Operating Instructions
Helpful Hints
5. Plug in the urn.
1. Do not use soft water. Soft water may cause the coffee
basket to flood.
2. Use regular electric perk grind coffee or coffee ground for
all coffee makers for best results.
3. Do not use drip or finely ground coffee as it may cause
the coffee basket to flood.
a. When grinding beans, grind to medium
coarseness for best results.
b. Do not grind beans into a fine, powder-like
texture, since this may cause the coffee basket
to flood.
4. Remove coffee basket and grounds as soon as brewing is
a. To brew coffee, place the percolater tube and
filter basket in the tank and pour the desired
amount of coffee grounds into the basket.
b. Make sure that the percolator tube is fitted
properly inside the coffee urn before
6. The percolator filter and basket are not required for
boiling water.
7. Switch ON.
a. The "HEATING" light will turn on to indicate
the boiling process has begun.
8. Tilt faucet lever to dispense.
5. This also helps maintain coffee flavor.
6. The urn's lid can be used as a carrying tray when
disposing of wet coffee grounds.
7. Before brewing a second time, allow urn to cool and rinse
it out.
How to Use
1. Place on a flat, level surface.
2. Turn the lid counter-clockwise to open.
3. Pour in water. Make sure the water is above the “MIN”
indicator and below the “MAX” indicator.
4. Place lid on top of urn and turn clockwise to lock into
Any damages made to the machine due to misuse, you the customer will
be responsible to pay for the cost to replace the damaged machine.
Boil Dry Protection & Manual
Reset Button
Boil dry accidents are the result of boiling all the water out
of an urn. These kinds of accidents
Coffee Urn Parts
Lifting Handle
Stainless Steel Ltd
shorten component and product life in all water boiling
To prevent boil dry accidents, this appliance is equipped
with a thermal limiter with a manual reset fun on (see
below picture). If the water in the tank is completely boiled
away, the appliance will turn itself off (though the pilot
light will remain on).
To decrease the chance of boil dry accidents,
operators are advised to turn the appliance off
when not in use, especially overnight.
Cool Touch Lifting Handles
Water Gauge
On/Off Switch
Plastic Bottom
This appliance must be unplugged before it can
be reset.
After unplugging, allow the appliance to cool down. Open
the plastic bottom of the coffee urn and locate the reset
switch in the control section. Press this button, place the
plastic bottom back on the urn, plug in the appliance and
switch the urn on.
Heating Light
Keep Warm Light
Coffee Measuring Guide
3/4 Cup
If the pilot light is on, the unit has recovered to normal
working condition. If the light is still off, unplug the
appliance and repeat the process. Repeat this operation
until the urn returns to normal working condition.
1 1/2 Cups
2 Cups
2 1/2 Cups
The manual reset is intended to protect the user and the
coffee urn. In case of repeat incidents, the metal layering in
the urn may damage due to boiling dry, which may also
damage the thermal limiter and heating element beyond
3 1/4 Cups
3 3/4 Cups
5 1/2 Cups
6 1/4 Cups
Any damages made to the machine due to misuse, you the customer will
be responsible to pay for the cost to replace the damaged machine.