S738/17 Philips shave, style &

Philips Click & Style
shave, style & groom
3-in-1 tool
40 min cordless use/1h charge
ComfortCut Blade System
One tool, any look
Get a smooth face, perfect stubble and a groomed body really easily with this 3-in-1 tool.
It has three separate attachments: for shaving, trimming and grooming. Just choose the
one you want, click it onto the handle and get going.
Easy to use
• SmartClick system for easy click-on/off attachments
• Choose between 3 click-on/off attachments to get your look
• The handle and bodygroom attachment are water resistant
• 40 minutes battery use after 1-hour charge
• Indicates when battery is low, charging or full
• Safely store the product and all its accessories
Smooth face
• For extra skin protection, use with shaving cream
• A close and safe shave
Perfect stubble
• Trim & style your beard with ease and precision
• Try different lengths to find the trim that suits you best
Groomed body
• Easy and safe body hair trimming and shaving
Shave, style & groom
3-in-1 tool 40 min cordless use/1h charge, ComfortCut Blade System
SmartClick System
Smooth face
Groomed body
The SmartClick attachment system makes it
easy to turn your Click&Style into a shaver,
beard trimmer or bodygroom. Just click the
attachment you need onto the handle to
complete your style.
The dual rotary shaving attachment is designed
for a close and clean shave with no nicks and
cuts. The shaving heads move in 3 directions to
easily follow your face's curves.
Rounded combs and patented pearl tips
prevent skin irritation for reliably smooth
grooming all over your body.
Water resistant
Perfect stubble
Click-on/click-off attachments
Just click the attachment you need onto the
handle to turn it into a shaver, beard trimmer
or bodygroom. Click it off again when you’ve
finished. For a smooth face, choose the shaver,
For perfect stubble, reach for the trimmer.
Want a sleek body? Time for the bodygroom.
One tool, any look.
Create anything from perfect stubble to a
neatly trimmed beard or mustache. Get
creative and then just rinse under the tap to
Comfortably trim and shave all your body hair,
under the shower if you prefer.
5 different length settings
Smooth shave
Choose from 5 length settings: 1mm for
perfect 3-day stubble to 5mm for a short
Shave wet with shaving cream for extra skin
protection, or dry for convenience.
Philips Green Logo
Philips Green Products can reduce costs,
energy consumption and CO2 emissions.
How? They offer a significant
environmental improvement in one or
more of the Philips Green Focal Areas –
Energy efficiency, Packaging, Hazardous
substances, Weight, Recycling and
disposal and Lifetime reliability.
Shave, style & groom
3-in-1 tool 40 min cordless use/1h charge, ComfortCut Blade System
Shaving Performance
• Shaving system: ComfortCut Blade System
SmartClick: Beard styler, Bodygroom foil head
Maintenance: Protective cap
Pouch: Travel pouch
Usage: 3 bodygroom combs
Ease of use
• Handle: Anti-slip grip, Easy grip
• Automatic voltage: 100-240 V
• Battery Type: NiMH
• Charging: 1 hour full charge, Quick charge for 1
• Run time: Up to 40 minutes
• Display: Battery light
• Cleaning: Fully washable
• Operation: Cordless use
2-year guarantee
Replacement head: Replace every 2 yrs with SH30
Styling trimmer: Replace every 2 yrs with YS511
Bodygroom foil: Replace every year with TT2000
Issue date 2015-09-24
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