M100, inspired by to the future, respectful of the present. - i

Design celebrates
Elegance, reliability, energy saving and high performance: the finest
tradition of Italian espresso coffee evolves in the eye-catching shapes
of the M100, the new professional machine for the bar, born to
celebrate the first hundred years of Gruppo Cimbali success,
while keeping an eye to the future. Its groups, of curved and rounded
shape, recall those coffee machines characterized by hydraulic
groups, while its simple design, aimed at the maximum ease of use
combined with the highest performance in terms of the quality in the
cup, expresses an approach attentive to the needs and tastes of the
contemporary barista.
The new M100
Cimbali is a tribute
to the great Italian
espresso tradition:
and design serving
the taste.
GT and HD. Double version,
single objective: excellence.
M100 is available in two versions: GT and HD,
the cutting edge of the technology signed
Cimbali, the legendary brand that creates the
pleasure and culture of Italian espresso around
the world.
The new Cimbali
flagship is a
technological jewel,
which expertly
combines cutting-edge
performance with
a charming design.
The machine is available in three different
finishing: steel and polished aluminum; steel
and matt black, inspired by the automotive
style, and the more contemporary steel and
glossy white.
M100 GT version.
The GT technology combines flexibility and thermal
stability with the well known reliability of Cimbali
products. The M100 GT patented thermal system
is made of a boiler equipped with two heat exchangers,
which work in series, and independent stabilization
chambers for each delivery group. This ensures excellent
thermal stability and flexibility, as it allows to easily adjust
in a few seconds the temperature of each group.
M100 HD version.
Water temperature and extraction pressure:
these are the key variables of a perfect espresso.
To control them simultaneously, Cimbali patented the HD
(High Definition) technology which allows you to run and
guide the extraction process in a simple and intuitive way.
Not only does M100 HD provide maximum flexibility
in adjusting the delivery temperature, but it also gives
the barista a further plus: the electronic modulation
of water pressure through the setting of the ideal profile,
depending on the used coffee blend, thus drawing
the most appropriate pressure curve to enhance the
organoleptic characteristics
With the new
Cimbali M100 the
Italian espresso
tradition reaches the
top of taste, quality
and service.
M100GT and M100HD.
Success companions.
Simply under your control.
A fully evolved espresso coffee
machine turns the complexity
into simple and immediate
actions for the barista. M100 will
surprise any barista with the
extreme simplicity of its touchscreen commands, with its wide
work area lit by LEDs and its
inclined ergonomic and soft-touch
filter-holder handle. Details and
solutions that add quality, peace
of mind and pleasure to the
barista’s everyday work,
all pluses which only Cimbali
considers standard equipment
for its machines.
M100 will be a tireless work companion, it will be solid and rational in the
consumption management. The machine that every professional barista
would like to have during his long work days in order to offer customers
coffee and creamy cappuccinos and to work with greater satisfaction and
Further to delivering steam mixed
with air like the traditional
Turbosteam (patented), the
Turbosteam Milk4 is provided
with a nozzle characterised by
holes in its lower part to allow
frothing or heating even small
quantities of milk.
The nozzle is made of a special
food-grade material and can be
easily disassembled and replaced
by the barista himself for
simplified maintenance without
the technician intervention.
The benefits
Four programmable selections to
obtain four different milk recipes:
1. Hot non-frothed milk
2. Minimum milk cream
3. Standard milk cream
4. Maximum milk cream
Temperature and emulsion
level are established during the
programming phase and can be
modified directly by the barista
according to requirements.
The M100 is equipped
with a new system for
managing the hot water
temperatures for tea and
infusions. It is possible
to set both the temperature
and the quantity of
delivered water for each
selection by means of the
software, without need to
access the inside of the
machine. The system
includes three different
temperatures and programmable doses in order
to offer a wide selection.
M100, inspired by to the future,
respectful of the present.
Energy Saving
M100 is equipped with the most contemporary
Energy Saving solutions and it is produced with
recyclable materials.
The Energy Saving Mode reduces the boiler pressure
when the machine is idle for a significant period
of time: this function can be manually enabled by
the barista by using the touch screen.
To reactivate it, the barista only needs to press any
key, and in just 60-90 seconds the machine will be
ready for use again.
Thanks to the Energy Saving Notturna mode, the
machine does not fully switch itself off. The resistor
remains active to keep the pressure in the boiler at
a value of 0.2 bars.
Also in this case, it is possible to go back to the
machine working mode in 1-2 minutes (this value
varies depending on the set pressure to be reached).
Green machine
M100 has been designed with functional
and ethical virtuosity in mind.
It is fitted with the most advanced
Energy Saving functions and it is produced
with recyclable materials.
Its technological solutions allow
a daily energy saving up to 21%*
compared to an equivalent machine.
*According to DIN 18873-2 parameters
Smart Boiler
M100 is equipped with the
patented Smart Boiler technology,
which optimises the replenishment
of water in the boiler and ensures
the thermal balance, thus
increasing hot water and steam
performance and reducing
energy consumption.
Thermal improvement
The M100 boiler is insulated
with a jacket made of a special
material with a very efficient
thermal properties to reduce
heat loss.
This results in lower energy
usage and subsequently lower
wear of the boiler, resistors
and other components.
Ruveco Teck
The M100 components which come into contact
with water and steam have been subjected to
the Ruveco Teck treatment, a production process
that drastically reduces the release of metals
in the delivered drinks.
This patent has obtained the NSF certification.
The USB port allows connection to
the most advanced technologies and
it also makes it possible to update
the machine software, download
configuration data and update
recipes via a USB key.
By combining the M100 GT with
an on-demand Cimbali grinderdoser featuring the wireless
technology, the perfect coffee
grinding is guaranteed.
The Bluetooth technology enables
the grinder-doser to constantly
communicate with M100 GT and
ensures the perfect extraction by
automatically adjusting the grind
in terms of dose and granulomatry
without the intervention of
an operatorer. This guarantees
a perfect espresso coffee.
Tall cup version
Technical Data
Dimensions: L x D x H (mm/inch)
817 x 559 x 570
33,1 x 22,0 x 22,4
1017 x 559 x 570
40,0 x 22 x 22,4
1217 x 559 x 570
47,9 x 22 x 22,4
95 kg
109 kg
129 kg
6000 - 7000
6700 - 8000
7400 - 9000
Weight (kg)
Installed power at
Hot water&steam boiler capacity (litres)
Coffee boiler capacity (litres)
0,4 x 2
0,4 x 3
0,4 x 4
Available finishes: polished aluminum, matt black, glossy white
Configuration: 2 steam wands or 1 Turbosteam Milk4 wand + 1 steam wand tall cup version
L1: 568 mm
L: 817 mm
L1: 768 mm
L: 1017 mm
L1: 768 mm
L: 1217 mm
Pubblicimbali ENG: 03.435
Design by Valerio Cometti+V12 Design
Gruppo Cimbali
Via Manzoni, 17 - 20082
Binasco (MI) Italy
T +39 02.900491
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