Gas Analysis
Multi Component Gas Analyser BA 3 select
The BA 3 select is a gas analyser for 19" rack mounting with a
modular design which can be expanded from 1-channel all the
way to 3-channel O2 analyser.
One specific advantage of the analyser is the modularity. This
also allows for easily upgrading measuring cells. The user is
then able to adapt his equipment to changing measuring requirements inexpensively.
The analyser is standard equipped with touchscreen. Along
with a clear menu structure this ensures intuitive, particularly
user-friendly equipment operation.
Of course the customer is provided with analogue and digital
status-, limit- and alarm messages required for effective monitoring. Extensive analysis functions (e.g. interfering gas correction and graphic display of response characteristics) complete the ease of use.
Up to three separate gas paths
O2 measurement paramagnetic, electro-chemical and/or
Modular, maintenance-friendly layout
User-friendly touchscreen
All relevant limit- and status alarms
Optional: Graphic flow display via screen
Optional: Up to three float flow meters
Optional: Up to three built-in pumps
Optional: Pressure- and temperature compensation
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BA 3 select
Technical Data
Electric supply
Ambient parameters
19" rack mount housing, 3 HE
H x W x D, style 1:
5.2 x 17.3 x 16.7 in
H x W x D, style 2:
5.2 x 17.3 x 13.2 in
Protection class:
IP 20
max. 15 lb
Display and control:
4.7" touchscreen display
230 V AC or 115 V AC
(note nameplate on the unit)
Mains frequency:
Max. power input:
60 W
Ambient temperature:
50 °F … 113 °F
Relative humidity:
< 75 %
Ambient pressure:
12.7 PSI to 17.4 PSI
Transport and storage temperature:
41 °F - 149 °F
AUTO cal. function
Optional for each measuring channel: Zero gas (air) + span gas
Warm up time
Minimum 30 min (up to 2 h recommended for high-precision measurements)
Sample gas connections
Gas paths
Inlet parameters
Max. three separate gas paths (with auto cal. function)
Screw-in connection:
Swagelok 6 mm
PVDF for 4/6 tube
Gas inlet temperature:
41 °F to 122 °F
Sample gas pressure (absolute):
12.7 PSI to max. 26.1 PSI, reduced to max. 17.4 PSI with
internal pump
Sample gas conditioning:
purified/ filtered (<15 µ filtration) sample gas with
dew point < 50 °F (always 5 K below ambient temperature).
Signal inputs and outputs
Analogue output:
0-20 mA / 4-20 mA / 0-10 V / 2-10 V inside unit variable by channel
Limit relay:
2x per measuring channel (125 V AC, 0.5 A / 30 V DC, 1 A)
Status relay:
Error, service, calibration, measuring range (125 V AC, 0.5 A / 30 V DC, 1 A)
Binary inlets:
1x per channel + 2 x per unit: designed for 24V, potential-free
24 Volt output:
1x per channel (for supply binary inputs), protected by T250mA
Serial port:
RS 232
Parts in contact with sample gas
Materials in contact with media
Flow regulator
PTFE, stainless steel (1.4571)
Gas lines
FPM (Viton), stainless steel (1.4571)
Solenoid valves
PVDF or stainless steel (1.4571)
Gas ducts
PVDF or stainless steel (1.4571)
Flow meter
PVDF, borosilicate glass
Measuring cell
ZrOx cell
Paramagnetic cell
EC cell
ZrOx ceramic
Borosilicate glass
Platinum-iridium alloy
Buhler Technologies LLC
We reserve the right to amend specification.
DA550016 ◦ 03/2017
BA 3 select
Measuring cells
Paramagnetic cell
EC cell
Largest measuring range (MR) 0-10000 vpm
(0-21 Vol.%)**
Measuring cell
ZrOx cell*
0-100 %
0-25 %
Smallest measuring range
0-10 vpm
0-1 %
0-10 %
Response time t90***
< 4 sec
< 5 sec
< 15 sec
Linearity deviation
< 1 % FS (< 2 % FS within
the smallest MR)
< 0.2 Vol.%
< 1 % FS
Zero drift
< 1 % FS /week
< 0.2 Vol.% /week
< 2 % FS /week
Measurement value drift
< 0.3 % FS / week
< 0.2 % MW /week
< 2 % FS /week
1 % FS
(2 % within the smallest MR)
1 % FS
1 % FS
Detection limit
0.1 vpm within MR 0-10 vpm
0.1 %
0.2 %
Pressure compensation
Thermal stabilisation
* Two cell types available: (A) catalytically active cell (CAC) => not for flammable carrier gases. (B) catalytically inactive cell =>
suitable if traces of flammable gases are present (< 10 vpm H2, CO, CH4)
** Optional for unit with modified calibration routine
*** Signal damping adjustable fr. 1 sec to 20 sec
FS …from span
MW …from measurement
r.F. …relative error
Oxygen measurement
There are three different cells available for measuring oxygen. The most cost-efficient
electrochemical O2 cell can be used for measuring in the %-range.
A maintenance flap at the front of the housing for easy access to the cell ensures lowcost, easy maintenance. In addition, extra durable and ultra-precise paramagnetic cells
may be used for measuring in the %-range. A zirconium dioxide (ZrO2) cell may be selected for accurate oxygen trace measurement. This is also available in a catalytic inactive
Options for integration
Options currently available:
– Built-in pump(s)
– Gas analysis filter
– Float Flow Meter
Gas connections
– up to 3x Swagelok pipe fitting (Ø6 mm)
– up to 3x PVDF hose screw connections (Ø4/6 mm)
DA550016 ◦ 03/2017
We reserve the right to amend specification.
Buhler Technologies LLC
BA 3 select
Equipment overview
Buhler Technologies LLC
We reserve the right to amend specification.
DA550016 ◦ 03/2017
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