Entry-level star screening - the new Multistar S3 from Komptech
Frohnleiten, Austria. Komptech is an Austrian-German specialist builder of machines for waste and
biomass processing. With its new Multistar S3, it offers an entry-level machine for professional star
screening with the same performance features as its big brothers.
The Multistar S3 is a perfect fit for the requirements of the lower and medium volume range. It combines low
cost with a level of performance previously only available in the high-capacity L and XL classes.
The perfect starter
A hopper capacity up to 3.5 cubic metres provides for continuous operation, while the 2.1 square metre
coarse screen and 3.9 square metre fine screen efficiently separate the material. The discharge conveyor
height ensures enough buffer capacity for smooth front loader working. And the loader might have its hands
full - the S3 can reach a throughput of up to 100 cubic metres per hour.
Hook lift mobility
Built on a crane lift module, the machine has small dimensions while still offering the requisite mobility for
service providers or multi-site use. Like in the higher capacity categories, the applications range from
compost to green cuttings to bark, chips and preshredded waste wood. Similarly, almost all the options of
the larger machines are available - wind-sifting of the medium fraction, screen deck variations, switch from
three to two fractions, hopper extensions and much more.
New cladding
Sheet metal panels with large access doors protect the drive components. Elsewhere, tough truck-grade
tarp material protects components from dirt while saving weight and giving the machine a distinctive
appearance. Rolling up the tarp sidewalls gives free access to all other components.
Experience makes the difference
Naturally the S3 has the proven structure and high-quality components of the Multistar series. The coarse
before fine principle delivers high screening quality, permits shorter screens and also protects the fine
screen from large contraries. The S3 has Komptech’s patented CLEANSTAR®, a simple and effective selfcleaning system for the screening decks. This keeps throughput and separation performance high despite
variations in the input material. As on Komptech’s other star screens, setting the desired particle size is
straightforward and done from the control panel. All components are electrically powered, from grid power
or with the on-board diesel generator. That means top efficiency with low emissions. The new Multistar S3
naturally meets Komptech’s rigorous green efficiency® criteria.
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