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Order ref: BUSKER-10 (178.864UK)
User Manual
Caution: Please read this manual carefully before operating
Damage caused by misuse is not covered by the warranty
Thank you for choosing a Busker-10 portable PA unit. This versatile portable PA unit is packed
with features in a compact, manageable enclosure and is suitable for a wide array of
applications ranging from public address for presentations to outdoor karaoke.
Package Contents
Please check the contents to ensure that the product has been received in good condition.
If you find any accessory is missing or the product has arrived with any problems, please
contact your retailer at once.
Busker-10 portable PA unit
VHF handheld microphone
IEC power lead(s)
This product contains no user-serviceable parts so make no attempt to try to fix or modify this
item yourself as this will invalidate the warranty. We recommend you keep the original
package and proof of purchase for any possible replacement or returned demand.
To prevent the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose this appliance to rain or moisture.
To prevent electric shock do not remove the cover. No user serviceable parts inside. Refer
servicing to qualified service personnel.
Prior to connecting mains, check the supply voltage is correct and the IEC mains lead is OK.
Avoid ingress of water or particles into the enclosure.
If the internal IEC fuse blows, refer the unit to qualified service personnel
If the VHF microphone is to be unused for a long period of time, remove the batteries.
Keep the unit out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources.
Place the unit in an upright position during use and storage.
Keep the unit away from moisture or dusty environments.
Use a soft cloth with a neutral detergent to clean the cabinet, panel and controls.
To avoid damage, do not use solvents to clean this equipment.
Busker-10 User Manual
Front Panel
VHF microphone indicator
VHF MIC volume
USB port
LED display
SD/MMC card slot
USB/SD/FM/Bluetooth volume
Media player Mode select
Playback Repeat mode select
USB/SD memory device select
Previous track (hold seek reverse)
Next track (hold seek forward)
Rear Panel
Line output L+R RCA
AUX/Line input volume
Treble EQ control
Bass EQ control
Wired mics volume
Echo level
Guitar input volume
Battery charging & level LEDs
D.C. power input terminals
VHF microphone antenna
Line input L+R RCA
Line input stereo 3.5mm jack
Microphone talk-over select
Microphone 1 input jack
Microphone 2 input jack
Guitar input jack
IEC mains inlet & fuse
Power indicator LED
Power on/off switch
Busker-10 User Manual
Powering up
Your new Busker-10 portable PA unit may arrive with you with the internal battery charged.
Before connecting to the mains, turn down all volume controls and switch the unit on (31) and
see if the power LED lights (30). If not, you will need to charge the battery before use away
from mains power.
Connect the Busker-10 unit to the mains using the appropriate IEC power lead supplied (29).
When not in use but connected to the mains, if the POWER switch is in the OFF position, the
internal battery will be re-charged from the mains supply, indicated by a CHARGING LED (20)
which lights when charging.
You may otherwise opt to connect the DC input at the rear (21) to an external 12-15Vdc
supply (e.g car battery) or use the internal battery if charged.
When powered up, BASS and TREBLE controls (16, 15) should remain pointing vertically
(i.e. 12-o-clock position). Turn up the AUX/LINE VOLUME control (14) part way and switch
TALKOVER (25) off.
Your Busker-10 unit should now be ready to operate.
VHF Wireless Microphone
Extend the VHF antenna (22) at the rear of the unit. Insert batteries into the handheld
microphone by carefully unscrewing the base and connecting the “+” and “-” terminals of the
batteries to the corresponding contacts inside the mic body, taking care to observe the correct
polarity. Turn the VHF MIC control (2) up part way for checking.
Switch on the wireless mic and the signal indicator LED (1) on the front of the unit should light
as a result. If the LED on the transmitter lights dimly, change the battery. Gradually increase
the VHF VOL control, testing the microphone for output through the speaker.
Take care not to incur “feedback” (howling or screeching sound through the speaker) by
keeping the microphone a sensible distance from the speaker and pointing away from the
speaker so that it doesn’t hear the speaker output.
Turning the ECHO control (18) clockwise adds an echo function for singing or special effects.
The BASS or TREBLE content can be cut by turning the relevant control anti-clockwise or
boosted by turning it clockwise.
When not in use, switch the wireless microphones off and remove batteries if not being used
for long periods.
Busker-10 User Manual
External Inputs
In addition to the Busker-10’s own VHF microphone, two 6.3mm jack inputs (26, 27) are
provided to connect external wired or wireless microphones, which are both governed by the
WIRED MIC VOLUME control (17). If required, the music level can be automatically muted
when speaking into a microphone by switching in the TALKOVER feature on (25)
A further 6.3mm jack input is provided for an electric or electro-acoustic guitar (28)
Also, twin RCA (23) and 3.5mm stereo jack input (24) are provided for line input sources such
as a CD player or smart phone. These are both independent of the media player.
Adjacent to the twin RCA input is a twin RCA line output carrying the overall main mix (13).
This can be fed on to further active speakers or portable PA units via a twin RCA lead.
Internal media player
Each Busker-10 portable PA unit has an internal media player for digital audio playback from
USB or SD/MMC media, FM tuner or via Bluetooth.
Press ‘Mode’ (7) to select the function you require - USB, SD, FM radio (89-107) or Bluetooth.
 – Use this mode for both USB and SD/MMC cards
FM Radio – (the last chosen frequency will appear)
 – Use this mode for Bluetooth™ selection
Playback from USB Device or SD/MMC Card
Inserting a USB memory device into the USB connector or SD/MMC card into the SD/MMC card
slot will automatically load up and begin playback of mp3 or wma audio tracks stored on the
If playback does not start, press the Play/Pause button (11) or remove the memory device and
check that the stored files are the correct compressed audio format before re-connecting.
PLAY/PAUSE (11) will alternately play or pause the selected track
PREVIOUS TRACK (10) will step backwards through tracks
Holding the PREVIOUS TRACK button will reverse seek through the current track
NEXT TRACK (12) will step forwards through tracks
Holding the NEXT TRACK button will forward seek through the current track
USB/SD (9) will toggle between USB or SD/MMC card media playback
REPEAT (8) will select between repeating
 track or  tracks
Busker-10 User Manual
FM Tuner
In FM tuner mode, the station frequency (in MHz) will be displayed.
For initial setup, press PLAY/PAUSE to begin the auto-tuning process.
The tuner will seek through all frequencies for strong signal reception (i.e. radio stations)
These will be stored into memory as , , , … etc.
Stored stations can then be selected using the PREVIOUS or NEXT buttons
Note: Pressing PLAY/PAUSE during auto-tune will allow manual tuning via PREVIOUS/NEXT
Bluetooth™ Connection
Select ‘’ using the mode button (9). The Bluetooth™ symbol will be flashing if it is NOT
paired with an audio device.
Scan for Bluetooth™ devices on your phone or other Bluetooth enabled audio player and check
for a device called ‘bt-speaker’. Select this device and opt to connect your Bluetooth device,
which should then state that it is connected to “bt-speaker” for audio output.
The Bluetooth™ symbol on the Busker-10 unit should stop flashing to confirm the connection.
Play audio from your Bluetooth™ device and check for output through the Busker-10 unit.
If there is no output, check if there is more than one device within range called “busker-pa”
In the eventuality that more than one device is called “busker-pa”, try each device in turn until
the Busker-10 is found. Check also that the volume level is turned up on the sending device.
Once audio is playing through the Busker-10 from Bluetooth, adjust the MEDIA volume control
(7) to the required volume.
Bluetooth on the Busker-10 can only pair to a single device at any one time and should be
operable over a range of 5 to 8 metres.
Busker-10 User Manual
Power supply
230Vac, 50Hz (IEC) or external 12Vdc
Battery type
12V 7Ah rechargeable sealed lead-acid
Battery life
Up to 6 hours
Recharge time
8 hours
Controls : front panel
VHF mic volume(s), Media volume, Media transport controls
Controls : rear panel
Guitar volume, Echo, Wired mic volume, Bass, Treble, Master
2 wired mic (jack), instrument (jack), aux (RCA & 3.5mm)
Line output
Bluetooth version
Output power
Frequency response
50Hz - 18kHz
SPL @ 1W/1m
Main driver
250mmØ (10“)
Impedance : loudspeaker
4 Ohms
HF driver : type
Compression driver
Wireless mic frequency
525 x 330 x 290mm
Busker-10 User Manual
Check POWER switch is on
No output and no LEDs lit
Check battery is not drained fully
Check mains lead is connected
Check mains or D.C. fuse hasn’t blown
Check 9V batteries in wireless transmitters
Power LED lit but no VHF
Check wireless transmitter is switched on
Check that handheld transmitter is not switched to MUTE
Check VHF VOLUME is not turned down
Check RF LED for radio signal
Music level cutting out
Check TALKOVER is not switched on (will mute on mic. signal)
Power LED lit but no
Check USB/SD/MMC has mp3 or wma audio file format
media player output
Check MEDIA VOLUME is not turned down
No Bluetooth output
Check volume output level on sending device
Check sending device is connected to the receiver correctly
No sound from external
Check leads are OK and connected properly
Check MASTER, GUITAR or MIC VOL controls are turned up
Disposal: The “Crossed Wheelie Bin” symbol on the product means that the product is classed as Electrical or
Electronic equipment and should not be disposed with other household or commercial waste at the end of its useful life.
The goods must be disposed of according to your local council guidelines.
Errors and omissions excepted.
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Busker-10 User Manual
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