Floor-Standing Split Type
Thank you very much for purchasing our air conditioner,
Before using your air conditioner , please read this manual carefully and keep it for future reference.
Product Overview
Indoor unit
Air outlet
Drain pipe
Operation panel
Horizontal airflow control louver
Vertical airflow control louver
Front panel (upper and lower)
Outdoor unit
Connection cable
Connection pipe
Cut-off valve
Air outlet
Fan hood
Air inlet
All the pictures in this manual are for explanation purpose only.
They may be slightly different from the air conditioner you purchased(depend on model). The actual shape shall prevail.
This manual does not include Remote Controller Operations, see the <<Remote Controller Instruction>> packed with the unit
for details.
SOCIABLE REMARK..................................................................................1
SAFETY PRECAUTIONS............................................................................1
OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS......................................................................4
To prevent injury to the user or other people and property damage,
the following instructions must be followed. Incorrect operation due
to ignoring of instructions may cause harm or damage. The
seriousness is classified by the following indications.
CARE AND MAINTENANCE........................................................................6
TROUBLESHOOTING TIPS.........................................................................7
Contact an authorised service technician for repair or maintenance of this unit.
Contact the installer for installation of this unit.
If the power cord is to be replaced, replacement work shall be
performed by authorised personnel only.
Installation work must be performed in accordance with the
national wiring standards by authorised personnel only.
This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years and
above and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental
capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have
been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the
appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards involved.
Children shall not play with the appliance.Cleaning and user
maintenance shall not be made by children without supervision.
This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including
children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities,
or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been
given supervision or instruction concerning use of the
appliance by a person responsible for their safety.
Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play
with the appliance.
If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the
manufacturer, its service agent or similarly qualified persons in
order to avoid a hazard.
Do not operate your air conditioner in a wet room such as a
bathroom or laundry room.
The follow contents apply only the countries of Europe.
DISPOSAL: Do not dispose this product as unsorted municipal
waste. Collection of such waste separately for special treatment is
It is prohibited to dispose of this appliance in domestic
household waste.For disposal, there are several possibilities:
A) The municipality has established collection systems, where
electronic waste can be disposed of at least free of charge to the
B) When buying a new product, the retailer will take back the old
product at least free of charge.
C) The manufacture will take back the old appliance for disposal at
least free of charge to the user.
D) As old products contain valuable resources, they can be sold to
scrap metal dealers.
Wild disposal of waste in forests and landscapes endangers
your health when hazardous substances leak into the
ground-water and find their way into the food chain.
This symbol indicates the possibility of death or serious
This symbol indicates the possibility of injury or damage
to property.
Meanings of symbols used in this manual are as shown below.
Never do this.
Always do this.
Connect with the power properly.
Otherwise, it may cause electric shock or fire due to
excess heat generation.
Do not operate or stop the unit by
switching on or off the power.
It may cause electric shock or fire due to heat
Do not damage or use an unspecified
power cord.
It may cause electric shock or fire.
Do not modify power cord length or
share the outlet with other appliances.
It may cause electric shock or fire due to heat
Do not operate with wet hands or in
damp environment.
It may cause electric shock.
Do not direct airflow at room occupants only.
This could damage your health.
owner's manual
Always ensure effective earthing.
No earthing may cause electric shock.
Do not allow water to run into electric
It may cause failure of machine or electric shock.
Always install circuit breaker and a
dedicated power circuit.
No installation may cause fire and electric shock.
Disconnect the power if strange
sounds, smell, or smoke comes from
It may cause fire and electric shock.
Do not disassemble or modify unit.
It may cause failure and electric shock.
When the air filter is to be removed, do
not touch the metal parts of the unit.
It may cause an injury.
Do not clean the air conditioner with
Water may enter the unit and degrade the insulation. It
may cause an electric shock.
Ventilate the room well when used
together with a stove, etc.
An oxygen shortage may occur.
Do not drink water drained from air
It contains contaminants and could make you sick.
When the unit is to be cleaned, switch
off, and turn off the circuit breaker.
Do not clean unit when power is on as it may cause fire
and electric shock, it may cause an injury.
Do not open the unit during operation.
It may cause electric shock.
Do not put a pet or house plant where
it will be exposed to direct air flow.
This could injure the pet or plant.
Use the correctly rated breaker or fuse.
There is risk of fire or electric shock.
Do not use the power cord close to
heating appliances.
It may cause fire and electric shock.
Do not use the power cord near
flammable gas or combustibles, such
as gasoline, benzene, thinner, etc.
It may cause an explosion or fire.
Ventilate room before operating air
conditioner if there is a gas leakage
from another appliance.
It may cause explosion, fire and, burns.
owner's manual
Do not use for special purposes.
Do not use this air conditioner to preserve precision
devices, food, pets,plants, and art objects.It may cause
deterioration of quality, etc.
Stop operation and close the window
in storm or hurricane.
Operation with windows opened may cause wetting of
indoor and soaking of household furniture.
Do not place obstacles around airinlets or inside of air-outlet.
It may cause failure of appliance or accident.
Turn off the main power switch when
notusing the unit for a long time.
Do not touch the metal parts of the unit when removing the
filter. Injuries can occur when handling sharp metal edges.
Do not use water to clean inside the air conditioner. Exposure
to water can destroy the insulation,leading to possible electric
When cleaning the unit, first make sure that the power and
circuit breaker are turned off.
It may cause failure of product or fire.
Do not use strong detergent such as
wax or thinner. Use a soft cloth for
Appearance may be deteriorated due to change of
product color or scratching of its surface.
Ensure that the installation bracket of
the outdoor appliance is not damaged
due to prolonged exposure.
If bracket is damaged, there is concern of damage due
to falling of unit.
For repair and maintenance, contact your authorised service dealer.
Table 2-1
Always insert the filters securely.
Clean filter once every two weeks.
Operation without filters may cause failure.
Cooling operation
Do not place heavy object on the
power cord and take care so that the
cord is not compressed.
Heating operation
(cooling only type without)
There is danger of fire or electric shock.
Drying operation
Use caution when unpacking and
installing. Sharp edges could cause
If water enters the unit, turn the unit off
and disconnect the power , contact a
qualified service technician.
Contact an installation specialist for installation.
Make sure the unit is grounded efficiently.
Do not use a damaged or non-standard power cord.
Do not share the same outlet with other appliances.
Do not use an extension cord.
Do not start/stop operation by shutting off the power supply.
Exposure to direct airflow for an extended period of time could
be hazardous to your health.Do not expose occupants, pets,
or plants to direct airflow for extended periods of time.
Due to the possibility of oxygen deficiency, ventilate the room
when used together with stoves or other heating devices.
Do not use this air conditioner for non-specified special
purposes (e.g.Preserving precision devices, food, pets, plants,
and art objects). Usage in such a manner could harm such
18°C ~ 43°C / 64 °F~109°F
-7°C ~ 43°C / 20 °F~109°F
(for the models with low
temperature cooling system)
18°C ~ 52°C / 64 °F~126°F
(for special tropical models)
17°C ~ 32°C
( 62 °F ~ 90°F)
-7°C ~ 24°C / 20 °F ~ 76°F 0°C ~ 30°C / 32 °F~86°F
18°C ~ 43°C / 64 °F~109°F
18°C ~ 52°C / 64 °F~126°F
(for special tropical models)
17°C ~ 32°C
( 62 °F ~ 90°F)
Table 2-2(for inverter type air conditioner)
Cooling operation
0°C ~ 50°C / 32 °F~122°F
-15°C ~ 50°C / 5 °F~122°F
(for the models with low
temperature cooling system)
Heating operation
(cooling only type without)
-15°C ~ 24°C / 5 °F~76°F
Drying operation
0°C ~ 50°C / 32 °F~122°F
17°C ~ 32°C
( 62 °F ~ 90°F)
0°C ~ 30°C / 32 °F~86°F
17°C ~ 32°C
( 62 °F ~ 90°F)
If air conditioner is used outside of the above conditions,
certain safety protection features may come into operation
and cause the unit to function abnormally.
Room relative humidity less than 80%. If the air conditioner
operates in excess of this figure, the surface of the air
conditioner may attract condensation. Please sets the vertical
air flow louver to its maximum angle (vertically to the floor), and
set HIGH fan mode.
Optimum performance will be achieved within these operating
owner's manual
ou can not select a fan speed under AUTO and DRY mode.
The fan motor operates at pre-set AUTO speed under AUTO
mode and at LOW speed under DRY mode.
Fan speed displaying: The display is separated into 3
zones. When setting the speed, the corresponding zone will
Table 3-1
Auto operation display
Select LOW fan speed and the first zone will illuminate;
Select AUTO fan speed and zones 1~2 will illuminate;
Select HIGH fan speed and zones 1~3 will illuminate.
Once selected, after 2 seconds the zones will illuminate gradually
based on the speed selected.
For example, HIGH fan speed will show the display illuminating
quickly from zone to zone.
Dry operation display
Heating operation display
Turbo operation display
On timer operation display
ON/OFFbutton: Operation starts when this button is pressed
MODEbutton: Press this button to select the appropriate
operating mode. Each time the button is pressed, the operation
mode is shifted in the direction of the arrow:
and stops when you press the button again.
AUTO COOL DRY HEAT(for cooling & heating models only) FAN ONLY
under the Timer
Auxiliary function selection: Select the desired auxiliary function
by pressing "▲"and" " button.
Under the Test Running mode, press "▲"and" "to check
information about T1, T2, T3, P4 , P5 and P9 (if no protection
function occurs, the code is shifted).
Under malfunction condition: Press the "▲"and" " to check the
malfunction code E1,E2, E3 ,E6 and E9(details refer to
TROUBLESHOOT in page 12).
AUXILIARY FUNCTION button: Use this button to select
or cancel the auxiliary feature.Press this button, then press the
ADJUST"▲"and" "button to select the desired feature. Each
time the button is pressed, the mode is shifted in the direction of
the arrow:
When press the "▲" button:
" to adjust the
Timer adjust: Adjust the timer on/off time
setting mode(0~24hs).
Fan speed display
Operation buttons
Temperature adjust: Press the "▲"and"
temperature in a range of 17℃~30℃.
Off timer operation display
Lock operation display
ADJUST button:
Sleep operation display
Swing operation display
Fan operation display
Cooling operation display
Mode indicators illuminates under the different mode settings.
Auto: Automatically choose the operation mode by sensing
When press the " " button:
Cool: Enables you to enjoy the cooling effect at you
Once the desired feature is established, press the AUXILIARTY
FUNCTION button again to register .
preferred setting temperature.
(Temperature range:17℃~30℃)
Enables you to set the desired temperature at low fan
speed which provides you with the dehumidifying surroundings
(Temperature range:17OC~30OC). In Dry mode, you can not
select Fan speed.
Heat: Permits heating operation(For cooling & heating
models only)
(Temperature setting range:17℃~30℃)
Fan only: Permits fan operation without cooling or heating.
In this case, however, the setting temperature is not displayed
and you can not adjust the set temperature.
FAN SPEED button: This button is used to select the
desired fan speed. Each time you push the button, a fan speed
is shifted in the direction of the arrow:
owner's manual
the difference between the actual ambient room temperature
and the set temperature on the remote controller. The fan
speed is automatically controlled.
The above illustration is for explanation purpose only.
The features are different depending on models.
Relative indicator lights up under the different
mode settings:
Left/Right airflow: Enables you to set the desired
horizontal airflow direction.
Sleep operation: Choose this feature to go into the
energy-saving operation. It is only available on Cool, Heat or
Auto mode. Under Sleep mode, the air conditioner will
automatically increase(cooling) or decrease(heating) 1℃ per
hour. The set temperature will be stable 2 hours later. The fan
speed is forced AUTO.
Turbo operation: When select this function in heating
mode, the auxiliary electric heater(PTC)is activated and
brings faster and stronger heating.
Vertical Airflow Direction(MANUAL)
The Up/Down(Verticall Airflow) air flow can be adjusted by
horizontal louvers. Hold the edge of the horizontal louver and
move it up or down to set the desired air flow direction.
This function is only available for the units adopted PTC
TIMER ON operation: Use the ON timer to turn on the air
conditioner at the desired time (between 0~24hrs). After
selecting the Timer ON feature, press the"▲"and" "button to
select the desired time, each press will increase/decrease the
Auto-timed setting in 30 minute increments. Once the desired
time is established, press the AUXILIARY FUNCTION button
to register the Auto Timer-ON program.
The starting angle of the horizontal louver should not be
too small, otherwise the narrow air outlet will affect
cooling or heating efficiency.
TIMER OFF operation: Use the OFF timer to turn off the
air conditioner at the desired time (between 0~24hrs). After
selecting the Timer OFF feature, press the"▲"and" "button to
select the desired time, each press will increase/decrease the
Auto-timed setting in 30 minute increments. Once the desired
time is established, press the AUXILIARY FUNCTION button
to register the Auto Timer-OFF program.
Do not set the starting angle of the louvers too small
during cooling or drying operation.Otherwise, condensation may occur on the surface of the horizontal louver
and cause dew dripping.
During the operation, if the louvers can not swing
normally, shut off the unit and unplug for several
minutes, then plug it again and restart the operation.
To cancel the timer settings, press the AUXILIARY FUNCTION button, then use the"▲"and" "buttons to select
ON/OFF timer, press the AUXILIARY FUNCTION button
again to cancel.
The horizontal louver may slightly vibrate during the
operation. This is normal.
TEST RUNNING button: This button is specially designed
for maintenance technicians. Press this button to perform test
running operation, press it again to stop the operation. The test
running operation will last 30 minutes regardless of the setting
temperature. Press the ADJUST button to check the protective
code of T1,T2 and T3.
LOCK button: When you press the LOCK button the first
time, all the current settings are locked in but the remote
controller operation is available. And the LOCK indicator ( )
illuminates. Push it again to cancel the LOCK mode.
The following events may occur during normal operation.
1. Protection of the air conditioner.
Compressor protection
The compressor can't restart for 3 minutes after it stops.
Anti-cold air (Cooling and heating models only)
The unit is designed not to blow cold air on HEAT mode, when
the indoor heat exchanger is in one of the following three
situations and the set temperature has not been reached.
When heating has just starting.
Low temperature heating.
The indoor or outdoor fan stop running when defrosting (Cooling
and heating models only).
Horizontal Airflow Direction(AUTO)
The Left/Right(Horizontal Airflow) can be adjusted by using the
remote control or unit control. Press the"AUXILIARY
FUNCTION" button on the unit control panel, then press the
ADJUST"▲"and" "button to select the "
"feature and the
ouvers will swing left and right. Repeat the above procedures to
stop the swing operation.
Defrosting (Cooling and heating models only)
Frost may be generated on the outdoor unit during heat cycle
when outdoor temperature is low and humidity is high resulting in
lower heating efficiency of the air conditioner.
During this condition air conditioner will stop heating operation
and start defrosting automatically.
The time to defrost may vary from 4 to 10 minutes according to
the outdoor temperature and the amount of frost buildup on the
outdoor unit.
Never touch the vertical louvers by hand.
2. A white mist coming out from the indoor unit
A white mist may generate due to a large temperature difference
between air inlet and air outlet on COOL mode in an indoor
environment that has a high relative humidity.
A white mist may generate due to moisture generated from
defrosting process when the air conditioner restarts in HEAT
mode operation after defrosting.
owner's manual
3. Low noise of the air conditioner
You may hear a low hissing sound when the compressor is
running or has just stopped running. This sound is the sound of
the refrigerant flowing or coming to a stop.
You can also hear a low "squeak" sound when the compressor is
running or has just stopped running. This is caused by heat
expansion and cold contraction of the plastic parts in the unit
when the temperature is changing.
Do not use a chemical-treated duster for wiping or leave
such material on the unit for long.
A noise may be heard due to louver restoring to its original
position when power is first turned on.
Do not use benzine, thinner, polishing powder, or similar
solvents for cleaning. These may cause the plastic surface
to crack or deform.
4. Dust is blown out from the indoor unit.
This is a normal condition when the air conditioner has not been
used for a long time or during first use of the unit.
Use a dry cloth to wipe the indoor unit and remote controller.
A cloth dampened with cold water may be used on the indoor
unit if it is very dirty.
Do not splash water on unit. This may cause damage to the
inner parts or an electric shock.
Cleaning the air outlet
After using for a period, the air outlet and louvers will become
dirty. It is recommended to dip a soft cloth into warm water or a
mild kitchen cleanser, ring it out, then wipe any soiling from the
unit. After, wipe with a dry cloth.
5. A peculiar smell comes out from the indoor unit.
This is caused by the indoor unit giving off smells permeated from
building material, from furniture, or smoke.
6. The air conditioner turns to Fan Mode from COOL or HEAT (For
cooling and heating models only)Mode.
When indoor temperature reaches the temperature setting on air
conditioner, the compressor will stop automatically, and the air
conditioner turns to Health mode. The compressor will start again
when the indoor temperature rises on COOL mode or falls on
HEAT mode (For cooling and heating models only) to the set
Cleaning the Lower front panel and Air Filter
If the air filter becomes clogged, the performance will decrease
and electricity will be wasted.
The air filter should be checked and cleaned about once every 2
weeks to maintain optimal performance of the air conditioner.
7. Dripping water may generate on the surface of the indoor unit
when cooling in a high relatively humidity (relative humidity higher
than 80%). Adjust the horizontal louver to the maximum air outlet
position and select HIGH fan speed.
8. Heating mode (For cooling and heating models only)
The air conditioner draws in heat from the outdoor unit and
releases it via the indoor unit during heating operation. When the
outdoor temperature falls, heat drawn in by the air conditioner
decreases accordingly. At the same time, heat loading of the air
conditioner increases due to larger difference between indoor and
outdoor temperature. If a comfortable temperature can't be
achieved by the air conditioner, we suggest you use a
supplementary heating device.
Air Filter
9. Auto-restart function
Power failure during operation will stop the unit completely.
For the unit without Auto-restart feature, when the power
restores, the OPERATION indicator on the indoor unit starts
flashing. To restart the operation, push the ON/OFF button on the
remote controller. For the unit with Auto-restart feature, when the
power restores, the unit restarts automatically with all the
previous settings preserved by the memory function.
10. Lightning or a car wireless telephone operating nearby may
cause the unit to malfunction.Disconnect the unit with power and
then re-connect the unit with power again. Push the ON/OFF
button on the remote controller to restart operation.
Before performing any maintenance, turn off the main
power to the system.
Cleaning the indoor unit
Turn the system off before cleaning. Supply power must
be disconnected before cleaning the indoor unit.
owner's manual
The air filter is located under the lower front panel (see figure
First take down the screw cover on both side of the panel, then
remove the screws using the screwdriver.
Hold both side of the panel and pull it downwards, then take it
Take hold of the air filter holder and pull it up, and then take it
The lower front panel can be wiped with water or a cloth
dipped water. Wash it with water and dry it in a cool place.
Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust or wash the air filter
with water, and dry it in the shadow.
Installation process of the air filter and lower front panel is the
reverse of the removal process.
Make sure nothing has been forgotten or fallen into the fan before installing the lower front panel.Restart the unit after the front
panel and the air filter are correctly installed.
Before long time idleness
Clean the indoor unit and air filter.
Dry the inner parts by keeping the fan running for half a day.
Turn off the unit and switch off the power switch, remove the batteries from the remote control.
Periodically check and clean the inner parts of the outdoor unit. Our local dealer will help you handle this if you contact us.
After long time idleness
Before restarting, please check if the air inlet and air outlet of the indoor and outdoor units are blocked up. Clean it so.
If the air conditioner operate abnormally, turn off the unit and switch off the power supply, and contact the local dealer or service centre.
Before calling for service, please review the following list of common problems and solutions.
Table 5-1
Air conditioner
does not
operate at all
Air conditioner
does not cool
or heat well
Air conditioner
does not cool
or heat at all
Possible Cause
Power failure
Wait for power restoring
The power supply is disconnected.
Switch on the main power switch
The power fuse is blown.
Change the fuse
The timer i s set.
Wait or cancel timer setting
The batteries of the remote control
are exhausted
Change the batteries.
The temperature setting is too high
or too low.
Set a more comfortable temperature.
The air filter is clogged with dust
Clean the filter
The air inlet or outlet of the outdoor
unit is blocked
Clear up the block
Doors or windows are open
Close the doors or windows
The air inlet or outlet of the outdoor
unit is blocked
Clear up the block first, then begin to
Three-minute protection feature
Wait for a while
Unappropriated temperature setting
Set the temperature properly
If you still cannot solve the problem after trying the above, pull out the power plug and call the
owner's manual
The following displays indicate an error or problem:dealer.
Table 5-2
E2 E3 E4
E5 E6
The icon
The icon
The icon
What to do
Communication between indoor and outdoor units
Contact service people
Temperature sensor is off or short-circuit
Contact service people
Outdoor unit protection or malfunction
Contact service people
The temperature of indoor unit evaporator is too low
or too high,and a compressor protection feature is
automatically activated.
Turn off the unit, clean the air filter,then restart the unit.
If this operation does not work,please contact service
Anti-cold air function happens/Defrosting starts.
When the temperature is warm enough, the function stops
automatically. The unit will auto restart after finishing the
defrosting and the temperature of indoor Heat Exchanger
show on the LCD of the indoor unit when the unit is in the normal operation.The three icons
imply the three function respectively.
implies the remote control function.
implies the defrosting function.
implies the forced cooling function.
If the supply cord of this appliance is damaged, replacement work shall be performed by authorized personnel only.
For the unit adopts PTC, the PTC heating device is fixed in the middle of bottom plate of the cabinet. Do not attempt to remove
or repair these components by yourself, it may cause a fire or other danger.
owner's manual
The design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice for product
improvement.Consult with the sales agency or manufacturer for details.
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