NOTES FOR HOSPITALITY HOUR Hospitality Carts are in room 201

Hospitality Carts are in room 201 in the Connection Room.
1. Make sure an empty air pot (remove inside spout) is placed below coffee filter
area. Please keep a washcloth or towel on that small platform at all times for
2. Remove plastic FILTER container, place a paper coffee filter into container, place
2 scoops of coffee into filter.
3. Pour ONE pitcher of water (filled up to the line) into the top of the Coffee Maker. Be
sure to CLOSE the little lid.
4. Coffee will empty into AIRPOT. It will take three minutes to brew one AIRPOT of
5. Put empty airpot under coffee filter area right away to catch drips
6. Place full airpot onto long table in the Koinonia Room.
7. Place used filters and coffee grounds into ice cream bucket.
1 round table is set up for tea, chocolate, hot water, and ice water; with cups and napkins,
spoons, tea bags, instant tea and chocolate. Set up the 2 long tables. Tablecloths are below
counter in kitchenette. 2 regular airpots and 2 decaf airpots will be on each table along with a
basket of cookies. Check for refilling often- the first half hour. You can begin to clean up when
crowd greatly diminishes
Children’s table: 1 pitcher of punch, cookies in basket, napkins & cups. Use only 2 large
packages or 3 small packages for cookies per week.
Baskets for donations are on the coffee cart. Place them on the high conversation tables.
When the late Sunday service starts, empty the donation baskets and place the donation in a
‘coffee donation’ envelope, located on the cart or in room 201. Give to the ushers or place in
collection plate in servant’s quarters.
You can start cleaning up when crowd greatly diminishes. Take airpots and carts to
kitchenette area to clean. Wash and leave them with lids open and insides left on counter.
When cleaning off tables, put supplies back on the carts and return the carts to room 201.
Please make a note if we are running low on any supplies and let either ART BOLEN know or
put it on the bulletin cart in the Servants’ Qtrs. Coffee supply is taken care of from Abigail
Circle, Donna Bever checks supply regularly, but please inform the church office if you are
running low.
coffee makers
Always place fresh coffee
into filter and put into place,
BEFORE you add
ONE pitcher of water
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