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Our products are engineered to meet the highest
standards of quality, functionality and design.
We hope you thoroughly enjoy your new Braun
Please read the use instructions carefully and
completely before using the appliance.
• This appliance is not intended for use by children
or persons with reduced physical or mental
capabilities, unless they are given supervision
by a person responsible for their safety.
In general, we recommend that you keep the
appliance out of reach of children. Children
should be supervised to ensure that they do not
play with the appliance.
• Before plugging into a socket, check that your
voltage corresponds with the voltage printed on
the bottom of the appliance.
• Never place the thermal carafe on a hotplate or
other heated surfaces, as this would damage
the carafe base.
• Caution: During and after operation, the
metal surfaces will get hot. Avoid touching hot
surfaces, especially the carafe base, to prevent
burns or scalds. Always use the handle to carry
the carafe and keep it upright.
• Do not use the thermal carafe in a microwave.
• Never submerge the thermal carafe in water,
nor clean it in a dishwasher.
• Before you start preparing a new carafe of
coffee, always allow the coffeemaker to cool
down for approximately five minutes (switch off
the appliance), otherwise steam can develop
when filling the water tank with cold water.
• Braun electric appliances meet applicable
safety standards. Repairs on electric appliances
(including cord replacement) must only be
carried out by authorized Braun service
centers. Faulty, unqualified repair work may
cause accidents or injury to the user.
• This appliance was constructed to process
normal household quantities.
• Always use cold water to make coffee.
Maximum cups
10 cups (125 ml each)
Cord/cord storage
Space compensator
Water level indicator
Water tank
Water filter cartridge
Water filter exchange dial
Filter basket release button
Filter basket with drip stop
Carafe stand
J On/off switch
K Thermal carafe
L Permanent filter
I Setting into operation
By means of the cord storage facility (A), you can
adjust the cord length by pulling it out of or pushing
it in.
Water filter
This product includes an exclusive Brita® water
filter especially designed for Braun coffeemakers.
The water filter improves coffee flavor by significantly
reducing chlorine and also prevents calcification
(scale) buildup. Provided that the cartridge is
replaced regularly (every two months), it not only
brews better tasting coffee, but can also extend the
life of your coffeemaker by preventing calcification
buildup. Braun water filter cartridges are available
at your local retailer or Braun service centres.
Installing the water filter cartridge
1. Unpack the water filter cartridge (E) and follow
the instructions given on the pack.
2. Remove the space compensator (B) from the
water tank.
3. Insert the water filter cartridge (E). (Be certain
to keep the space compensator as it must be
installed in the water tank whenever the water
filter cartridge is removed.)
4. The water filter should be exchanged every two
months. To remind you, set the water filter
exchange dial (F) so that the current month is
shown in the left space (start month). The month
you should replace the water filter will then be
shown in the right space (end month).
Before using the coffeemaker for the first time, after
a long period of not using it, or after installing a new
water filter cartridge, run the coffeemaker through
one brewing cycle using a maximum of 8 cups of
cold, fresh water without any ground coffee.
Thermal carafe
The thermal carafe (K) is made of high-quality, double
walled, vacuum stainless steel. Your coffee will be
kept warm even longer if you pre-warm the thermal
carafe by rinsing with hot water before brewing.
• To remove the lid, turn the grip anti-clockwise (a)
and take it off.
• To close it again, place it on the carafe with the
grip located at the right of the carafe handle (b)
and turn it clockwise until it locks into place.
• During brewing, the coffee runs through a special
opening of the closed lid.
• If you want to serve coffee after brewing is finished,
press the raised end of the silver lid grip (c) and
keep it pressed as long as you are pouring out.
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II Making coffee
Fill the tank with cold, fresh water (d), press the
filter basket release button (G) to open the filter
basket (H), insert a 1x4 or No. 4 paper filter or use
the permanent filter (L), put in ground coffee and
close the filter basket. Place the carafe on the
carafe stand (I) and switch on the coffeemaker (J).
For more convenience, when filling with or disposing
of ground coffee, the filter basket can be easily
taken off its hinge (e). The drip stop feature prevents
dripping when the carafe is removed to pour a cup
before brewing is finished. Carafe should be immediately returned to its stand to prevent the filter
basket from overflowing.
Brewing time per cup: approximately one minute.
Auto-off: For your convenience and also additional
safety, the appliance will switch off automatically
15 minutes after switching on.
If brewing takes longer and your coffeemaker automatically switches off, although there is still water in
the water tank, it has to be decalcified (see IV).
III Cleaning
• If you are using vinegar, please proceed as
follows: Fill the tank to the 6 cup level with vinegar.
Do not mix the vinegar with water or any other
liquid. Turn on the coffeemaker and allow half of
the vinegar to flow through. Switch off the appliance and leave for 10 minutes. Switch it on again
and allow the rest of the vinegar to flow through.
Repeat either procedure as many times as necessary
in order to reduce the brewing time per cup to a
normal level.
Allow a maximum of 8 cups of fresh cold water to
run through at least twice to clean the coffeemaker
after decalcification.
Best practices for best results
This coffeemaker is designed to deliver maximum
coffee aroma. Therefore, Braun recommends:
• Use only fresh ground coffee.
• Store ground coffee in a cool, dry and dark place
(e.g. closed shelf or refrigerator) in an airtight
• Use only Braun water filters and exchange every
two months with regular use.
• Clean and decalcify the coffeemaker regularly as
described in parts III and IV.
Always unplug the appliance before cleaning.
Never clean the appliance under running water,
nor immerse it in water.
Subject to change without notice
Clean the metal surfaces of the thermal carafe and
filter basket with a damp cloth only (f). You may use
small amounts of dishwashing liquid. Do not use
steel wool pads or any abrasive cleaners. Never use
any solvents such as alcohol and benzene.
Please do not dispose of the product in the
household waste at the end of its useful life.
Disposal can take place at Braun Service
Centre or at appropriate collection points
provided in your country.
Do not clean the thermal carafe in a dishwasher.
Use a soft brush, hot water and small amounts of
dishwashing liquid to clean the carafe inside. After
cleaning, rinse it with hot water.
All other parts are dishwasher safe.
IV Decalcifying
If you have hard water and you use your coffeemaker without a water filter, it has to be decalcified
regularly. When using the water filter cartridge and
exchanging it regularly, you ordinarily will not need
to decalcify. However, if your coffeemaker takes
longer than usual to brew it should be decalcified.
Important: Replace water filter with the space
compensator during any decalcification procedure.
De’Longhi Braun Household GmbH
Carl-Ulrich-Straße 4
63263 Neu-Isenburg/Germany
You can either use a commercially available decalcifying agent which does not affect aluminum or
white household vinegar (4 - 5 % acid).
• If you are using decalcifying agent, follow the
manufacturer’s instructions.
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