Now there's a way to ensure the safety of your loved ones in emergency situations. When injury or panic
makes it difficult to dial an emergency number, WARM LINE makes sure that they - your children, parents,
or a sick relative - easily reach someone who can help.
Just 30 seconds after taking the phone off the hook, a predesignated number is automatically dialed. For
regular calls, you just pick up the phone and dial any telephone number within 30 seconds.
To use WARM LINE...
Lift the handset and wait 30 seconds.
After 30 seconds, the predesignated number**is automatically dialed.
To prevent automatic dialing...
Lift handset and dial the number you wish to call before 30 seconds have lapsed.
**The predesignated number is chosen by you at the time you select WARM LINE. To change the predesignated
number, you must contact NATCO's business office.
To order this service or for more information, contact NATCO Customer Service at 1-800-775-6682.
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