Presstek DI
Environmentally-Friendly Digital Offset Printing
■ Chemistry-free Imaging
■ VOC-less Printing
■ Conserves Natural Resources
■ Waterless Offset
Presstek DI
Protect the Environment, Grow Your Business
Going Green is Good Business
Are you seeking an environmentally-sustainable printing solution that will make
your business more capable, profitable and competitive?
A Presstek DI digital offset press is the answer. DI presses are environmentally
friendly and deliver cost-effective, quick turnaround, high quality color
printing. This smarter way to print offers a strong competitive differentiation
that appeals to a wide customer base. DI printing offers capabilities that
reach beyond those of conventional offset and toner-based digital devices.
Direct imaging also significantly reduces
the need to store and dispose of chemistry.
Worldwide, it is estimated that more than
31 million gallons of chemistry are used in
imaging printing plates every year.*
VOC-less Printing
Good for the Environment
Presstek DI presses offer waterless
printing, chemistry-free platemaking
and substantially less waste than
conventional printing processes.
In addition, their compact footprint
means less floor space is required.
Chemistry-free Imaging
DI presses eliminate the need for:
• chemical processing
• production steps associated with
film-based platemaking
• separate imaging of plates using an
offline CTP system
Presstek DI presses achieve this efficiency
by automatically imaging the printing
plates and printing the job directly on press.
The digital file is sent to the DI press where
all four plates are simultaneously imaged
in precise register. Plates are imaged via
a thermal process; the heat from the
lasers removes the top layers of the plate
material, exposing the ink receptive layer.
The laser and digital plate comprise an
optimized system that eliminates the use
of chemistry in the platemaking process.
Volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions
have been linked to the breakdown of the
earth’s ozone layer, contributing to global
warming. The DI’s waterless press design
eliminates what is typically the largest
portion of a printer’s VOC output —solventbased press and blanket wash solutions.
These benefits—combined with the DI’s
on-press chemistry-free thermal imaging
and the automated ink cleaning
functions — reduce VOC output
by up to 90 percent.
Water Conservation
Conventional offset printing
requires water for plate
processing and for the press
dampening system. DI printing
does not use water. The chemically
tainted wastewater from traditional offset
printing is eliminated. The August 2006
United Nations–Water Thematic Issues
report, Coping with the Scarcity of Water,
speaks to the importance of maintaining
and preserving our water supply and
projects that 1.8 billion people will be living
in countries or regions with absolute water
scarcity by 2025 if water use continues at
its current rate.
Significantly Reduce Paper Waste
According to PIA/GATF Navigating Print
Markets in 2007–2008, the cost of paper
can account for 22 percent of a printer’s
sales revenue. Therefore, reducing paper
waste has an immediate positive effect on
the profitability of a printing company.
DI press owners report significant paper
savings. For example, one owner reports
that he reduced his makeready waste by
a factor of 10 (i.e.; reduced from
250 sheets to 25 sheets) after
the DI was installed.
From an ecological perspective,
this waste saving gains
importance when you consider
that one tree is equivalent to
only 236 11" x 17" brochures printed
on 100 lb. cover stock.
Paper waste reduction is achieved through
the DI presses’ control over major variables
in the printing process, such as ink/water
“We believe companies that take advantage of environmental opportunities
can gain a competitive advantage over their peers through cost reductions,
quality improvements, increased profitability, and access to new and
growing markets.” — Jackson W. Robinson
President of the Winslow Management Company
( Winslow Environmental News, Volume 14, Number 2)
Presstek DI Environmental Benefits
A. Chemistry-free imaging. Thermal laser digital imaging
eliminates the need for plate chemistry.
B. Eliminate fountain solutions and the accompanying waste
that can result from the need to constantly monitor and
adjust the ink/water balance in conventional offset printing.
C. Eliminate need to use solvents for washing blankets;
90% reduction of solvent used for roller wash and other
press maintenance.
D. Ink capabilities: waterless offset ink and soy-based
waterless offset ink.
balance and sheet transfer. The waterless
process eliminates the need to constantly
manage ink/water balance — resulting in
the press coming up to color more quickly,
producing sellable color within 20 sheets,
and maintaining consistency throughout
the run. The other major variable, sheet
transfer, is eliminated by Presstek DI’s Zero
Transfer Printing (ZTP) process. With ZTP,
all four colors are laid down onto the
sheet without sheet transfer between
towers. ZTP significantly
reduces operator intervention,
provides first sheet register
and enables sheet-to-sheet,
day-to-day, and job-to-job
consistency. DI’s ZTP process,
combined with the efficiencies
E. Print on recycled paper. A wide range of substrate choices
are available from recycled paper to heavy card stock to
onion skin; 0.0024" to 0.02" (0.06mm to 0.5mm).
F. Reduce paper waste by eliminating ink/water balance and
sheet transfer. File to sellable color within 20 sheets.
G. More efficient use of space due to:
• DI’s all-in-one compact footprint (a Presstek 52DI is 50
percent smaller than a 52cm conventional four-color press);
• Reduced storage of printed materials with on demand
printing capabilities.
On Demand Printing,
Just in Time
of waterless printing, not only saves
trees and solid waste to landfill, it
also lowers the cost of each job
by reducing paper consumption.
Compact Size, Economic
Use of Floor Space
Presstek DI presses integrate chemistryfree platemaking and waterless printing
within an all-in-one compact footprint. The
size economies of DI presses offer a more
productive and efficient use of floor
space. The Presstek 52DI utilizes 50
percent less floor space compared
to a 52cm conventional four-color
press with its associated platemaker and processor.
DI presses are designed to
effectively print high quality
offset color printing
sweet spot is run lengths from
250 to 10,000. As a result print
buyers can order the exact quantity they
require for the project or for the moment.
This dramatically reduces the floor space
required for inventories of printed material
and saves on the waste associated with the
future disposal of unused pieces.
Less cost, more efficiency and environmentally conscious printing—Presstek DI presses
are the optimum printing solution for today
and tomorrow.
*According to information compiled by John Zarwan, J Zarwan Partners, 2007
Be More Capable,
Profitable and
DI waterless printing conserves water and
reduces waste while providing higher
quality color with higher ink densities that
expand the color gamut and produce more
saturated color. The chart at right shows
the CIE hue measurements taken from
three different press sheets. DI waterless
printing offers a 20 percent larger color
space than conventional offset.
Waterless Sheetfed
(DI Digital Offset)
Conventional Sheetfed
Conventional Web
Source: Waterless Printing Association
Presstek DI makes it possible for you to
have it all: environmentally friendly, high
quality, accurate color reproduction—
quickly, cost-effectively and on a wide
range of substrates.
Better Color, Reduced Waste
Increase Business Opportunities with
Presstek DI Digital Offset Presses
Expand Capabilities
Superior Quality
Up to 300 lpi and FM screening.
Greater Detail
Lower dot gain resulting from direct thermal imaging on
waterless DI ProFire Digital Media.
Better Color Saturation
Ink densities average 20 percent higher than conventional printing,
while maintaining sharpness and detail.
Much richer appearance than conventional printing even at
the same screen rulings.
More Colors, Accurately
20 percent larger color space than conventional offset.
Consistent Color
Achieved by elimination of dampening solution and sheet transfer.
Wide Range of
Substrate Options
From onion skin to heavy card stock, 0.0024" to 0.02"
(0.06 mm to 0.5 mm).
Faster Makeready
Automated makeready in 10 minutes, including imaging; producing
sellable color within 20 sheets.
Highly compatible with standard recycled paper stocks.
Automatic ink key setting speeds makeready, while reducing
paper waste.
Quick Turnaround
DI waterless printing provides a 20% larger color gamut.
Higher Quality, More Accurate
Color Reproduction
When printing with a Presstek DI press, dot
gain is reduced because the press eliminates
the need for dampening solution. The dots
are sharper and photographic shadow
detail is rendered more clearly. Screen
rulings of 300 lpi and FM screening are
easily produced and the color is consistent.
Automated changeover, including automatic press and blanket wash.
Silicone rubber layer
provides supportive
walls for ink
Fast operating speeds of up to 10,000 sheets per hour.
Waterless Plate
Naturally fast-drying waterless ink combined with an infrared dryer
facilitates quick printing of the sheets second side.
Increase Profitability
Higher Profit Margins*
Compared to conventional offset:
Job profitability is 13 percent higher on a DI press.
Compared to toner-based digital devices:
Save 50 percent on average per letter-sized page with a DI press.
Reduce Labor,
Time and Cost
Unsupported ink is in direct
contact with water and
chemical dampening solution
Conventional Wet Offset Plate
Highly automated, easy-to-use DI presses require less
operator time to run and maintain.
Enables less-skilled operators to produce superior quality printing.
Small Footprint
Save floor space with the system’s all-in-one compact footprint.
Clean Operation
Compatible with commercial real estate environments.
Strengthen Competitive Advantage
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Better Leveraging
of Growth Market
Lowest cost per page in 250 to 10,000 run lengths, one of the
fastest growing segments of the industry and the DI “sweet spot.”
*Source: InfoTrends, Inc., The Next Generation Digital Color Printing Opportunity and
U.S. Print On Demand Market Forecast: 2005–2010
Printed with a Presstek DI press on Chorus Art 100 lb. Silk Cover. Chorus Art stock contains 50 percent recycled fiber,
including 25 percent post-consumer waste, and is Forest Stewardship Council certified.
Copyright © 2007 Presstek, Inc. DI is a registered trademark of Presstek, Inc.
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