Riptide Pools
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50 Htz
Riptide Pool Range
Freeze protection 14
Important safety information 4
Clean cycle
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Installation and set-up
Selecting a site for your pool
Ozone generator
Electrical requirements and connections
Diverter controls
Checklist before filling your pool
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Control system features
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Overview of water chemistry 17
Starting your pool with new water
Water care
Maintaining pool water 21
Modifying water care schedules
Water chemistry troubleshooting 21
Riptide total alkalinity (ta) adjustment chart
Date and time
Changing your pool water 20
Keypad settings
Drain operation
Cleaning your filters 20
Pool shell care 20
Electrical configuration
Cleaning and protecting the headrests
Audio mode
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Miscellaneous care 21
Low-use or no-use periods
Pool winterization
Pool de-winterization
About your Spa System
Speakers setting
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Disconnect Bluetooth
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Auxiliary control panel
Other functions:
Riptide limited warranty22
Riptide Pool Range
Atlantis 4.6 Freestyle
Atlantis 4.6 / Atlantis 4.6 Pro
Atlantis 5.8 / Atlantis 5.8 Pro
Titan / Titan Pro
Manta / Manta Pro
Manta Super Pro
Nautilus Freestyle
Nautilus / Nautilus Pro
Nautilus Super Pro
Poseidon / Poseidon Pro
1. WARNING - risk of fatal hypothermia.
When installing and using this electrical equipment, basic
safety precautions should always be followed, including the
a) The use of alcohol, drugs, or medication can greatly
increase the risk of fatal Hypothermia in a pool.
b) The causes, symptoms, and effects of Hypothermia may be
described as follows: Hypothermia occurs when the internal
temperature of the body reaches a level several degrees
below the normal body temperature of 37°C (98.6°F). The
symptoms of Hypothermia include an decrease in the internal
temperature of the body, dizziness, lethargy, drowsiness, and
fainting. The effects of Hypothermia include:
• Unawareness of impending hazard;
• Failure to perceive cold;
• Failure to recognize the need to exit the pool;
• Physical inability to exit the pool;
• Foetal damage in pregnant women; and
• Unconsciousness and danger of drowning.
2. WARNING - To reduce the risk of injury, do not
permit children to use this product unless they
are closely supervised at all times.
3. In standard form, the Riptide pool requires only one supply
of 240 volts 32 amp or 45 amp, except the Poseidon model
which is 21 amp and 45 amp. Please consult with a qualified
electrician to verify current legislation
4. DANGER - risk of accidental drowning. Extreme
caution must be exercised to prevent unauthorised access
by children. To avoid accidents, ensure that children cannot
use the Riptide pool unless they are supervised at all times.
2. WARNING - risk to infants, the elderly, and
women planning pregnancy or during pregnancy.
Please consult your physician if the above applies to you or
anyone using your pool.
5. DANGER - risk of injury. The suction fittings in
the Riptide pool are sized to match the specific water flow
created by the pump. Should the need arise to replace the
suction fittings or the pump, be sure that the flow rates are
compatible. Never operate the Riptide pool if the suction
fittings are broken or missing. Never replace a suction fitting
with one rated lower than the flow rate marked on the original
suction fitting.
3. WARNING - risk of children drowning. Although
your Riptide pool cover is not rated as a safety cover, it is
wise to always keep the pool cover securely fastened when
not in use. This will help discourage children from attempting
to enter the pool when not supervised by an adult.
4. WARNING - risk of drowning. Use caution when
bathing alone. Overexposure to hot water may
cause nausea, dizziness, and fainting.
6. DANGER - risk of electric shock. Do not permit
any electrical appliance, such as a light, telephone, radio,
or television, within 5 feet (1.5m) of the unit. These units
have an integral ground fault circuit interrupter, but this only
covers the pools’ own electrics.
5. WARNING - risk of injury. Always use extreme
caution while entering or exiting the pool. Surfaces can be
very slippery when wet. Do not step or sit on head rests.
Keep all breakable objects out of the pool area.
7. WARNING - to reduce the risk of injury:
a) Before entering the pool check the temperature.
b) Since excessive water temperatures have a high potential
for causing foetal damage during the early months of
pregnancy, pregnant or possibly pregnant women should
seek advice before using a pool and should maintain safe
water temperatures.
c) The counter-current of the Riptide pool is extremely
powerful and could cause injury if used incorrectly. Do not
stand next to the counter-current nozzles when the motor is
running. Ideally, you should be placed at least 1 meter from
the nozzles. Never attempt to adjust the swim jet nozzles
whilst the motor is running
d) The use of alcohol, drugs, or medication, before or during
pool use, may lead to unconsciousness with the possibility
of drowning.
e) Persons suffering from obesity, or with a medical history of
heart disease, low or high blood pressure, circulatory system
problems, or diabetes, should consult a physician before
using a Riptide pool.
f) Persons using medication should consult a physician
before using the pool since some medication may induce
drowsiness while other medication may affect heart rate,
blood pressure and circulation.
6. WARNING - risk of injury. Never use the pool
immediately after strenuous exercise.
7. WARNING - risk of injury. Individuals with infectious
diseases should not use the pool
8. WARNING - risk of injury. Maintain water chemistry
in accordance with chemical manufacturer’s instructions.
9. WARNING - risk of shock. The pool must not be
operated in severe weather conditions, i.e. electrical storms.
10. CAUTION - unauthorised access. Secure
the pool area against unauthorised access. Make sure all
barriers meet local codes. Keep the pool cover on pool when
not being used.
11. CAUTION - risk of damage to pool or
equipment. By performing maintenance as described
later in this Owner’s Manual, the chance of damage to your
pool and its equipment will be greatly reduced. Never block
the air vents that lead to the equipment compartment. Doing
so may cause the pool equipment to overheat.
12. CAUTION - non-approved accessories. Using
accessories not approved by the manufacturer could void
your guarantee or cause other problems. Please consult with
your authorised Riptide dealer.
13. CAUTION - location of your Riptide pool.
Locate your Riptide pool on a surface that can withstand
the weight bearing requirements of the pool (see Selecting
a Site for your Riptide pool in this Manual). Also, locate your
pool in an environment that can withstand repeated exposure
to water and the possibility of a major spill.
Note: Typical outdoor surfaces include, but are not
limited to: concrete; brick; non-slip tile; wood-decking;
pea shingle or sand.
Your Riptide pool is designed for either indoor or
outdoor use. In either case, please adhere to the
following guidelines:
1. Select a site that is stable and capable of supporting
the weight of your pool, its water, and the people
using it (refer to the model brochure or contact an
authorised Riptide dealer for the filled weight of
your pool). If installed on a suspended floor/deck, it
should be capable of supporting your pool. If you have
concerns on this matter, please contact a qualified,
licensed contractor.
All Riptide pools must be wired in accordance with
all national electric codes. Always use a qualified
electrician to perform the electrical installation.
Please reference the wiring diagram specific to your
Riptide pool‘s control system:
• Standard Riptide pool 32 amp / 45 amp model
control system
— one input 240V 32 amp / 45 amp single phase
2. The surface needs to be flat and level as it must
provide continuous support for the entire bottom of
the pool structure. Do not shim or block up the pool
creating voids below the base framework. If you do not
intend to use a pit please ensure you have adequate
drainage or a soak away.
• Poseidon Riptide pool 21 amp spa end, 45 amp
pool end
— two inputs 240V, one 45 amp and one 21 amp
single phase
3. Avoid installing the pool in a pit or low area where
water may accumulate and damage the pool or its
equipment. Choose a site where water will drain away
from the pool and not towards it.
• Riptide Oceana requires a 40 amp supply
4. Important: with all installations, the Riptide pool
must be located at least 150cm [5ft] from all electrical
outlets, switches, and other permanently installed
electrical devices.
Use only a qualified, licensed electrician to make 240
Volt electrical installations.
Your 220/240 Volt standard Riptide pool 32 amp
/ 45 amp model requires one fused and dedicated
electrical circuit of 32 amp / 45 amp and a minimum
supply wire size of 6mm. It is important that these
circuits are dedicated (not being used by any other
electrical appliance) or your pool may not function
Indoor considerations: There are several
considerations when installing your Riptide pool
indoors: the environment both around and below the
pool should be water resistant. It must be capable of
handling water splashed out from the pool as well as
the possibility of a leak from the vessel ( a catch basin
equivalent to the volume of your pool is recommended);
it is recommended that the room you install the pool
in has proper ventilation. This can usually be achieved
by an exhaust fan or a dehumidifier if pool is used for
less than one hour per day.
The 220/240V Riptide pool 45 amp model requires
one fused and dedicated electrical circuit of 45 amp
and a minimum supply wire size of 6mm. It is important
that these circuits are dedicated (not being used by
any other electrical appliance) or your pool may not
function properly.
Note: Typical indoor surfaces include, but are not
limited to: concrete; wood; non-slip tile or linoleum.
Position your Riptide pool at least 150cm [5ft] from all
electrical outlets or devices.
Outdoor Considerations: When selecting an outdoor
site, several things should be considered. Firstly, avoid
selecting a site where excessive water may contact the
pool such as from sprinklers or a roof edge without rain
gutters. If possible, avoid areas of direct, prolonged
sunlight. The ultraviolet rays of sunlight will tend to
fade and damage your Riptide pool cover and cabinet.
Lastly, avoid locating your pool in an area where debris
could be blown into the pool. If sinking your Riptide
pool into the ground a suitable drainage system must
be installed to avoid the risk of hydrostatic pressure
from rising ground water.
Never, under any circumstances, install your
Riptide pool on an electrically heated floor.
4. Check Valve: Verify that all valves aside from the
drainage valves described previously are in the fully
open position. A valve that is half closed will result in
a noisy pump due to lack of water flow.
We strongly recommend that a suitable seal cable
guide is installed to retain the water tight seal of the
control boxes. The incoming power line must be suitably
fused and protected to a C.E. minimum standard and
any national specific regulations required.
5. Fill the pool: Fill the pool to approximately the
halfway point on the skimmers.
6. Water overflow Built into the back of the skimmer
on all models except Oceana, is a water overflow. The
overflow stops rain water from over fillimg the pool.
Excess water will flow out from the corner adjacent to
the overflow.
Important: The equipment should never be operated
without water in the pool. Serious damage to the
equipment will occur.
Note 1: The higher the water level, the less pool users
it will take to cause the water to overflow the pool
edge. Also, water will splash out more easily whilst
swimming in the pool if it is over-filled.
1. Installing your cover: Your Riptide pool cover
comes with tie-down straps and locking hardware to
attach the cover to the pool cabinet or decking.
Note 2:
If you live in a hard water area and have access to a
water softener we recommend you fill the pool with
softened water. The calcium balance of the pool water
should be approximately 40 parts per million.
2. Check drain valves: Check that the pool drain
valve is fully closed.
3. Tighten equipment fittings: In the equipment
compartment, hand-tighten all PVC pipe unions,
pump bleed valve and pump drain plugs to prevent
the possibility of leakage (sometimes these fittings
loosen during shipment). Check also that all fittings
on the filter are closed (HAND TIGHT ONLY! ).
6. Check for leaks: After the Riptide pool is full, but
before turning the power on, check all the fittings and
equipment in the equipment compartment for signs of
leakage. If a leak is detected, except from fittings that
can be hand-tightened, call your authorised Riptide
ContRol panel operations
Jet control
The fully programmable control system on Riptide pools
allows total management of the water temperature
and jet power at the touch of a button. Also included
is an automatic timer switch and operational safety
features to ensure a safe and relaxing pool experience.
Audio system (optional)
The speed of the jets is fully adjustable via the simple
to operate buttons on the control panel.
The integrated audio system features 4 transducer
speakers, a sub woofer speaker and an mp3 dock.
Heater control
Safety features
You can set the water temperature to suit the activity:
hot for just relaxing, cooler for exercise. You can also
set the water temperature in advance ensuring your
pool is ready for use anytime you wish.
The control system has multiple safety features
including water flow protection, high and low voltage
protection, high and low temperature protection and
anti dry heating protection to guarantee the pool
operates safely. The control box is fully waterproof
with International Protection Rating (IP) 55.
Quick Reference Card
Please consult your spa user manual for complete info on the features of your spa system.
ContRol panel operations
MAIN Control touch
in.k 1000
Touch Screen Keypad
No buttons, keys and overlays! Mode and function selection wheels, all-on or all-off one touch activation key of last
used settings, interactive display icons and on-screen messages are all elements of the in.k1000 user interface
designed to let spa users interact intuitively with their spa and its value-added accessories.
direct to function
selection wheel
(settings and
additional options)
All-on or all-off key
(one touch activation)
mode selection
wheel (settings
and accessories)
system message
and reminder
interactive display icons
(main spa functions)
notification icons
Notification icons at the top right-hand side of the screen show the status of connected value-added accessories.
system is idle
system is off
system is connected
to wifi 2 audio
system is on 2 audio
system is off
is installed
system is on
system is not
connected to wifi
spas functions
Quick and easy step-by-step instructions to control the main functions and
to configure system settings of your spa from its in.k1000 main spa keypad.
turn keypad on
all-on, all-off target key
3 minutes after the last pump is turned off, the
screen will shut off if there is no touch activity.
in.k1000 features an all-on or all-off one touch
activation key. When pressed, it tops or starts all
working components and accessories at once.
Touch the screen to turn on the keypad.
Then follow the instructions on the screen to
access the main screen.
From the home page, you can access the
following modes:
• sanitization (with in.clear connected)
• audio (with 2 connected)
• color (with in.mix installed)
• spa
• settings
To select a mode, slide the left wheel up or down
until the desired icon menu is highlighted in the
ContRol panel operations
spa mode
spa mode
start or stop accessories
water temperature
To select the spa mode, slide the left wheel up
or down until the spa icon is highlighted in the
To start or stop an accessory (pump, blower,
light), touch the associated icon. Icons will
become animated when their accessory is turn
on, and animation will stop when turn off.
The temperature at the bottom of the screen
shows the current water temperature. Use the Up
and Down icon to set the desired temperature.
The set point will appear in blue. After 3 seconds
without any changes to the set temperature value,
the current water temperature will reappear.
The home page will display its equipment
start or stop keys, up and down buttons, water
temperature, messages and quick access to
display options:
• display orientation
• display contrast
Icons on the screen will reflect the speed or state
of the devices running on your spa. When an
accessory has more than one speeds press the
button until it reaches the desired speed.
To select an option, slide the right wheel up or
down until the desire icon menu is highlighted in
the middle.
When the set value is lower than the current
temperature Cooling to xx.x will appear below.
When the set value is higher than the current
temperature, Heating to xx.x will be indicated
under the value. Normally there is a short delay
before the heating starts, during which Heating
Suspended is indicated under the value.
display orientation
display contrast
To modify the display orientation settings, slide
the right wheel until the display orientation icon is
highlighted in the middle.
To modify the display contrast settings, slide
the right wheel until the display contrast icon is
highlighted in the middle.
Press key to go directly into the sleep mode. In
sleep mode, water splashing on the keypad can't
inadvertently start/stop a pump.
Simply touch the line of the orientation you want
to select.
Simply touch the line of the contrast you want
to select.
You can use the Settings mode to manage settings of your spa system.
direct to function
selection wheel:
water care maintenance date & time keypad electrical config wifi about -
mode selection
settings icon
list of featured items
To select the settings mode, slide the left wheel up or down until the settings icon menu is highlighted in
the middle.
In the Settings page you can access the following:
• water care
• maintenance
• date & time
• keypad
• electrical configuration
• wifi
• miscellaneous
• about
To select an item, slide the right wheel until the desired icon is highlighted in the middle or press on the
menu name.
ContRol panel operations
water care
The Water care page will help you set up your ideal filtration and heating settings.The Water care page
will help you set up your ideal filtration and heating settings. Choose, set or modify one of the
5 suggested modes depending on your needs at any given time.
Away from home
Energy Savings
Super Energy
In this mode the
spa will always be in
economy; the set point
will be reduced
by 20° F.
The spa will never be
in economy mode
and will be filtering
according to the pack's
low level configuration.
The spa will be in
economy mode during
the peak hours of
the day and resume
normal mode on
the weekend.
The spa will always
be in economy mode
during peak hours,
every day of the week.
The spa will be in
economy mode from
Monday to Friday, and
will run normally on
the weekend.
modifying water care schedules
water care
filter cycles
To modify a Water care category, touch the pen
icon at the right end of the desired water care to
open the selected Water Care menu.
Touch the Economy tab to change the economy
schedule. You can add economy schedules by
touching the « + » symbol .
Touch the Filter cycle tab to change the filter
cycle schedules. You can add filtration schedules
by touching the « + » symbol .
To delete a schedule, touch the garbage can icon
at the right end of the desired line.
To delete a schedule, touch the garbage can icon
at the right end of the desired line.
You can modify the programmed schedules by
selecting one and adjusting the schedule.
Once you have set the schedule, use the calendar
icon to go back.
In Economy mode, the set point will be reduced
by 20°F, which means that the heating system
will not be engaged unless the temperature falls to
20°F below the spa's set temperature.
The filtration schedule show on the screen will be
applied to the main filtration pump, most likely
pump 1. If your spa uses a circulation pump
configured to run 24 hours, the screen will show
you the purge setting instead of filtration.
The purges are pre-programmed for a fix number
of minutes, therefore the duration will be set to
N/A on the screen, and only the start time can be
You have several possibilities for the schedule
(Mon-Fri, weekend, every day, or single days).
The schedules will be repeated every week.
The time and duration are set in 30 minute
Touch the Purge tab to change the purge
settings. You can add purges by touching the
« + » symbol.
To delete a schedule, touch the garbage can icon
at the right end of the desired line.
You can modify the programmed purges by
selecting one and adjusting the schedule.
You have several possibilities for the schedule
(Mon-Fri, weekend, every day, or single days).
The schedules will be repeated every week.
The time and duration are set in 30 minute
increments. Once you have set the purge,
use the calendar icon to go back.
ContRol panel operations
To modify maintenance settings, slide the right
wheel until the maintenance icon is highlighted
in the middle.
The in.k1000 keypad will provide reminders
about maintenance required on your spa, like
rinsing or cleaning the filter. Every task has its own
duration, based on normal use.
The Standby mode allows you to service your
spa. Pumps will stop for 30 minutes and will
automatically restart after this time.
From the Maintenance page you can access
the following:
• Reminders
• Standby
Simply touch the line of the item you want
to change.
The reminders menu allows you to check the time
left before maintenance is required, as well as to
reset the time once a task has been completed.
Once Standby mode is activated a screen will
appear to show that pumps have stopped.
The normal spa page will return at the end of
To reset a task, select it by pressing the curved
arrow, then confirm when prompted. Once you
have confirmed, the task will be reset.
When the Drain key is pressed, pump 1
low or circulation pump (depending on spa
configuration) is activated to drain the spa.
date and time
date and time
set date
set time
To modify date and time settings, slide the right
wheel until the date and time icon is highlighted
in the middle.
Here you can adjust the year, month and date.
Simply swipe up and down the column you want
to change, and select the desired value. When
done, touch the calendar icon at the right of the
Here you can change the hour, minute and time
format. Simply swipe up and down the column
you want to change, and select the desired value.
When done, touch the calendar icon at the right
of the screen
Simply touch the line of the item you want to
keypad settings
keypad settings
temperature units
display orientation
To modify keypad settings, slide the right wheel
until the keypad icon is highlighted in the middle.
Use this page to set or change the temperature in
F˚ or C˚ units.
Use this page to set or change the normal or
inverted display orientation.
Simply touch the line of the item you want to
display contrast
display language
Use this page to set or change the display day or
night contrast.
Use this page to set or change the display
ContRol panel operations
keypad settings
keypad lock/unlock (optional)
When this option is enabled, the user can partially
or completely lock the keypad.
When the user wants to lock the keypad he is
asked to select a 4-digit code. The same code will
be needed to unlock the keypad.
Next time he wants to lock the keypad, he will be
prompted again to select a 4-digit code (same
functionality as a Safe in a hotel room).
The keypad can be unlocked with a universal
unlock code (3732) or by a reset of the keypad.
When Full Lock is selected, all functions are
In Partial Lock, you may only activate accessories.
Settings may not be changed in this mode.
keypad color (optional)
If this option is available (depending on the spa
configuration), the keypad rim color can be
8 pre-defined colors are available. If the in.mix
is installed, the keypad rim color can also be
associated to an in.mix zone.
warm weather
info messages
This menu gives access to modify the Warm
Weather option and info messages in the media
The Warm weather option allows you to bypass
the pack filtration over-temperature feature.
When Warm weather is On, the filtration overtemperature is disabled. This feature allows the
spa to continue filtering even though the water
temperature is high.
Press display/hide key to modify message display:
If hide option is selected, smart winter mode
message will only appear when a SWM purge is in
action. Otherwise the message will always appear
when the spa is in a SWM condition.
If hide option is selected, heating suspended and
filtering suspended messages will not appear.
ContRol panel operations
about your spa system
To get info about your spa system, slide the right
wheel until the about icon is highlighted in the
Information about the in.k1000 software number
and the revision numbers of the different
components of your system will be displayed.
(This function is available only if an in.touch module is connected to your system.)
wifi settings
wifi networks
wifi network password
To modify wifi network settings, slide the right
wheel until the wifi icon is highlighted in the
After a few seconds the available networks will
appear on-screen, as well as their signal strength.
If the wifi network is password protected, enter
it when keyboard prompts. Use Enter key to
validate the password.
Select network will be identified by a green check
Swipe Up or Down the list to select your network.
If no password is required the in.touch will
connect automatically.
wifi (in.touch 2)
in.touch module not connected
When a in.touch 2 is detected, this network will
If the in.touch module of your spa system is not
connected, this message will be displayed.
electrical configuration
Please do not make changes in this section
unless you are a qualified electrician.
ContRol panel operations
audio mode
(only available if the system detects a connected 2 audio station)
direct to function
selection wheel:
on/off speakers source bluetooth -
mode selection
audio mode
mute / last track / play/pause / next track
To select the audio mode, slide the left wheel up or down until the audio icon menu is highlighted in the middle.
In the Audio page you can access the following:
• 2 on/off
• speaker calibration
• audio source selector
• disconnect bluetooth
To select an item, slide the right wheel until the desired icon is highlighted in the middle.
turn 2 ON (icon red)
turn 2 OFF (icon green)
main display
Slide the right wheel until the power on/off icon
is highlighted in the middle. Press the icon at the
center of the screen to turn 2 on.
Press the icon at the center of the screen to turn 2 off.
Press Play / Pause to start or pause playback of
audio files.
Drag the volume slider to adjust the volume or tap
the mute button to mute or unmute sound.
Press the last track or next track buttons to go to
the previous song or skip to the next.
speakers setting
audio source selector
to modify your speaker settings
to select an audio source
Slide the right wheel until the speaker calibration
icon is highlighted in the middle.
Slide the right wheel until the source icon is
highlighted in the middle.
You can adjust:
In the menu list, the following sources are
• balance
• fade
• subwoofer
Use the sliders to change the speaker settings at
the desired level.
The fade and subwoofer sliders will only appear
on the screen if the corresponding speakers are
installed on the 2.
• Bluetooth
• FM
• Aux. 1
Simply select the desired one to use.
Note that only the sources installed on the 2 will be displayed in the source menu.
Please note that the Play/Pause and Change
Track functions apply to devices using Bluetooth
technology and USB, and will not work when AUX
is selected as the source.
disconnect bluetooth
If a device with Bluetooth technology is connected
to the 2, you can disconnect it by
pressing the Disconnect key at the bottom of the
Doing so will also prevent the 2 from
automatically reconnecting to this specific device
until it has been reconnected using the device
ContRol panel operations
control panel
Fitted to Pro and Super Pro models, the Variable Speed
Drive Auxiliary Control Panel operates the Variable Speed
Drive (VSD) jet speed.
The main control panel must first be turned on for the variable
speed drive to operate. Once turned on, the current can be
increased or reduced by using the up and down buttons on
the control.
Auxiliary control panel
Fitted to Manta models, the Auxilliary Control Panel allows pool
users to control the jets and lighting from within the pool. If the
pool has 4 jet pumps, Jet 3/4 button will control Jets 3 and 4.
First press of Jets 3/4 button operates pump 3, second press
operates pump 3 and 4, third press controls pump 4 and fourth
press will turn both Jets 3 and 4 off.
Swim Spas . Exercise Pools
Jets 1
Jets 2 Jets 3/4
Other Functions
Freeze Protection
If the sensors within the heater detect a very low
temperature, the pumps and blower automatically
activate to provide freeze protection. The pumps
and blower will run continuously or periodically
depending on the conditions.
The Diverter Controls (if fitted) can
be found along the top face of your
pool, one on each side. By turning
these controls you can divert the water current
between the spa jets and the counter current jets.
For example, you can divert more of the water current
power to the counter currents creating more force to
swim against.
At the beginning of the filtration cycle, a pump will
automatically operate for 1 minute to clean the spa
Circulation PUMP
The circulation pump operates during filtration and
when the heater is in operation.
Ozone generator
The ozone generator will operate during filtration
wipe screen
This message appears when too much water is
detected on the touch screen. Simply wipe away
excess water.
too much water on display
installation error messages
Upon connecting the in.k1000 to your spa system you may see one of two error messages.
Please follow the instructions in the message or contact your dealer for more information.
wipe screen
This message appears when too much water is
detected on the touch screen. Simply wipe away
excess water.
Error messages on-screen list and definitions:
DiagnosticS - IN.K 1000 ERROR CODES
error codeserror
a failure or problem that must be rectified to guarantee the good function of the n.YJ2
The error
below display on the keypad. For more information on error messages.
onnecting the
in.k1000 to
your spa system
you may
see one of twolisted
error messages.
follow the instructions in the message or contact your dealer for more information.
Please refer to the IN.YE5 control system techbook at
If this guide does not help you solve the problem please contact your dealer.
Elevated internal temperature
No Flow condition
Verify cable connections
ER1SwimSpa config. : slave unit is missing
F1in.xm2 Fuse # 1 is blown
Error messages on-screen list and definitions:
Fuse # 2 is blown
F3in.xm2 Fuse # 3 is blown
The pressure switch is closed
No Flow condition for more than 2 hours
No Flow condition
HIBrAdd fresh water to the spa
HLHigh Limit circuit has tripped!
HrHardware error was detected (Thermal fuse)
HRA hardware error was detected (Relay stuck)
LoBrAdd BromiCharge to spa water
NoBrAdd BromiCharge to spa water
OHSpa temperature is too high
Temp probes or detection circuit are defective
RH IDin.xm2 and in.therm incompatible
Comm. error between in.xm2 - in.therm
© Groupe Gecko Alliance Inc., 2017
All trademarks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
SC ERError detected during the learning mode
SP in
Input voltage
Rev. 02-2017
Connect power cord to 240 V source
The spa pack does not have valid software. Please insert valid in.stick to reprogram spa pack.
DiagnosticS - OPERATION
Once commissioned, your Riptide pool should operate normally when properly set up. If, however, you
encounter operating problems please use this general guide. If this guide does not help you solve the
problem please contact your dealer.
Operating problemAnalysisAction required
Spa can’t start in any mode.
•Power is off.
• Electric control failure (display shows error message).
Check the power supply to the
pool. Check the error message
on page 16 and contact your
Water jets turns off
automatically when using
the pool.
• The default time setting has switched off the jets.
• The pump motor is overheating.
Press the pump button to
restart the pump. Stop running
pump for 1 hour until cool and
then restart the pump
The water pumps are
operating but no water is
coming out of the jets.
• The water pump has an air block.
Try to restart the jet. Introduce
water into the filter opening to
clear any possible air block.
Pool water is heating slowly
and / or not reaching
required temperature.
• Filter cartridge needs cleaning
• There is no cover on the spa creating heat loss.
• Heater is faulty.
Re-set the temperature.
Clean or replace the filter.
Put the cover on the pool.
Contact your dealer.
The power of the jets is low.
• The jets are blocked.
• The water pump’s air valve is not
fully open.
Check whether there are
foreign bodies inside the jets.
Check if water pump’s valve is
fully open.
The jet water power
• Filter is blocked.
• There is not enough water in
the pool.
Check whether there are
foreign bodies inside the filter.
Add more water to the pool.
For fault-finding and other technical help with your in.YJ2 control system
please visit the Gecko online resource at:
3. pH Control
Proper pH balance is extremely important in controlling
bacteria, providing water that’s comfortable for the
user, and in preventing damage to the pool and its
equipment. Using the scale of 0-14, pH is the measure
of acidity and alkaline in the water. pH levels under 7.0
are acidic while pH levels over 7.0 are alkaline. The
proper pH range for a spa is 7.2 to 7.6.
Tap water that is safe to drink is not always right for
your pool. Normal tap water usually contains minerals
and micro-contaminants that are not visible to the
naked eye. Properly testing and treating your spa
water is essential for the health of your pool as well as
the people who use it.
Proper chemical maintenance can control and
help prevent the following:
High pH levels (over 7.6) can cause the following:
Scale build-up on the pool and its equipment; cloudy
water; a prematurely dirty filter; and less effective
chlorine sanitation. To correct high pH levels, add a
1. Bacteria, algae and fungi, which can spread disease
and infection to humans.
2. Staining and scale build-up on your pool shell,
equipment, and piping.
Low pH levels (under 7.2) can cause the
following: Discomfort to the user and corrosion to
the pool and its equipment. To correct low pH levels,
3. Clogged filters. With the pool please be aware
that the chemical maintenance of your hot water spa
section and the cooler pool section will be different
and not always proportional to the volume of water.
Note: Never use muriatic or hydrochloric acid to
adjust pH as it can damage your pool shell and
Note 1: When using chemicals, always follow the
instructions provided on the manufacturer’s labels.
Note 2: Use an accurate test kit to perform all
chemistry tests.
4. Total alkalinity (TA)
Total Alkalinity (TA) is the measure of carbonates and
bicarbonates in the spa water. Low TA can cause pH
to be unstable, bouncing from one level to another,
causing the water to be corrosive or scale forming
to the pool and it’s equipment. To correct low TA,
can cause scale build-up, cloudy water, as well as
other pH problems. To correct high TA, contact your
authorised Riptide dealer.
Note 3: Never mix chemicals.
Note 4: Always add chemicals directly to the pool
water, evenly spreading the chemicals over the
surface. Run the Filter Pump for 15 or more minutes
after applying any chemical. To help with the mixing
of chemicals you can turn on your massage system
as well.
5. Calcium hardness (CH) 250-500 PPM
Calcium hardness (CH) is the measure of dissolved
calcium in the water. Low CH (soft water) can result
in staining to the pool’s surface as well as corrosion
to the pool and its equipment. To correct low CH, add
(hard water) can cause cloudy water as well as rough
scale build-up on the spa’s surface and equipment. To
correct or manage high CH, contact your authorised
Riptide dealer.
1. Sanitation
Sanitizers kill bacteria and keep the water clean.
Effective and safe Sanitizers include any of the
(sodium dichloro isocyanurate dihydrate), or
Note: Trichlor chlorine tablets and/or non-dichlor
granular chlorines must not be used in your pool ,
they may damage the pool , voiding your warranty.
6. Stain & scale control
Stain and scale problems are common in hot water
environments. To help prevent and control staining
and scaling, add a SCALE INHIBITOR.
2. Weekly shock dose
As your pool is used, non-filterable wastes, including
perspiration, oils, hair sprays, etc, will build up in the
water. These substances make the water unattractive
in appearance and odour, and can also interfere with
sanitizer effectiveness. Normal sanitation does not
eliminate these waste substances but shock dosing
does. Shock dosing is achieved by ‘shocking’ the
spa water with a weekly dose of NON-CHLORINE
SHOCK or double dose of CHLORINE GRANULES.
7. Foam control
Water emulsifies shampoo, soap and detergents, and
combined with high water temperatures, can cause
surface foaming. To prevent and control foam on
the surface of the pool water add a small amount of
8. Clearing cloudy water
There are two basic reasons that pool water becomes
cloudy. First, non-filterable liquid wastes (perspiration,
etc.) have contaminated the water. To remove these
waste substances, shock the water (as described
previously). Second, non-filterable micro-particulate
wastes (dust, etc.) have contaminated the water.
To remove these waste substances, use a WATER
9. Sanitizing with Non-Chlorine Shock
(potassium peroxymonosulfate)
When sanitizing your pool with Non-Chlorine Shock
you should add the correct dose directly to the pool/
pool water with the jets running.
To maintain the above sanitizer level with CHLORINE,
please refer to your authorised Riptide dealer for
Sanitizer and pH Levels
It is important to test and adjust the sanitizer and pH
levels of your pool on a daily basis.
With each sanitizer test, use STABILISED CHLORINE
GRANULES to maintain the following levels:
With ozone
Chlorine Level: 3—5 PPM
Shock dose
Once a week, and when the pool is not in use, shock
dose the spa water by adding the following:
Non-Chlorine Shock will give up to two hours of safe
bathing. If you use the spa/pool for more than two
hours it will be necessary to re-dose.
Add four tablespoons of NON-CHLORINE SHOCK
to the spa end and eight tablespoons of NONCHLORINE SHOCK to the pool end, or if only
one volume of water, eight tablespoons of NONCHLORINE SHOCK into the pool or double dose of
On a weekly basis it is important to shock your spa/
pool with non-chlorine shock or double dose
Note: Use only branded Hot Tub Barn chemicals to
ensure premium performance.
Stain and scale control
Use a SCALE INHIBITOR as per the instructions on
the manufacturer’s label.
1. As your pool fills with tap water, add 10 teaspoons
end and in a pool add 2 and a half teaspoons to the
spa end. This will provide the initial protection against
bacteria in your pipes.
Foam control
As required, use FOAM REDUCER as per the
instructions on the manufacturer’s label.
Cloudy water prevention and control
Use a WATER CLARIFIER as per the instructions on
the manufacturer’s label. If the pool water is cloudy
call your Riptide dealer for advice.
Note: If you live in a hard water area you can fill the
pool with a 50/50 mix of hard and soft water. The
calcium balance should be between 250 and 500
parts per million.
Prior to each pool use, check the water. If the water
appears cloudy or off-colour, has significant surface
foam or smells of chlorine, then there is a problem
with the water and it needs to be treated or drained.
Using the spa of the pool section in these conditions
could result in a skin rash or other irritation.
2. When the pool is completely filled with water
complete the following.
3. If possible, have your authorised Riptide dealer test
the Calcium Hardness (CH) of your water and adjust
as per your dealer’s recommendation (the correct level
of CH depends on your overall water conditions).
For assistance in handling water chemistry problems,
consult your authorised Riptide dealer or another
service centre capable of performing a detailed Water
4. Test and adjust the Total alkalinity (TA) to the range
of 125-150 PPM (parts per million).
5. Test and adjust the pH to the range of 7.2-7.6.
6. After the water has circulated for approximately
a quarter of an hour, retest the chlorine level in your
water and add the correct amount to raise the level to
between 3—5 PPM.
Start-up water chemistry is now complete. However,
it may take several days for the filter to completely
clear the water.
Sodium Bisulphate ‘pH Reducer’
Sodium Bicarbonate ‘Alkalinity Increaser’
Sodium Bisulphate- ‘pH Reducer’ Sodium Bicarbonate – ‘Alkalinity Increaser’ Sodium Bisulphate ‘pH Reducer’
Sodium Bicarbonate ‘Alkalinity Increaser’
6.050 Reduce 6.050 Increase TITAN
211.20g 176.00g 237.60g 198.00g POSEIDON Spa End
Sodium Bisulphate- ‘pH Reducer’
Sodium Bicarbonate ‘Alkalinity Increaser’
ATLANTIS 4.6 Standard / Pro / Freestyle
8.800 Reduce Sodium Bisulphate- ‘pH Reducer’ 8.800 Increase Sodium Bicarbonate – ‘Alkalinity Increaser’ ATLANTIS 5.8 Standard / Pro / Freestyle
9.900 Reduce Sodium Bisulphate- ‘pH Reducer’ 9.900 Increase Sodium Bicarbonate – ‘Alkalinity Increaser’ Reduce Increase Sodium Bisulphate- ‘pH Reducer’ Sodium Bicarbonate – ‘Alkalinity Increaser’ 7.500
Sodium Bisulphate- ‘pH Reducer’
Sodium Bicarbonate – ‘Alkalinity Increaser’
MANTA Standard / Pro / Super Pro
9.560 9.560 NAUTILUS Standard / Pro / Super Pro / Freestyle
229.44g 191.20g 119.54g
Sodium Bicarbonate ‘Alkalinity Increaser’
145.20g 121.00g 119.54g
Sodium Bisulphate ‘pH Reducer’
Sodium Bisulphate ‘pH Reducer’
Sodium Bicarbonate ‘Alkalinity Increaser’
Total alkalinity adjustment required in mg/L
20.00mg/L per 50.00 cubic metres
20.00mg/L per 50.00 cubic metres
458.88g 382.40g 475.20g 396.00g 422.40g 352.00g 71.57g
290.40g 242.00g 239.09g
688.32g 573.60g 712.80g 594.00g 633.60g 528.00g 107.35g
435.60g 363.00g 358.63g
726.00g 605.00g 597.72g
1075.90g 1195.44g
896.58g 996.20g
994.03g 1104.48g
828.36g 920.40g
1075.90g 1195.44g
1076.40g 1255.80g 1435.20g 1614.60g 1794.00g
897.00g 1046.50g 1196.00g 1345.50g 1495.00g
871.20g 1016.40g 1161.60g 1306.80g 1452.00g
726.00g 847.00g 968.00g 1089.00g 1210.00g
917.76g 764.80g 900.00g
1080.00g 1260.00g 1440.00g 1620.00g 1800.00g
900.00g 1050.00g 1200.00g 1350.00g 1500.00g
1147.20g 1376.64g 1606.08g 1835.52g 2064.96g 2294.40g
956.00g 1147.20g 1338.40g 1529.60g 1720.80g 1912.00g
950.40g 1188.00g 1425.60g 1663.20g 1900.80g 2138.40g 2376.00g
792.00g 990.00g 1188.00g 1386.00g 1584.00g 1782.00g 1980.00
844.80g 1056.00g 1267.20g 1478.40g 1689.60g 1900.80g 2112.00g
704.00g 880.00g 1056.00g 1232.00g 1408.00g 1584.00g 1760.00g
580.80g 484.00g 478.18g
10 20 30 40 5060708090100
2.4kg Sodium Bisulphate reducing the TA by
2.0kg Sodium Bicarbonate Increasing the TA by
Volume Alkalinity Chemical Addition
(Metre³) Effect
Additions based upon:
Riptide Total Alkalinity (TA) adjustment
Depending on usage, your spa section water will
need to be changed approximately every 4 months
or whenever your spa water becomes difficult to
manage. For the pool section we recommend that you
replace a third of your pool water every 4 months.
The filters are located inside the skimmer. Put your hand
into the skimmer and remove each filter one at a time.
On a regular basis it is important to remove excessive
pollution and organic matter from the filters. It is
recommend that on a regular basis the filters are either
cleaned with INSTANT FILTER CLEANER or allowed
to soak overnight in CARTRIDGE CLEANER. In either
case after degreasing use a high pressure hose or
pressure cleaner to remove cleaner residue and calcium.
Drain open
Locate drain valve at floor level.
To empty the water from the pool
remove the screw-cap from pipe.
Twist anti clockwise and pull pipe
out. Water will now drain out
- allow to drain by gravity only.
Filter replacement: Replace the filters every year
or sooner if necessary. Only use genuine Riptide filter
cartridge replacements.
CAUTION: Using a brush to clean a filter could
damage it. Commercially available filter cleaners may
be used and can be obtained from your authorised
Riptide dealer.
Drain closed
To fill the pool up with water, screw
cap onto pipe. Push and turn anti
clockwise to lock closed.
For pools with two volumes of
water, there is a drain dedicated to
each end.
The pool surface is durable and easy to clean:
Pool shell surface: For normal cleaning use
waterline cleaner solution. For surface marks,
use SURFACE CLEANER. To apply these cleaners,
use a soft, damp cloth or sponge. Rinse well and dry
with a clean cloth.
Note 1: Drain water to an area that can handle the
water volume of your pool.
Note 2: If draining water onto vegetation, make sure
that the sanitizer level (chlorine level) of your spa
water is less than 5 PPM.
General cleaning: With normal use of your spa, oils,
lotions, and hairsprays will build up on the surface of
the water, sometimes leaving a scum line around the
perimeter of your shell. This scum line can easily be
removed with SURFACE CLEANER.
4. To clean the pool shell refer to ‘pool shell
Steps to refill your pool:
1. Check that the drain is fully closed.
To remove grease, oil, paint and ink stains, use 25%
isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol in water.
2. Close door to equipment compartment.
3. Refill pool with tap water. Fill the pool to the
midway level of the skimmer in each section. The
depth should be approximately 150mm -190mm
(6-7½”) down from the top rim of the pool.
Note 1: Never allow your pool surface to come in
contact with acetone (nail polish remover), nail polish,
dry cleaning solution, lacquer thinners, gasoline, pine
oil, abrasive cleaners or any other harsh chemical.
These chemicals can damage your pool shell and
void your warranty.
Note 1: The higher the water level, the fewer spa
users it will take to cause the water to overflow the
top of the spa.
Note 2: Avoid using cleaning agents that will leave
suds in your pool water.
Note 2: If you live in a hard water area you can fill
the pool with a 50/50 mix of hard and soft water. The
calcium balance should be between 250 and 500
parts per million.
Clean on a regular basis with soap, water and a clean
cloth. Use 303® Protectant or it’s equivalent once per
month. This will maintain water resistance and lustre
of the product. Between uses it is recommended to
remove the headrests and store in a dry place.
4. Restore electrical power supply.
5. See ‘Starting Your Pool with New Water’ under
‘Water Chemistry’.
Note: If headrests are left in the pool you must expect
colour loss and gradual breakdown of headrest
material due to the corrosive effect of chlorine and
No-use for 2-6 weeks: If you plan to not use your
pool for 2-6 weeks, then you may wish to lower the
temperature setting to approximately 26°C during the
No-use period.
Your cover has a one year warranty.
Basic instructions are provided below. It is important
that you refer to the information that came with your
cover, which provides detailed information on caring
for it and what to do to protect its warranty.
Cleaning and conditioning your cover. On a
monthly basis, complete the following:
No-use for over 6 weeks: If you plan to not use your
pool for over 6 weeks, then it is suggested that you
winterize your pool by following the steps below.
1. Remove the cover and lay it down on a flat, clean
surface near a garden hose.
1. Drain the water from the pool (see ‘Steps to drain
your pool’ under ‘Changing your pool water’ in this
Owner’s Manual).
2. Rinse the cover to remove any loose debris.
2. Drain the pool equipment. This is done by removing
the drain plug from the pumps, loosening all PVC pipe
unions and pump air bleed valves in the equipment
compartment. On the base of the filter columns there
is a drain plug which you need to unscrew.
3. Using a soft bristle brush, clean the top (vinyl
portion) of the cover with a mild solution of washing
up liquid — about one teaspoon of soap to two gallons
of water. Scrub the cover, using a gentle circular
motion, being careful not to let any areas of the cover
dry before rinsing with water.
3. Clean the pool shell (see ‘Pool shell care’ in this
Owner’s Manual).
4. Rinse the cover thoroughly and then dry with a
clean cloth.
4. Remove filter cartridge(s), clean filter (see ‘Cleaning
your filter’ in this Owner’s Manual), allow to dry, and
then store inside your garage or home.
5. We recommend the use of 303 Protectant to give
your cover a shiny appearance and UV protection.
6. Wipe and/or rinse any dirt from the bottom side of
the cover.
5. Re-attach and secure cover to the pool
7. Replace the cover and secure with cover locks.
De-Winterization is completed by reversing the above
procedure and then refilling the pool (see ‘Steps to
refill your pool’ under ‘Changing your spa water’ in
this Owner’s Manual).
Vacuuming the pool: Debris from wind, trees and
spa users will occasionally accumulate on the bottom
of your pool. Your pool’s filtration system will remove
the smaller debris. Debris that is too large or too
heavy for the filtration system will have to be removed
by the use of a spa vacuum, such as a Pool Buster. If
you do not have a spa vacuum, please contact your
authorised Riptide dealer.
Note: If your pool water is not emptied during
periods of No-use, you should test and chemically
treat the water approximately once per week. Not
doing so may lead to corrosion, staining, and/or
scaling to your pool and its equipment. If there is no
one available to take care of the pool on a weekly
basis, then it is recommended that you winterize your
pool as described above.
At certain times of the year you may not use your pool
as often as expected. For these Low-use or No-use
periods, we recommend the following:
Before requesting service from your dealer, refer to
the TroubleShooting Guide in this Owner’s
Manual to determine the necessary course of action.
If you are not able to solve the problem using the
troubleshooting guide, please contact your authorised
Riptide dealer.
Low-use: If your pool is being used less than once
per month, then you may wish to lower the temperature
setting of the spa section by approximately 5°C.
Lowering the temperature on your spa will cut your
cost of operation if you are not using the pool for
extended periods. However, you will need to adjust the
temperature setting approximately 120 minutes before
each use to heat the spa section to the desired level.
No-use for 1-2 weeks: If you plan to not use your
pool for 1-2 weeks, then we suggest that you not
make any changes in operating your pool.
L i m i te d W a r r a n t y
8 Year Structural and
5 Year Surface Warranty
5 Year No Leak Warranty
Riptide warrants your swim spa not to leak for
Riptide warrants the galvanised steel sub frame
a period of five years from its delivery date. This
not to crack or fracture for a period of eight years
warranty specifically covers leaks from the wall
from delivery date. Additionally, the Aristech surface
fittings, jet fittings, internal plumbing, internal glue
material of the Riptide Swim Spa is warranted not
joints, freeze drains and all bonded parts including
to peel, crack, wrinkle, blister, yellow, efface or
the filter chamber and light fittings.
delaminate for a period of five years from the swim
spa’s delivery date. The Aristech surfaces are non-
5 Year UV Resistant Synthetic Wood
Cabinet Warranty
permeable and will not absorb odours, bacteria or
Riptide warrants the UV resistant synthetic wood
cabinet material not to peel, crack, wrinkle, blister
1 Year Trim (Tile) and
Cover Warranty
or delaminate and to be free from defects in
workmanship for a period of five years from the swim
Riptide warrants the cosmetic trim and swim spa cover
spa’s delivery date. This warranty specifically covers
to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for
the cabinet’s structural integrity, including all glue &
a period of one year from the swim spa’s delivery date.
integral bonded joints.
2 Year LED Light Warranty
5 Year Component Warranty
Riptide warrants the LED lighting chains and bulbs
Riptide warrants the electrical components, pumps,
to be free from defects of materials and workmanship
ozone generators, and other Riptide Swim Spa
for two years.
components against malfunction or defects in
workmanship for a period of five
years from its delivery date. Filter cartridges, swim
5 Year Gecko Hi Flow
Heater Warranty
spa pillows and cover locks are not included in this
warranty, but are warranted to be free from defects
Riptide warrants the Gecko Hi Flow heater against
in materials or workmanship at the time of delivery to
fault in manufacture or faulty workmanship.
the original consumer purchaser.
No-Nonsense Warranty
Riptide will make no call-out or labour charges or ask for part payment of
parts for the entire warranty period, provided that your swim spa has had
an annual service within the last 12 months to validate the warranty.
Warranty subject to full terms and conditions
Extent of warranty
in a non-residential application; damage caused by
the operation of the pool outside the specified voltage
requirements (230 +/– 10%), operation of the pool
at water temperatures outside the ranges of 1°C and
42°C; damage caused by voltage spikes or “brownout” conditions; damage caused by dirty, clogged
or calcified filter cartridges; damage caused by the
use of trichloro chlorine, chemical tablets in a floater,
acid or by any other spa / pool chemicals or cleaners
which are not recommended by Riptide; damage
caused by allowing undissolved sanitizing chemicals
to lie on the pool surface (no pool can withstand this
kind of abuse); damage to components or surface
caused by improper pH balance or other improper
water chemistry maintenance; and damage to the
pool surface caused by leaving the pool uncovered
while empty of water and in direct exposure to sunlight
(causing solar heating distress) are considered
abuses and will invalidate warranty.
This warranty extends only to the original consumer
purchaser of the Riptide pool when purchased and
originally installed or relocated in the boundaries of
the country of purchase. The Riptide pool warranty
terminates upon any transfer of ownership or if the
pool is installed or relocated outside the country of
purchase. The customer must register their purchase
with Riptide. at the below address to benefit from this
Warranty performance
In the event of a malfunction or defect covered under
the terms of this warranty, an authorised service
agent of Riptide will repair the Riptide pool. To obtain
service, contact the authorised service agent who
sold you the pool. There is no charge for parts or
labour to repair the pool or its components. Service
agents reserve the right to assess reasonable call out
fees or travel based upon their individual policies. If
the pool is installed outside of the normal servicing
area of the selling dealer, or if normal access to the
pool is not possible, extra travelling expenses and
costs of access will be charged. These costs are not
covered by this warranty.
The standard pool covers are not designed to support
heavy weight loads and should not be used as a seat.
In extreme cases the lid could crack and break. This
occurrence is considered abuse and is not covered
under this warranty.
Riptide maintains an extensive service network. In the
event the consumer purchaser should not be able to
either obtain service or satisfactory service from an
authorised service agent, notify the service department
of Riptide. Written notice of any malfunction or defect
must be given within ten (10) days of the time the
malfunction is discovered, and must be accompanied
by the original consumer purchaser receipt of the
pool, which shows the date of purchase. Notice must
be given Riptide Pools Limited, 41 Robjohns Road,
Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 3AG, UK
Tel 01245 265036
Riptide shall not be liable for loss of use of the Riptide
pool or other incidental, consequential, special,
indirect or punitive costs, expenses or damages,
which may include but are not limited to the removal
of a permanent deck or other custom fixture or the
necessity for crane removal. Any implied warranty shall
have a duration equal to the duration of the applicable
warranty stated above. Under no circumstances shall
Riptide or any of its representatives be held liable
for injury to any person or damage to any property
however arising.
Acts invalidating warranty
Riptide Pools Limited
United Kingdom
This warranty is void if this Riptide pool has been
improperly installed, subjected to alteration, misuse
or abuse, or if any repairs on the pool are attempted
by anyone other than an authorised representative
of Riptide. Alteration shall include component or
plumbing change, electrical conversion or the addition
of any non-approved sanitation or water purification
device or heating system which contributes to a
component or unit failure or unsafe operating system.
Misuse and abuse shall include: any operation of the
pool other than in accordance with Riptide’s printed
instructions, or use of the pool in an application for
which it is not designed. Specifically: use of the pool
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