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Clipsal Residential
Safety and Security
We’re Serious About Safety
and Security
Established in 1920, Clipsal by Schneider Electric is Australia’s number one brand
of electrical products, accessories and solutions for the residential, commercial,
industrial, data, home control and energy management markets. Clipsal has evolved
and grown from its Adelaide base with great success by supporting the local
economy and providing products manufactured at multiple sites across Australia.
Clipsal is an electrical industry leader, dedicated to supplying you with the most
innovative and sustainable solutions available. As part of Schneider Electric, the
global specialist in energy management and automation, Clipsal provides a total
electrical solution for any project or application.
Setting a High Standard
Over the years, the company has continually set high standards for electrical
products in Australia and around the world. Such standards have since become
the industry benchmark. Clipsal is passionate about safety in the home. To
support this, we offer a growing range of safety products and solutions that
will provide peace of mind whenever you operate anything electrical. So it is
no surprise that the Safety Switch has been a major contributing factor in the
continued reduction of electric shocks and electrical safety hazards.
Clipsal’s comprehensive range of safety products is designed to make your home
safer and help protect your family from electrical hazards. Clipsal Smoke Alarms
and Safety Switches/Residual Current Devices (RCDs) are proven lifesavers and
a must in all Australian homes. Clipsal’s fast-acting circuit protection equipment
guards against electrical faults and reduces the possibility of electrical fires. At
the same time, our high capacity surge arrestors are designed to protect your
expensive electronic equipment from lightning strikes and electrical network faults.
When you purchase a Clipsal product, you can be confident you’re dealing with
Australia’s most experienced electrical accessory brand. Clipsal’s ongoing
commitment is to provide you with high quality, intelligent, safe, user-friendly and
economical electrical solutions.
Complying with Australian & New Zealand Standards
Australia is one of the world’s safest countries to live in, yet every year,
15 Australians die and 300 are hospitalised with injuries and burns from
preventable electrical accidents at home. To better protect Australian families,
and their homes, the AS/NZS 3000 Wiring Rules and National Construction
Codes have a number of stringent electrical standards in place. The question is,
do you know what they are, and are you complying with them?
Did you know... although
Australia has one of the
safest electrical systems
in the world, accidents
still occur?
A faulty or poorly maintained appliance, a frayed cord, wet hands
or carelessness with power tools are all situations that can lead to electrical
hazards. The high level of protection offered by the Clipsal Safety Switch is
well documented and every new home in Australia is required by law, to have
one installed. It is also a legal requirement for rental properties in some
Australian states.
Understanding Your Electrical Switchboard
Electrical Switchboard Product Range
Added Protection for Around the Home
Portable Range
Indoor Protection
Understanding Your Smoke Alarms
Smoke Alarms Product Range
Ensure Your Home is Secure
Security Product Range
Residential Safety and Security Checklist
Understanding Your Electrical Switchboard
To ensure your family and home have the ultimate level of safety and total protection, contact an electrician to check the electrical
switchboard and ensure you have safety switches, circuit breakers and surge protection working together to protect you. Without all three,
you are not fully protected from electrical faults and incidents.
3 Steps to complete electrical protection in your home
1. Protect People - Clipsal Safety Switch
2. Protect your Home - Clipsal Circuit Breakers
3. Protect your Possessions - Clipsal Surge Protection
Most of us have no idea what is inside our switchboard.
The only time we tend to even remember it is there is if we have to open it up and flick a switch when we’ve lost power somewhere in the
house. But a basic understanding of what is (or isn’t) in there, and what the different bits and pieces do, is handy knowledge to have.
This picture demonstrates an ideal switchboard, with all of the apparatus you really need to keep your family, home and possessions safe. It
is necessary to have a range of circuit protection equipment installed, as different products perform different functions. Naturally, everyone’s
switchboard will be a little different, depending on how old your home is and where it is located – but the basic principles remain the same.
It is important to remember that all electrical work should be performed by a suitably qualified professional and if you are in doubt about
anything to do with your electrical system, you should speak to a licensed electrician.
Combined Safety Switch and Circuit Breaker
(Space saving version)
Main Isolating
Combined Safety Switch and Circuit Breaker
Safety Switch
Current Device)
Product Range
Safety Switch - Protect People
The famous Clipsal Safety Switch is an absolute must
for any home. Why? In the case of faulty appliances
or wiring, this little lifesaver will disconnect the power
and save you from a potentially fatal electric shock.
They are available in switchboard and wall mounted
versions, and even portable plug-in options.
Safety Switch (RCD240/30)
Combined Safety Switch and
Circuit Breaker (space saving
version) (RCBE225/30S)
One of the best forms of protection available is a
Switchboard-Mounted Safety Switch, which can
protect all power and lighting circuits if required.
Designed for tough Australian conditions, Clipsal
4 Series Switchboard-Mounted Safety Switches
are available in a wide range of current ratings and
sensitivities, for protection in any home or garage.
Their design ensures superior performance and
provides the advantage of all your electrical controls
being in one place; right next to your meters and
circuit breakers or fuses.
Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) - Protect
your home
It is crucial to protect your electrical circuits with
miniature circuit breakers (MCBs). Electrical circuits
supply power to your electrical equipment. So what
happens if electrical cables overload or short circuit?
Your electrical cables could get extremely hot and
possibly start a fire. To help protect cables from
damage, ensure you install MCBs at the switchboard.
Unlike fuses, MCBs can easily be reset once
electrical circuits reach safe operating levels.
Although not a legal requirement for existing homes
and installations, it is recommended to replace fuses
with MCBs and install surge devices for the ultimate
protection. For new homes, it is a legal requirement to
have MCBs and Safety Switches installed. It is also a
legal requirement to have a maximum of three MCBs
for every Safety Switch.
Surge Protection - Protect your Possessions
surge protection for
single phase equipment
Switchboard-mounted surge
protection for Three Phase
equipment (970RM/3)
Lightning strikes, power surges and voltage spikes
are nasty and can destroy your electronic equipment
in an instant. Keep your appliances safeguarded
with surge protection. Switchboard-mounted surge
protection devices (also known as overvoltage
protection) will prevent surges entering your home,
while a surge-protected power outlet or plug-in
adaptor provides convenient in-house protection.
Clipsal has a wide range of lightning and overvoltage
protection equipment for electrical switchboards,
power outlets and portable devices. They are all
designed to effectively protect your electrical or
electronic equipment against overvoltage spikes
caused by lightning strikes or from those that travel
down the power lines into your home. Surge protection
devices work by diverting extra voltage and energy
surges to the ground, instead of letting them enter your
home and into your valuable equipment.
Residual Current Breaker with Overload
An RCBO is a device which combines a Safety Switch
with a circuit breaker, therefore providing exceptional
electrical protection for your home. If you require high
performance circuit protection, but you’re limited for
space, Clipsal’s RCBO is the perfect solution. Clipsal’s
combination RCBOs ensure you can maximise the use
of your valuable switchboard space.
Portable Range with in-built safety
Switches and Power Outlets
Compact and simple to use, the tough and reliable Clipsal Lifesaver range
of protection devices excels in all applications. Simply plug in your tool
or appliance, set the safety switch, and you’re protected. Moulded in impactresistant materials, the Clipsal Lifesaver range delivers reliable operation in the
toughest conditions, indoors or out.
Switched Power Outlets
(485 Series)
Compact and lightweight, Clipsal’s 485 Series
Portable Power Outlets offer great protection when
working outdoors, or when using an extension
cord. The units include a combined Safety Switch
and Miniature Circuit Breaker to protect your family
and your home.
The robustly constructed body housing features
a stable base and a handy wrap-around for the
unit’s 1.8 metre flexible cord. The outlets are cleverly
positioned well above ground level, out of the
way of dust, dirt and water; with the Safety Switch
and Circuit Breaker protected by a clear cover flap,
reducing the risk of damage.
Safety Switch Plugs
(952 Series)
The 952 is a compact, easy-to-use plug that’s
suitable for virtually any domestic power tool or
appliance. With the assistance of a licensed electrical
contractor, simply replace the plug on your appliance
or tool with the 952 and set the Safety Switch for
complete protection that’s a permanent part of your
power tool or appliance.
Clipsal Lifesaver Safety Switch Plugs are available in
10A and 15A models, both with a 30mA trip current.
Safety Switch Plug Adaptors
(951 Series)
The 951 Series 10A Safety Switch Plug Adaptor is a
simple way to provide protection wherever you are
working. Keep one in your tool box and every time
you use a power tool or appliance, simply plug the
tool into your Safety Switch Plug Adaptor and you’re
instantly protected. It’s that easy, with no fiddly wiring
or installation to worry about. If an Earth fault occurs,
the Clipsal Lifesaver Safety Switch Plug Adaptor will
cut the power in 30-40 milliseconds.
Heavy-Duty Cord Sets
(955 and 956 Series)
Clipsal’s Lifesaver 955 and 956 Series Heavy Duty
Cord sets protect you against the risk of electric
shock when working with electrical products in the
garden, workshop or out on a building site.
Available in two lengths, the 955, 955/10 and 956 are
each fitted with the compact inline Clipsal 955RW
In-Line Series Safety Switch. The 955/10 and 956
cord sets offer heavy duty cable, making them ideal
for applications in the home workshop requiring extra
heavy-duty equipment, such as drills, sanders and
electric gardening tools. The 956 also offers IP56
protection, making it the perfect choice for outdoor use.
Indoor Protection
For added protection inside your home, the Clipsal range
of plate mounted Safety Switches and Surge Protection
provide peace of mind. The plates replace existing
power outlets, or can be added to protect existing power
outlets in wet areas such as laundries or bathrooms.
Wall mount surge protection
Plug-In surge protection
Wall-mounted Safety
Switches for wet areas
Wall mount Safety Switch
Switches and Power Outlets
Clipsal’s Lifesaver Switches and Power Outlets offer the best of both worlds; the
protection and security of the Clipsal Lifesaver range, combined with the fashion
and flexibility of the 2000 or C2000 Series ranges. The Safety Switch’s ‘reset’
button allows the user to reset the circuit at the switch if a fault occurs. Suitable for
commercial and domestic applications, Clipsal’s Lifesaver Switches and Power
Outlets offer peace of mind when providing power to your electrical equipment.
The first line of defence is to have surge protection installed in your switchboard,
diverting the power surge from accessing your house at the electrical point of
entry. However, the switchboard protectors offer level one protection for general
household equipment. The second line of defence is to have surge protection
installed within your home, at the power outlet, to complement other equipment
designed to stop surges at the switchboard.
IP56 Rated
Clipsal Lifesaver Safety Switches are also available in an IP56 version
(596/56RCD-30). This means they’re protected against dust and water interfering
with satisfactory operation. This makes them an ideal solution for bathrooms,
laundries, wet or dusty areas.
Cooker Switches
A cooker switch must now be installed within two
metres of an electrical cook top and oven. Clipsal
has a wide selection of cooker switches to match any
style and need.
• A variety of styles to suit your home
• Option of a neon indicator.
HO Cooker MS
• 45A load rating - highest on Australian and New
Zealand markets.
Clipsal Iconic
Night Walk
Night Walk sensor light
Clipsal Iconic offers a new Night Walk skin. This
product plugs into a standard double socket grid
plate. It features an integrated motion sensor that
switches on when it detects movement. Soft warm
white LEDs illuminate the way when someone gets up
at night, providing a safe pathway without disturbing
Time Clocks and Timers
Time clocks are programmed via the Wiser Room
app for 24 hour, 7 day scheduling. They’re ideal for
scheduling operating times for appliances like towel
rails, garden lights, or hot water booster elements,
and can be set to automatically track with seasonal
sunrise and sunset changes.
Smart device app
configuration and our own
ControlLink connectivity
Clipsal Iconic timers are available in three models.
The 350-watt timer can be configured to popular
durations. The 3-wire 6 and 10 amp models can be
programmed by the Wiser Room app for 1 second to
24 hour adjustable time delay and run-on capability.
They’re great energy savers for pantries, laundries
and bathrooms.
Your Clipsal Iconic plugs are easily and quickly
upgraded to include time clocks, timers or night walk
by your electrician.
Understanding Your
Smoke Alarms
Tragically, each year in Australia there are over 10,000 house fires resulting
in more than 70 deaths, 1,500 injuries and millions of dollars worth of property
damage. These kinds of fires happen all too frequently, and the fact is, they
happen fast. A house can be razed to the ground in less than 15 minutes.
That’s why it’s essential for every home to be fitted with a sufficient number
of appropriate, and suitably placed, mains powered smoke alarms. Standards
mandate the installation of at least one smoke alarm in every home, however
you need to carefully consider whether one is enough. Clipsal recommends
the installation of multiple smoke alarms in your home - the positioning will
be dependant on the your floorplan.
Installing a high-quality smoke alarm ensures peace of mind by offering you 24hour a day protection for your family and home against fire and smoke. The early
warning that a smoke alarm provides means less chance of major damage and,
more importantly, less chance of lives being lost.
Choosing the Right
Smoke Alarm for added
Peace of Mind
Choose high-quality alarms from a reputable supplier
(Clipsal Photoelectric FireTek® recommended).
Install multiple alarms and have them interconnected
for the best protection.
Ensure your alarms are installed by a professional installer.
Choose Photoelectric smoke alarms for the earliest response
to smouldering fires, the most common and highest risk house
fires. Photoelectric smoke alarms are recommended by all state
fire departments for best all round protection.
Test alarm operation and clean the unit regularly
(minimum once per month).
Check battery condition regularly
(minimum once per month).
Replace smoke alarm after 10 years of life.
It is also worth
talking to your
electrician about
the merits of
your smoke alarms
and installing a 756
or a 755RB relay
base Isolation Unit
to activate lights
in case of fire which
assists with warning
you of potential
danger if the alarm
cannot be heard.
Fifty cents from the sale of every
Clipsal Firetek smoke alarm is
contributed to the Julian Burton
Burns Trust, to support their work of
alleviating the pain and suffering of
burns patients across Australia.
Smoke Alarms
Product Range
Smoke Alarms
Smoke Alarm, Photoelectric, Surface Mount
A Clipsal FireTek 755 Series Smoke Alarm is a
small investment, yet potentially one of the most
important you will ever make. The 755 Series
offers photoelectric models, in surface-mount
and aesthetically appealing flush-mount designs.
Both models offer total protection in residential
or commercial installations. You should consider
installing multiple interconnected photoelectric
alarms in your home, to provide optimum protection
for your family.
Why choose Photoelectric?
Smoke Alarm, Photoelectric, Flush Mount
A significant amount of home fires occur each
year in Australia. According to fire authorities, fire
hazards present the highest risk when occupants
are sleeping. The most likely type of fire encountered
while occupants are sleeping is a smouldering
fire. Our sense of smell decreases when sleeping,
so early warning of any fire is imperative, to allow
enough time to escape. Photoelectric smoke alarms
provide the earliest detection of a fire hazard in the
home, so occupants can escape quickly and safely.
Photoelectric smoke alarms are also recommended
by Australian Fire Departments and contain no
radioactive material, making them easy to dispose of
and better for the environment.
Smoke Alarm maintenance
Smoke Alarm, Photoelectric, Rechargeable
Lithium Backup Battery, Surface Mount
Like other electrical accessories in the home, smoke
alarms require maintenance to ensure efficient and
effective operation.
Here are some simple steps to maintaining smoke
alarms in your home:
• Test the smoke alarm and battery every month.
It’s important that the smoke alarm and battery
backup is checked regularly, to ensure the best
protection for any home.
Smoke Alarm Relay Mounting Base
• Ensure to clean the alarm from dust or insect ingress
each month to avoid any unwanted false alarms.
• Replace the battery every year, to ensure that it
works correctly.
• Replace the smoke alarm every 10 years.
All smoke alarms have a limited service life,
of 10 years. After that period, the entire smoke
alarm unit must be replaced with a new one.
Smoke Alarm Isolation Unit
Did you know...
that when you
are asleep you
lose your sense
of smell?
In the event of a fire, the smell of smoke will not
wake you. Your life depends on the ability to hear
the audible alarm, which is why you should have
multiple smoke alarms installed in your home,
and they should always be interconnected.
Ensure Your Home
is Secure
From motion sensors and keyless entry, to home security and lighting controlled
from your device, Clipsal has the right solution to secure your property and protect
your family. The ideas featured here are not suggested to replace your other
security measures, such as shutters and alarms, they are sensible, affordable
solutions to enhance the measures you may already have in place.
Clipsal perimeter lighting solutions, such as Clipsal Infrascans®, are a great
deterrent to intruders. Indoor and outdoor models automatically turn lights on
upon detecting movement and off again after a preset time, in offering the ultimate
in hands free convenience, energy efficiency and of course, added safety!
Whether deterring a potential burglar or allowing you to keep a close eye
on the kids, a Clipsal home automation system is an invaluable addition to
help keep your family safe. Why not ask your electrician to link cameras to your
TV, home networking system, the Internet or your smartphone for the ultimate
in remote surveillance.
Product Range
Time Clocks and Timers
3041VA-VW +
Time clocks are programmed via the Wiser Room
app for 24 hour, 7 day scheduling. They’re ideal for
scheduling operating times for things like outdoor
and hallway lighting, as an extra security measure
for your home. They can even be set to automatically
track with seasonal sunrise and sunset changes.
Sunset Switches
Sunset Switches use a light sensor to switch lights on
when daylight levels drop below the desired level, and
switch lights off once again at sunrise - automatically
adjusting to seasonal changes. They’re even available
with inbuilt timers so you can program the lights to
turn off after a set time. Clipsal Sunset Switches are
perfect for entrance areas, pathways, garden and
car park applications — lighting the way for a safe
welcome home and deterring would be intruders.
Infrascan Outdoor Motion Sensors
The original Infrascan was developed by Clipsal,
and remains a popular choice due to its reliability,
ruggedness, simplicity of operation and five-year
warranty. The Infrascan is designed to conveniently
turn lights on when movement is detected, and then
turn them off after a preset period of time.
The outdoor Infrascan operates under all weather
conditions and features long-range detection with
immunity to false triggering. Infrascans can be used
for garages, driveways, porches and outdoor living
areas. This helps people to safely make their way
to and from a garage or shed at night, and is ideal
for deterring intruders from entering your property.
However you look at it, Infrascans offer enhanced
security, convenience and energy savings.
Smart Security Solutions
With options to integrate your security
system, smart home technology provides
greater safety and peace of mind by
alerting you to what’s going on with your
security system, no matter where you are.
Nero Smart Home
Nero, by Environexus, is an affordable, scalable, retrofit and wireless automation
solution, that can be programmed to suit your lifestyle. Your smart phone or tablet
becomes the control interface for all your connected devices, seamlessly merging
lifestyle and technology into one.
A Nero Smart Home enables your devices to communicate with each other,
giving you comfort, convenience, and peace of mind. A smart security system
can respond immediately to any intrusions by sending a live view of your home
directly to your smartphone and can notify multiple users of the event. With a Nero
automation solution you can control any room at anytime from anywhere in the
world providing comfort, efficiency, and security.
Push Controls
Push Controls brings an exciting new world of smart home technologies designed
to work seamlessly together for the ultimate home automation experience,
connecting everything including lighting, audio visual, security, automated blinds,
climate control, and more, in one simple, intuitive app.
Thanks to Push Security Control, you don’t have to worry about leaving the front
door unlocked. You can conveniently activate your security system from the
comfort of your bedroom or anywhere in your home. With Push, you can also view
cameras and control locks and intercoms — making protecting your home, family,
and possessions easier than ever.
C-Bus® Home Control
A Clipsal C-Bus system gives you the ability to control lighting, irrigation, air
conditioning, multi-room audio, windows and blinds, your home theatre, security
system, irrigation, keyless entry – and more!
With options to integrate your security system, smart home technology provides
greater safety and peace of mind by alerting you to what’s going on with your
security system, while also offering advanced functions such as turning on lights
in the event of an intrusion.
Wiser™ Home Control
Wiser Home Control allows homeowners to have seamless control of lighting,
blinds, music, air conditioning, watering systems, security, energy and more. It's an
affordable addition to your C-Bus Home Control System and brings a whole new
level of functionality and connectivity to your home.
Whether you're at home or away, Wiser gives you 24/7 connectivity to your home.
You can monitor your home through connected security cameras and receive
email alerts if anything goes wrong. With Wiser, you and your family members are
protected 24/7.
Residential Safety
and Security Checklist
Choose high quality smoke alarms from a reputable supplier (Clipsal
FireTek® recommended).
Test your Clipsal Safety Switch on a monthly basis by operating the inbuilt
test function.
Ensure you have more than one smoke alarm installed in your home and
that they are suited to the area in which they are installed.
Ensure all electrical work is carried out by a licensed and qualified
electrical contractor. As tempting as it might be to perform unauthorised
electrical work and minor repairs, it is important to remember the risk of
electrocution. Also be aware that damage from unauthorised electrical
work can also void home insurance policies.
Fuses and circuit breakers are not Safety Switches. They are designed to
safeguard electrical circuits from overloading to protect property, not
Never use a power tool or appliance that you know is faulty or has a frayed
Always switch off a power outlet before you plug in or unplug any power
tool or appliance.
Neither Safety Switches or MCBs protect against electrical surges.
To guard against this, surge protection devices are recommended both
in the switchboard and within the home.
Nuisance tripping of the Safety Switch could indicate a possible earth
leakage problem due to faulty wiring or faulty appliance.
Nuisance tripping of the circuit protection could indicate the possibility
of excessive loads on a circuit and additional circuits may need to be
installed from the switchboard to reduce the load.
If your safety switch trips out immediately, or soon after being reset, then
it is highly likely that you have a faulty appliance. You will need to
disconnect all appliances on the protected circuit and individually test
each one until you find the fault.
Clipsal Powerhouse and Display Centres
The best way to experience what Clipsal home electrical products can do is to see
them in action. Visit your local Clipsal Powerhouse or Display Centre today:
Clipsal Powerhouses
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The Clipsal Showroom
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# This Powerhouse is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday, no appointment required.
† By appointment only. Available 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday.
* Open weekends.
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