ProAccurate® Waterproof Thermometer

Model: DTW450
Waterproof Thermometer
-40 to +450°F/-40 to +230°C
For thin cuts of meat,
fish or poultry
•NSF® Certified
•1.5 mm thin tip
•Field calibration
•6 second response
•Max/min mode
•Waterproof (IPX7)
•Safe for commercial dishwashers
•BioCote® antimicrobial technology
•4.5"/11.4 cm stem
•Optional magnet mount included
Note: In the following instructions, names of the control
buttons are shown in CAPS. Function information that appears
on the display is shown in BOLD CAPS.
Battery Installation
The battery is installed. Replace battery when LCD
becomes dim.
1. Remove battery cover on the back with a small Phillips
2. Install one LR44 battery with positive (+) side up.
3. Replace the battery cover.
Operating Instructions
A.Temperature Measurement
1. Press the POWER button to turn the DTW450 on.
2. After use, press the POWER button to turn the
DTW450 off and conserve battery life.
B.Temperature Scale
Press the °C/°F button to select temperature reading
in Fahrenheit or Celsius.
Before withdrawing the DTW450 from the food, press
the HOLD button. This will “hold” the reading until
pressed again. H appears in the upper right corner of the display.
Note: Remove sticker from display before use.
D.Max/Min Mode
Max/Min Mode is always working behind the
scenes, continually storing the highest and lowest
1. Before using Max/Min Mode clear the stored
MAX/MIN values.
2. Press the MAX/MIN button to display the highest
temperature. MAX appears on the display.
3. Press the MAX/MIN button twice to display the
lowest temperature. MIN appears on the display.
4. The display automatically returns to the
temperature mode after a few seconds.
5. Press the CLEAR button to clear the stored MAX/MIN value.
1. Place the stem into a mixture of 3 parts ice and 1 part water.
2. Press the CAL button for 2 seconds. The display
will be blank for 2 seconds. Release the CAL button
and 32.0°F/0°C appears.
Note: To avoid accidental recalibration, this function only works when
the water temperature is 30 to 34°F/-1 to +1°C. Err will appear for 2 seconds if the water is not within this range and then return to the
temperature display mode.
CE Note: This device could be sensitive to electrostatic
discharge. If electrostatic discharge or malfunctioning occurs,
please re-install the battery to reset this unit.
F. Optional Magnet Mount
1. Mount optional magnet below battery cover on
back of case.
Note: Clean the thermometer stem before each use.
Note for Induction Cooktops: Sometimes, the induction
cooktop magnetic field may interfere with digital thermometers.
If there is interference, briefly turn off the induction cooktop to
get a digital thermometer reading or use a dial thermometer.
Tip: Meat should be allowed to “rest” for 10 to 15 minutes after
it is removed from oven. This allows time for the meat’s internal
temperature to stabilize and the juices to redistribute. This will
result in a roast that is both juicier and easier to carve.
*Beef, Veal, Lamb – well . . . . . 160°F . . .71°C
*Beef, Veal, Lamb – medium . 145°F . . 63°C
*Beef, Veal, Lamb – rare . . . . 140°F . . 60°C
Poultry . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 165°F . . .74°C
*Pork/Ham – pre-cooked . . . . 145°F . . 63°C
Ground Meat . . . . . . . . . . . . . 160°F . . .71°C
Antimicrobial properties are built-in
to inhibit the growth of bacteria that
may affect this product. According
to EPA guidelines we cannot claim
that the antimicrobial properties in
this product protect users or others
against bacteria, viruses, germs,
or other disease organisms. This
product does not protect users or
others against food-borne bacteria. Always clean and wash this
product thoroughly before and after each use.
The information in this document has been reviewed and is
believed to be accurate. However, neither the manufacturer nor
its affiliates assume any responsibility for inaccuracies, errors
or omissions that may be contained herein. In no event will
the manufacturer or its affiliates be liable for direct, indirect,
special, incidental or consequential damages arisen by using
this product or resulting from any defect/omission in this
document, even if advised of the possibility of such damages.
The manufacturer and its affiliates reserve the right to
make improvements or changes to this document and the
products and services described at any time, without notice
or obligation.
* 3 minutes rest time
5-Year Limited Warranty: Any instrument that
proves to be defective in material or workmanship
within five years of original purchase will be repaired
or replaced without charge upon receipt of the
unit prepaid at: CDN, PO Box 10947, Portland, OR
97296-0947. This warranty does not cover damage
in shipment or failure caused by tampering, obvious
carelessness or abuse.
*USDA does not endorse any product, service or organization.
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