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Specialist equipment to separate solids from liquids worldwide
The MC80 mud cleaner is a compact, high performance mud cleaner suitable for trailer mounting or use on the ground
or on top of a tank. The unit includes a double deck shaker mounted on a hollow section steel frame with underflow
tank, mud feed chute, clean mud compartment, Svedala 100x75 centrifugal hydrocyclone feed pump with 22kW motor,
4 No. 5" hydrocyclones, interconnecting pipework, fold-up front access platform, 3 phase compressor, electrical
controls and is supplied with 15m of wire armoured power cable. The MC80 can process up to 80m 3/hr of low viscosity
mud and can separate up to 20 tonnes/hr of suitably sized solids. Throughput mud capacities and solids separation
quantities are reduced when finer screens are fitted.
The shaker used on the MC80 is a Rigtech VSM 300,
high performance, linear motion, double motor shaker. It
has a top deck that uses 3 No. screen panels for the
removal of clay balls, lumps of soil, grass, roots, timber,
gravels, coarse sands and other large particles. The
lower deck uses 4 No. pre-tensioned stainless steel, fine
mesh screen panels with pneumatic screen clamping.
The time required to change a set of lower deck screens
with this clamping system is usually just a few minutes.
After screening by the top deck of the shaker the fluid
passes to the Svedala pump which pumps it to the
hydrocyclones. The underflow from these hydrocyclones
flows to the bottom deck of the shaker for dewatering.
Meanwhile the overflow from the hydrocyclones passes to
a storage compartment for removal and reuse by the
client. The unit is equipped with its own 3 phase
compressor which is used for the inflation of the screen
clamping bladders.
The MC80 is ideal for cleaning muds in applications such
as small diameter directional drilling and micro-tunnelling.
The facility to change screens very quickly is of great benefit for the use of the appropriate mesh screen allows the
operator to obtain optimum performance from the machine in widely differing ground conditions.
Running current:
380 to 415V, 50Hz, 3 phase and earth.
Full load current:
46A per phase.
Starting current:
Hydrocyclone feed pump:
Svedala 100x75 centrifugal pump fitted with a 22kW motor.
Power cable:
The unit is supplied with a 15m wire armoured power cable.
Overall size:
For transport:
2760x1880x2431mm high.
For use:
3380x1880x2653mm high.
For transport:
4.3 tonnes.
Process capacity: Up to 80m3/hr with low viscosity fluids.
Solids removal rate: Up to 24 tonnes/hr of suitably sized solids.
Mud feed:
Towards the rear of the machine by means of a 6" inlet.
Solids discharge: From upper & lower decks at the front of the machine onto ground or into skip of client's supply.
Fluids discharge: From the clean mud compartment by means of a 6" outlet.
Noise emissions:
70dB at 5m.
Specification subject to change without notice. E&OE.
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