Standard Glue Pump

Standard Glue Pump
Glue Galley w/ Pump Gears
Pump Side View
Glue Passage
Internal Pump Parts
Pump Gears
End Cap
Check ball
Volume Control Screw
Check Ball Spring
Jet Plug
Glue Jet
Star Wheel
Pump Drain Plug
¼’’ Allen Wrench
Volume Control Adjustment
Adjust in for more volume out for less
Glue Bypass
Thermostat Calibration
Turn on machine and allow adhesive to reach operating temperature
(about 1/2 hour warm up time). Using a surface probe pyrometer,
measure the temperature just above one of the glue jets (refer to Figure 71 for correct probe location). If the temperature measured with the
pyrometer is the same as shown by the thermostat control knob, the
thermostat is calibrated. If the temperatures are not the same, recalibration can be accomplished by the following method.
Calibration Procedure
1. Set the thermostat control knobs to the same temperature measured with the
2. Remove the thermostat control knobs (with the knobs removed the calibration
adjusting screw will be visible by looking into the knob mounting stud).
3. Using a small screwdriver, turn the calibration adjusting screw until the heater
indicating light goes off.
4. Turn the screw in the opposite direction until light comes on.
5. Then, turn the screw only until the light goes off.
6. Replace the knobs, set both thermostats at operating temperature and recheck in
an hour.
Note: When calibrating the adhesive applicator pump thermostat, all thermostats
should be calibrated.
Changing Glue Jet
Cleaning Check Ball Seat
Cleaning Pump Gear Shaft Hole
“V” drill bit
After cleaning
apply never seize
to gear shaft
before installing
Cleaning Between Star Wheel
and Pump Body
Clean all buildup from between Pump Body and Star Wheel
Daily Maintenance
Check glue system
Are all jets working properly
Are glue pots kept full
Is glue being stored properly
Are the glue pots at the correct temp
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