t3 dk
Rada 215-t3 oem
Rada 215 dk (less fittings)
Rada 215
Rada 215-t3 c
Dimensions (All dimensions in mm)
Rada 215-t3 c
Rada 215-t3 bc
Rada 215-t3 oem
Rada 215-t3 zc
Rada 215-t3 dk
Rada 215-t3 dk (less fittings)
Standard connections are:
A range of ½” thermoscopic mixing valves to suit a wide
variety of applications and installation conditions. The range
incorporates the “Radatherm” cartridge, a unique sealed for
life unit utilising materials of proven durability for extended
service-free reliablity. The “Radatherm” cartridge employs an
advanced thermoscopic temperature sensor to provide water
at safe accurate temperatures for ablutionary or process
requirements. The mixing valve inlets incorporate check
valves and strainers housed within readily accessible
cartridges for easy maintenance.
Hot inlet - left (marked red)
Cold inlet - right (marked blue)
Outlet - Top (can be altered to bottom outlet if required).
Note: Reversed inlets can be corrected by reversing the
position of the Radatherm cartridge within the valve body.
Pressure/Flow Rates
For optimum performance, supply pressures should be
nominally equal.
Minimum Pressure Loss: Inlets to outlet, 0.1 bar.
Product Range
Rada 215-t3 c
Exposed model, for mounting on to
vertical surfaces such as a wall or panel.
Rada 215-t3 bc
Semi-concealed model, for mounting
into wall cavity or through panels.
Minimum Flow Rate: 3 L/min at mid-blend.
Maximum Static Pressure: 10 bar.
Maximum Flow Rate: Recommended at 35 L/min.
Rada 215-t3 oem Concealed model, duct/box installation.
Rada 215-t3 zc
Exposed model, for mounting on inlet
pipework, suitable for connection to
offset connectors (to be sourced
Rada 215-t3 dk
Concealed model, for mounting into
duct spaces, cupboards, cabinets, etc.
Rada 215 dk
(less fittings)
Concealed model, for mounting into duct
spaces, cupboards, cabinets, etc.
Recommended Minimum Dynamic Supply Pressure:
0.15 bar.
Maximum Pressure Loss Ratio*: should not exceed 10:1 in
favour of either supply during flow.
Pressure Loss Ratio is determined by subtracting the
resistance to flow of the outlet pipework and outlet fitting from
the dynamic pressures of the hot and cold water at the inlets
of the mixing valve. This is at its extreme when the mixing
valve is being used at its lowest flow rate and when the
maximum inequality occurs in the pressure of the hot and
cold water supplies.
Flow rate/Pressure loss graph
Rada 215-t3 c, 215-t3 zc, 215-t3 bc and 215-t3 oem
Body of chrome plated brass, with chrome plated knob.
Rada 215-t3 dk, 215 dk (less fittings) Body of chrome
plated brass, white plastic cap.
Flow Rate (L/min)
Rada 215-t3 Series (excluding 215-t3 dk) is provided with
adjustable temperature control which allows the user to
select blend water temperature up to a pre-set maximum.
Alternatively, a locking cap (supplied) can be fitted to provide
a locked temperature setting.
Rada 215
Pressure Loss (bar)
Flow Control
Rada 215-t3 c
Inlets and Outlet: ½” BSP male union
or 15mm compression.
Rada 215-t3 bc
Inlets and Outlet: ½” BSP male union or
15 mm compression.
Rada 215-t3 series mixing valves do not have integral flow
control. Separate outlet flow control - such as tap, stopcock,
mechanical timed flow control valve, or solenoid is required.
The product chosen should be non-concussive in operation.
Rada 215-t3 oem Inlets and Outlet: ½” flat-faced male
The maximum temperature which can be selected is set at
approximately 43°C when despatched, but this can be re-set
on site as required.
Rada 215-t3 zc
Minimum temperature differential, blend to either supply is
Inlets: ¾” BSP female captive nuts to
accept offset connectors (to be sourced
locally), to allow for variable pipework
centres (typically 128-178mm).
Outlet: ½” BSP male union or 15mm
Inlets and Outlet: ½” flat-faced male
union. 2 elbow and one straight union
connector are supplied, terminating in
15mm compression connections.
Rada 215 dk
Inlets and Outlets: ½” flat faced male
Minimum cold water temperature: 1°C.
Maximum hot water temperature: 85°C.
Note: The mixing valve can accept temporary temperature
excursions above 85°C without damage, however operation
of the mixing valve at such elevated supply temperatures is
not recommended. For reasons of general safety, hot water
storage temperatures should ideally be maintained at
between 60-65°C where serving ablutionary applications.
Rada 215
Rada 215-t3 dk
Optimum thermostatic control range: 30-50°C.
The full specification performance outlined below for the
standard product is achieved with a blend set between 3545°C, supplies of 15°C cold and 65°C hot with nominally
balanced pressures.
1. The blended water temperature is maintained within 1°C
with a 10°C change in the hot or cold water supply.
2. The blended water temperature is maintained within 1°C
when the differential pressure between inlet and the outlet
drops by up to 50% on either the hot or the cold side (2:1
3. The ‘thermoscopic’ sensor effects a shut-down to seepege
within 2 seconds if either supply fails, providing the blend
temperature differs from the inlet supply temperatures by
at least 12°C.
4. The valve will maintain control with a pressure loss ratio of
up to 10:1.
5. Within the 30-50°C working range of the thermostat and
with a 50°C difference between supplies an adjustment of
11 angular degrees of the temperature control knob is
required to produce a 1°C change in blend temperature
when the supply pressures are maintained equal.
Maintenance, Repairs and Replacements
Refer to separate Product Manuals for detailed instruction.
For further information on replacement parts and services:
Tel: +44 1242 282527
Fax: +44 1242 282404
Technical Services
• Backed with expert Rada after sales support.
• Technical advice on all aspects of pre and
• On-site surveys and technical support.
• Unrivalled experience and expertise in providing for the
commercial washroom.
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