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Intelligent Heating & Smart Control
Dataterm can keep you snug & knock
a whole 25% off your heating bill.
Wireless Option Now Available!
Be Part of It!
September 2013 Product Brochure
Control up to 4
Channels & HW.
a totally new type of
central heating controller,
How does Dataterm
save you money and make
life more comfortable?
Dataterm gives you amazingly flexible control
over your central heating system and saves
money into the bargain.
To start with Dataterm takes all the guess work
out of heating control.
Dataterm is designed to use only the exact
amount of heating fuel you need for your
comfort with no waste. This means real
economies can be made - benefiting both
your pocket and the environment.
No matter how erratic the weather is, with
Dataterm you don't have to guess how long
your home will take to warm up in the morning.
Just tell Dataterm the time you get up and the
temperature you want (this can be a different
time and temperature each day of the week).
The house will reach the exact temperature at
the right time. Not a degree higher or lower.
Independent tests show that Dataterm can
give average savings of 25% (18-36%)
compared to conventional controllers.
Dataterm’s computer memory works it all out
for you.
In the past, central heating control systems
relied on some version of a basic room
thermostat and time clock to respond to
varying heating needs. But technology has
moved on since then. Now, using modern
cutting edge technology, Dataterm gives you
more flexible and economical heating control
than you would ever have thought possible.
As the weather changes Dataterm decides
what time it needs to switch on, this is done
without the need for external sensors.
This is called Optimum Start.
It is one of Dataterm’s major energy saving
features, saving fuel and money even before
you wake up.
The Department of the Environment Transport
and the Regions” formerly the DoE says,
“Optimum Start can reduce
fuel consumption by as
much as 15%”
We guarantee 25% off
your heating bills*
* Independent tests show that Dataterm gives fuel savings of 25-35% when its capability is
used to the full compared with systems previously fitted with conventional programmers.
Dataterm uses modes to
ensure you get the right
mix of savings and comfort!
Modes put you in control of the right mix
of comfort and energy savings based on
your needs and responsiveness of the
heating system.
Comfort Mode
If you have a large home or an old
heating system that needs to be on for a
while before your comfortable then the
Comfort Mode might be the one you
choose, this is the mode best suited to
under floor heating as this type of heating
has a slow response time.
Economy Mode
On the other hand you could live in a
modern well insulated home where things
warm up quickly so the Economy Mode
would be more suitable, this is the default
mode that all Dataterm systems are
factory set.
Normal Mode
If you want a mix of comfort and energy
savings then this mode is the one to go for
but do try economy first, you might be
The different modes are based on the
maximum allowed pre-heat time given to
each set-point in order to achieve the
required temperature.
This is based on a Maximum pre-heat
window of 5 hours down to the minimum 1
hour so you will always have an element of
comfort and energy savings.
All the reports point to the same thing,
energy savings...
“Unless you try it you’ll never know.”
My old programmer
allows me to boost
the heating!
Active Boost
The Dataterm has a clever way of
temporarily boosting the heating outside of
your heating plan so that you get warm but
don't waste fuel doing so.
Simply pressing and holding the plus
button will give you a 1 hour boost, press
again and its 2 hours, again and its 3
You then set the desired temperature and
after the boost period it reverts back to
where it should be so no more leaving the
heating on when you go out!
This is a great feature if you unexpectedly
come home from work or shopping and
want the heating on just enough to take the
chill off.
As soon as the set temperature is reached
or boost period ends the heating goes off.
Summer Winter Time
The clock adjusts itself at that time of year
so you know the heating will be on time
whatever the weather.
Holiday Plans
Enter your holiday dates and Dataterm will
make sure you save fuel when your away
and come back to a nice warm home.
Flexible Programming
With 11 pre-set plans and room for 12
personalised plans Dataterm is flexible
enough to suit the harshest of lifestyles or
multi use buildings.
Multiple Zones
Dataterm can control up to 4 heating zones
and hot water from a single control pad so
no matter how large the building we have it
What else can Dataterm
do to help save fuel and
Dataterm allows you to turn the
temperature down a degree or two without
any loss in room comfort.
To understand how Dataterm can do this
and yet not make your room feel cooler we
have to look at how an ordinary, old
fashioned thermostat works.
My old programmer
goes on and off twice a
Dataterm has 8 time and temperature setpoints per day allowing for much more
than your average room thermostat and
time clock.
Timing control like this is so flexible that it
will suit even the most demanding of
No matter when you come and go,
Dataterm is in the background tending to
your heating needs.
If you are comfortable at 19°C and an
ordinary room thermostat is fitted it may
not turn off until it peaks at 20 or 21°C due
to inaccuracies and drop to 17 or 18°C
before the boiler comes back on.
This is wasteful and costs YOU money, it
also makes you uncomfortable as the heat
in the system goes on rising for a little
longer, making the room hotter than
necessary. Then as the room cools down
past your thermostat setting, the boiler will
fire again.
For example, if you are active at home in
the mornings, rushing around getting the
children ready for school then you may be
more comfortable asking for a lower
temperature unlike in the evening when
you relax or just sit down to enjoy your
evening meal.
Whatever you require with Dataterm you
can achieve it.
If at any time you want to raise or lower the
temperature it couldn't be easier, simply
press the plus or minus buttons. Don't
worry about remembering to change it
back because Dataterm will at the next
What about hot water?
The temperature keeps falling making it
less comfortable than you would like until
the boilers heat has worked its way back
to the radiators.
Another one of Dataterm’s many benefits,
fully programmable hot water with up to 4
on and off settings per day and each day
can be different too.
To allow for these wide swings in
temperature levels we usually keep the
thermostat at a degree or two higher than
necessary, wasting heat and money.
In addition there is a 1 hour boost button
so you need never be without hot water.
The Department of the Environment Transport
and the Regions” formerly the DoE says,
“Fuel bills can be cut by 6-10% for
every 1°C reduction in temperature.”
Frost protection Even when you are away!
Is Dataterm
easy to install?
Although Dataterm does not turn off
completely, should there be an
unexpected cold spell it will respond
without any further intervention.
Yes, Dataterm is very easy to install, it is
well documented and all parts are clearly
labelled, a novice DIY enthusiast or
professional tradesman should find the
installation trouble free if the instructions
are carefully followed. Dataterm’s wireless
option makes installation very easy as the
majority of wiring is reduced.
Even when your away, a minimum
background temperature will be available
just by setting one of the in-built holiday
plans. These are based on lower
temperatures high enough to combat
frost and condensation.
You can even enter your holiday dates
and Dataterm will turn back on once you
“It is less costly to maintain a low
level of heating when a house is
empty than to switch off completely
and then reheat from cold”.
Who is using Dataterm?
Dataterm is successfully saving fuel in the
homes and offices of,
Spirit Group & Allied Domecq Pubs & Restaurants
Leicester City Council
Bracknell Forest District Council
High Wycombe District Council
Dataterm can prove
that it saves fuel and
Dataterm provides you with a fuel check
monitor. You can see at a glance the
usage for the present day, yesterday and
the total since installed.
Hyde Housing Association
The Guinness Trust
Presentation Housing Association
Charles Wells Public Houses
Thousands of Private Households
Simply change the set-point time and
temperatures to see how it affects the fuel
Elgar HA
Dataterm gives you
noticeable and reliable
savings right from the
Festival HA
Don’t just take our word for it, independent
tests show that Dataterm gives fuel
savings of 18-36% when compared to
systems previously fitted with
conventional programmers and room
Convergex Home Automation
And many many more.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Dataterm?
Dataterm is a computerised heating
control. It has advanced abilities
which a simple programmer and
room thermostat do not have.
How does Dataterm differ
from an ordinary room
It learns how your building responds
to weather changes and uses this
memorized data to switch your
heating on and off.
How does it work?
Dataterm does the thinking for you.
It has 11 pre-programmed heating
plans built in for immediate use, &
room for 12 personal plans so you
simply choose the one that suits
your lifestyle. Just a couple of
button presses get you going.
What if none of these
plans suit me?
No problem, simply edit your own
plan by choosing the time and
temperature settings you require
and let Dataterm do all of the hard
work for you.
Will it work on my
heating system?
Yes, Dataterm will work on most
types of heating system, warm air,
traditional wet systems with
radiators and underfloor heating,
regardless whether fuelled by gas,
oil, solid fuel or electricity - it can
even control the fans on some types
of storage heaters, saving even
more on Economy 7.
I have more than 1
heating zone?
Dataterm now has the ability to control
up to 4 Heating Zones and Hot Water
from a single programmer making it
even easier to be in control and save
even more!
Wireless Sensors are Now Available!
Do I tell Dataterm when to
turn the heating on?
No, simply tell it what time you would
like it warm and Dataterm will work
out the best time to switch on. This is
known as “Optimum Start” and will
save you money achieving your
specified temperature within 1°C
whatever the external temperature.
Can I over-ride the heating
plan set?
Yes, just by pressing the plus or minus
buttons you can over-ride the heating
until the next set-point or extend it for
up to 3 hours. The hot water can also
be boosted as and when required.
What happens in a power
Dataterm’s memory is excellent,
most power cuts are only minutes in
length. When the power is resumed
Dataterm will carry on where it left off
displaying the correct time and
temperature as set in the plan.
If I have a problem where
do I turn?
The help button will guide you through
programming and use issues, if you
find it better to talk to someone a help
line number will be displayed within
the help messages.
Can you lock it?
Yes, Dataterm has a key lock to
prevent tampering, it is a 3 stage lock
to allow some or no access.
How much power does
Dataterm use?
We are proud to say that Dataterm now uses
much less power than previous versions as it
reduces its consumption by going into standby
seconds after use and dimming its backlit
display, press a button and its bright again, don’t
worry though we are talking milliamps but every
little helps...
Whole House Control
Dataterm IHC whole house
controls come in a variety of
options, shown left is the
standard configuration for the
majority of systems like Y or S
Plan where there is a need to
control heating and domestic
hot water.
A version for heating only is the
COMBI version and as the name
states, it is suitable for
combination boilers.
Our most common products are
the standard as seen left and
our Multizone 2 (see illustration
below) that will control 2
heating zones and your
domestic hot water from a
single controller.
All of the Dataterm IHC range is
available with wireless sensors
for simple installation.
If you can split your heating system into 2,3 or even 4 zones we can
give you an option to independently control each heating zone like a
totally separate system giving you total control and flexibility,
something not found on basic central heating controls and that’s
what makes Dataterm different!
Wired sensors come as standard with all of our Multizone
Systems or you could opt for the Wireless range and
make light work of installing cancelling the need to
run cables!
Sensor 2
Whatever you choose, Dataterm will help to
reduce your fuel bill year in year out ensuring
you stay comfortable and more importantly in
Dataterm simply replaces your
existing time clock and room
thermostat if you have one!
Dining Room
Sensor 1
Wiring Centre
The illustration on the
left shows a typical
setup for a 2 Zone
system controlling
upstairs & downstairs
separately with
different time and
temperature set-points
to suit the usage
pattern of the property.
Technical Specification
Dataterm IHC is a microprocessor based
intelligent heating control system researched and
developed to provide correct temperature
management with minimised fuel burn. It replaces
traditional wasteful room thermostats and
programmers thus reducing harmful emmisions.
Dataterm is self learning and fully automatic, it
uses state of the art “fuzzy logic” techniques to
achieve exceptionally close temperature control.
This eliminates fixed start time for boiler firing. Instead,
a start time is calculated to take into account prevailing
weather conditions, preventing fuel waste. Dataterm
optimizes off by allowing temperature to fall 1°C just
before a set reduction.
This eliminates the external sensor process, which
cannot allow for wind chill factor. Dataterm monitors &
memorizes speed of temperature response in a
building when heating is switched on and off. This
data is used in a self-educating process which
produces stable chosen temperatures by adapting
switching patterns to fluctuating thermal conditions.
Choice of ready-made central heating and hot water
programes, suitable for varying occupancy needs,
all ready to go.
Each can be custom-designed to suit the user’s
lifestyle. Every day of the week, eight time and
temperature set points can be programmed with a
desired temperature, or left unused. All personal
plans remain in memory, with manual override always
A single Help key provides context-sensitive online
help messages via the display screen.
Choice of any-time, any day, 4 on’s & 4 off’s per day,
with cancellable one-hour boost at any time .
Dry cycling of boiler is eliminated, being under overall
control of the system.
Dataterm will always monitor falling temperature and
fire the boiler safely in time.
Celsius or Fahrenheit display, Wireless Sensors,
Holiday Mode, Fuel Monitoring, Active Boost, Modes,
& Inbuilt Test Feature and a crisp back lit display.
Active boost allows for a 1,2 or 3 hour heating
boost at the selected temperature for when
you just want a little extra heat, after the time
period expires Dataterm reverts back to the
plan loaded.
Any gas or oil-fired conventional wet central heating
system with or without the requirement for hot water.
Ducted hot air systems
Underfloor heating
Electric-powered central heating systems
Houses, flats, maisonettes, zoned larger residences,
small commercial buildings, public houses, offices and
shops, schools, libraries and churches.
Dataterm is available in 2, 3, 4 or as many zones as you
require and we can build the control panel to the system
requirement saving on installation time and complexity.
Normal specification covers 2 port spring return
motorized valves, motor open motor close, 24 volt and
mains switching.
System compatibility
Compatible with all types of boiler or switchable heat
sources even sequenced boilers.
Easy control of S-Plan and Y-Plan systems, mains
pressure cylinders using hot water priority and
combination boiler requirements.
Suitable for boilers with pump over run.
Compatible with mains or low voltage cylinder
thermostats and Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRV’s).
External communications
Dataterm IHC has an external communications interface
that will enable the end user to access special
features showing the profile achieved over the past six
days. This is a useful way of identifying faults on the
system, simply study the down loaded graph to see what
temperatures have been achieved and at what time.
DATATERM Multizone
Technical Specification
Larger homes or work places usually have larger
heating bills and with Part “L” of the building
regulations and other legislation calling for zoning
and better control Dataterm is highly suited for the
larger building as well as the modest home alike!
With control of up to 4 heating zones and hot water
all from one easy to use keypad Dataterm is the
obvious choice for maximum fuel savings.
By controlling different zones separately you can
control the heating in different areas at different
times and temperatures dependant on usage
saving £’s per annum and reducing the amount of
harmful emissions you produce.
Remember our multi-zone package allows you to
control up to 4 heating zones and hot water, this
could be ground floor and upper floors, front and
back of the home or different rooms in churches or
offices, the possibilities are vast.
Optimum Start / Stop
Each heating zone has the same characteristics of
a single Dataterm system allowing for all the
benefits of Optimum Start / Stop for each zone and
So instead of the whole building warming up at the
same time you might find that due to usage it
warms up at different times and rates to achieve its
main goal, affordable warmth and energy savings.
Close Temperature Control
Each zone has the ability to gently control the heat
so that you maintain your comfort zone thus
eliminating huge swings in temperature that
increase fuel bills and leave you feeling
Summer / Winter Time
Dataterm automatically changes its clock to allow
for summer and winter time changes so that’s one
less thing for you to worry about.
Holiday Planning
Setting your departure and arrival dates will allow
your heating to turn off whilst you are away then be
back on for your return so its nice and snug when
you return to the Sunny UK!
Flexible Programming
Simply set the times and temperatures you
require, Dataterm has the ability for up to 8 setpoints per day and each day of the week can be
The same applies for the Hot Water too...
Performance Monitoring
The Department of the Environment and the
Building Research Establishment provide
important energy efficiency statistics and usage
data for Dataterm & can be found in the Green
House Profile No. 7 (circa March 1995).
National Home Energy Rating (NHER)
In August 1996 the National Home Energy
Services List was updated by the NHER to
include a new intelligent heating control,
Dataterm IHC.
It was solely created for Warmworld and its range
of Dataterm intelligent heating controls and
when the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP)
was updated in early 1999 by building
regulations Dataterm was included and added 2
points to the SAP rating of any property
containing it.
Dimensional Data
H x W x D
85 x 160 x 29 mm
Standard Wiring Centre
200 x 165 x 55 mm
Multizone Wiring Centre
450 x 300 x 90 mm
Remote Sensor
Power Rating
80 x 80 x 29 mm
230VAC 50Hz 3.15 A
Height measurement does not include wiring
gland protrusion, additional clearance
required for cable entry.
Complies with Part L of the Building
Regulations UK and SBSA Scotland.
Wireless Sensor
Dataterm is now even easier to install and use
than ever before.
Using the latest radio technology it is possible to
communicate with the Dataterm over large
distances to allow temperature sensing any where
in the home or workplace all without unsightly
This can reduce installation times immensely and
reduce labour charges to boot.
The sensors, one for each heating zone have
dedicated transcievers that regularly send data to
the programmer so that the temperature is
updated to aid temperature control and confort.
Using the latest technology and advances in
software and hardware design Warmworld have
achieved excellent battery life and range with this
wireless option.
For transmission problem areas the remote
sensors can be wired for secure communication
between the sensor and the programmer.
Technical Data
868 MHz AM
100 m Clear Sight
Power Supply
2 x AA 1.5V Cells (supplied)
H x W x D 80 x 80 x 29 mm
Cream / Off White
Installation Height
1.68 m from the floor finish
Battery Life
2 Years*
Product Reference
Wireless Sensor
Duracell AA
Dataterm will accept up to 4 wireless sensors per
Dataterm head unit allowing total control of up to 4
heating zones and hot water.
* Estimated battery life from tests carried out in
average conditions - also dependant on location.
Technical Specification
RF Cylinder Thermostat
Our wireless cylinder thermostat is an excellent way of utilising the same wireless
technology that’s in every wireless Dataterm system providing a wireless link
between your hot water cylinder and the heating controls!
It doesn’t end there, you will have the option of
connecting a standard cylinder thermostat or a
sensor for accurate temperature control.
And guess what? there's more! you can control up to
2 cylinders or have a winter / summer setting with
sensors or thermostats...
In fact it is so versatile that you can use it for room
thermostats too making them wireless thermostats!
Or you could just use it as a wireless switch to
wirelessly switch something on or off, its limited only
by your imagination!
It really is a universal product, suitable for up to 2 hot
water cylinders controlled via sensors or
thermostats switching 2 independent outputs volt
free or powered up to 230V ac.
Technical Data
868 MHz FM
100 m Clear Sight*
Power Supply
2 x AA 1.5V Cells (supplied)
230Vac Built in PSU
Rated Switching 10A Max
H x W x D 80 x 80 x 29 mm
H x W x D 150x100x60 mm
Cream / Off White
Battery Life
2 Years**
Product Reference
Wireless Cylinder Thermostat
Duracell AA
* RF manufacturers statement.
** Estimated battery life from tests carried out in
average conditions - also dependant on location.
A 230Vac input is required at SL and any of the terminals Z1-4 if the boilers are to produce heating and hot
Z1-4 are individual heating zone control inputs and should be linked to the relevant motorised valve live wire
(usually brown).
A single input of 230Vac to SL will produce an output to the lead boiler only as the sequencer will see this as a
hot water only demand.
Mains In
Supply for
Boiler If Reqd!
Pump over-run
4 Mins
Boiler 1
Ls Lr
Boiler 2
Ls Lr
Boiler 3
Ls Lr
is Optional
Up to 4 heating valves can be linked to this unit!
Wiring detail may vary, adhere to accompanying documentation with product!
Additional Information
All User and Technical Information both past
and present can be found on-line at,
A quote from
Sir Stirling Moss...
“I am more than happy to endorse
Dataterm Heating Controls which I
have used in my Mayfair home
for many years”.
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Telephone +44 (0) 117 949 8800 Facsimile +44 (0) 117 949 8888
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The company has a policy of continuous improvement and reserves the right to change specification without prior notice.
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