FD 8804SC - Shredder Warehouse

FD 8804SC
Standard Features:
Belt-Feed Industrial Shredding System: Designed
to shred entire files, stacks of computer forms,
cardboard, tapes, ribbons, CDs and magnetic disks
Front Waste Bin Access: Front cabinet door allows
the shredder to be placed against a wall
to maximize space savings
Auto Start/Stop Mode: Optical sensor detects
paper and starts operation automatically
Manual Mode: Shredder operates continuously for
shredding small sized paper or films
Door Safety Sensor: Motor stops automatically if
cabinet door is opened
Auto Reverse: In case of paper jam, built-in
controls switch motor into reverse to clear jam
EvenFlow™ Automatic Internal Oiling System:
Lubricates cutting blades for optimal performance
Continuous-Duty Motor for non-stop operation
Waste Bin Full Sensor: When the waste bin is full
the motor stops automatically
Auto Cleaning: Allows the motor to run in reverse
for one minute to clear shred particles
Self-Diagnosis System: Provides a variety
of operational data with optional diagnostic reader
Heat-Treated Solid-Steel Cutters: Specially ground
for longevity and require minimal oiling
Large Safety Bar to stop operation
Mobile Waste Bin on casters
Thermal Overload Protection
Commercial-grade power for large volume shredding
The Formax FD 8804SC is one of the most advanced high volume industrial shredders
available. This high-capacity conveyor-fed shredder combines fully-automated features
with the rugged, industrial strength needed for high volume centralized shredding.
Safety Circuit Breaker: Ensures safe operation
Standard features include an LED control panel with load indicator and user-friendly
Safety Key and Lock: Provides maximum control of
the shredder
enough power to shred up to 125* sheets of paper in a single pass. Its rugged molded
features such as Auto Start/Stop, Auto Reverse, and Auto Cleaning while providing
plastic waste bin has casters for easy removal of shredded material.
Additional Waste Bin on casters
The EvenFlow™ Automatic Oiling System is anothe standard feature which lubricates
the all-steel cutting blades, helping to keep the FD 8804SC in peak operating condition.
Lifetime Limited Warranty on cutting head
1-Year Warranty on all other parts
Formax - New Hampshire, USA
Local Dealer:
Pressure Seal Solutions • Mailing Solutions • Data Destruction Solutions • Digital Print & Finishing Solutions
LED Control Panel: Integrated digital load indicator
and sensors
The FD 8804SC Industrial Shredder is powerful enough to shred entire files, stacks of
computer forms, tapes, CDs and ZIP disks with specially heat-treated solid-steel cutting
blades and a powerful AC geared-motor. The FD 8804SC shreds up to 125 sheets in one
pass at a speed of up to 50 feet per minute.
User friendly LED control panel with
visual load indicator
The FD 8804SC offers unmatched automated features through its LED control panel. The easy-to-read
Load Indicator assists operators in determining how close they are to the maximum shred capacity to avoid
jams and provide optimal efficiency. Indicators also notify operators when the waste bin is full or the cabinet
door is open. Operators can select from two modes of operation: Auto Start/Stop or Manual. Auto Start/
Stop mode utilizes optical sensors which detect paper and start/stop operation automatically. Manual mode
provides non-stop operation for shredding small sized paper or films.
Keyed On/Off switch
Easy to Maintain
Keeping the FD 8804SC in top condition is easy to do. With the Auto Cleaning function,
clearing the blades of shredding debris is as simple as pressing Reverse on the control
panel. Plus, the EvenFlow™ Automatic Oiling System lubricates the all-steel cutting
blades, helping to keep the shredder in peak condition for optimal efficiency.
Large infeed deck with conveyor belt feed
and safety bar for immediate shut down
Designed for Safety
Safety is an important component in the FD 8804SC design and engineering. A large 18”-wide safety
bar is located in front of the conveyor belt system and will shut down the shredder instantly when
pressed. A safety key and lock system is also included to ensure the shredder is operated only by
authorized staff.
FD 8804SC
Cutting Style:
Shred Size:
Sheet Capacity:
105 - 125*
Up to 50 fpm
Feed Opening:
31” W x 53” L x 51” H
Bin Capacity:
49 gallons
727 lbs. actual weight
Security Level:
Level 1
Power Supply:
3-Phase, 220V, 50/60 Hz
NEMA L15-20P plug included
NEMA L15-20R receptacle required
* Sheet capacity may vary due to variations in paper and power supply.
EvenFlow™Oiling System
Reservoir Bottle
Pressure Seal Solutions • Mailing Solutions • Data Destruction Solutions • Digital Print & Finishing Solutions
User-Friendly Control Panel
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