Installation Instructions Part Number 510-301 2005

Installation Instructions
Part Number 510-301
2005-2011 Toyota Tacoma
2007-2009 FJ Cruiser
4.0 L V6
Packing List:
Airaid Premium Filter
Airaid Intake Tube
Cold Air Box
Air Box Lid
Filter Adapter
Hump Hose
Reducing Coupler
Hardware & Instructions
Airbox Gasket
Foam Weather Strip
1/8 x 20 1/2” Vacuum Line
1/8 NPT Barbed Fitting
3/8 NPT Barbed Elbow
M8 CAB Mount
8 mm x 1.25 x 16 Bolt
5/16 Flat Washer
1/4-20 x 1/2 Button Head Bolt
1/4 Flat Washer
#8 spacer
#48 Hose Clamp
#64 Hose Clamp
#68 Hose Clamp
8-32 Socket Head Screw
Tools Required:
Standard and Phillips tip Screw Driver. Ratchet and Extension. 8mm, 10mm,12mm and 13mm sockets. Standard
Allen wrench set.
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Note: This intake system is not compatible with the
factory engine cover.
Disconnect The Negative Battery Terminal.
1. Using a 10mm Socket, remove the two acorn nuts on
the top of the motor and remove the engine cover.
2. Loosen the clamp on the factory intake tube and
remove the two 8mm bolts securing the other end on
the inner fender. Slide the intake tube out from the inner fender hole and set it aside.
3. A.) Disconnect the Mass Air Flow meter.
B.) Pry the wire harness anchor out of the airbox.
C.) Disconnect the crankcase breather line.
4. Remove the factory airbox
Loosen the clamp on the throttle body side of the factory
airbox and remove the two 6mm bolts securing it to the
motor. Remove the entire airbox assembly from the vehicle.
5. Install two of the M8 CAB Mounts (#13), hand tight,
into the weld nuts on the inner fender as shown. Use
the third CAB Mount to replace the 8mm bolt holding
the A/C bracket.
6. Apply the self adhesive, Foam Weatherstrip (#9) onto
the air inlet on the Cold Air Box (#3).
7. Mount the Filter Adapter (#5) to the Cold Air Box, as
shown, using three 1/4-20 x 1/2” Button head Bolts
(#16) and 1/4” Flat Washers (#17).
7. Mount the Cold Air Box onto the CAB Mounts using the three 8mm Bolts (#14) and 5/16 Flat Washers
8. Transfer the Mass Air Flow sensor from the factory
airbox, into the Airaid Intake tube and secure using the
two #8 Spacers (#18) and 8-32 Socket Head screws
(#22) . Do not use the factory screws.
Hump Hose
9. Install the 1/8”and 3/8” barbed fittings (#s 11 and 12)
into the Airaid Intake Tube as shown.
10. Slide the Hump Hose (#6), and two #68 Hose
Clamps (#21), onto the Intake Tube as shown. Slide the
Reducing Coupler (#7) and the #48 (#19) and #64
Clamps (#20) on the other end of the Intake Tube. Leave
the Clamps loose for now.
11. Install the Airaid Intake Tube onto the Cold Air Box
and the throttle body, align and tighten all four of the
Clamps. Reconnect the Mass Air Flow sensor.
12. replace the OEM vacuum line on the fuel pressure
regulator with the supplied 20 1/2” 1/8” line. Connect
the 1/8” line to the small Fitting on the Intake tube.
13. Connect the factory crank case breather line to the
3/8 Barbed Elbow on the Intake Tube.
13. Install the Airaid Premium Filter onto the Filter
Adapter inside of the airbox and tighten the clamp..
15. Place the Gasket (#8) onto the underside of the Air
Box Lid (#4) and peel off the protective film. Mount the
lid on the Air Box using four 1/4-20 x 1/2” Button Head
Bolts (#16), and 1/4” Flat washers (#17).
16. Double
check your work!
Make sure there is no foreign material in the
intake path. Make sure all clamps, hoses, bolts,
and screws are tight. Double check the hood
Reconnect the negative battery cable!
Pre Filter Option- Part Number 799-445
For maximum protection in the harshest of environments Airaid offers a slip on Pre Filter.
- Prolongs Cleaning Intervals
- Water Repellant
- Free Flowing Protection
Thank you for purchasing the Airaid Intake System. Contact Airaid @ (800) 498-6951 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM MST weekdays for questions
regarding fit or instructions that are not clear to you. Your Airaid Intake System was carefully inspected and packaged. Check that no parts are
missing, or were damaged during shipping. If any parts are missing, contact Airaid. The air filter element is protected from direct exposure to water and debris; care should be taken not to drive through deep water. WATER INGESTION IS THE DRIVERS RESPONSIBILITY! The air filter
is reusable and should be cleaned periodically depending on usage.
Don’t Forget Your AIRAID Filter Tune-Up Kit!
P/N 790-551 Aerosol Spray
P/N 790-550 Squeeze
Airaid Filter Co. 2688 E Rose Garden Ln. Phoenix AZ 85050 (800) 498-6951
Instructions Revision
Date: 02/23/12
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