BioNova® Natural PoolsSwimming the Way Nature Intended
A chemical-free waterscape the entire family will enjoy
Few things are as refreshing as taking a swim in your own pool. Enjoying the stress
relief, tranquility, privacy and invigorating pick-me-up, whenever you’d like, without
leaving home, has great appeal. Fun with family and friends, barbecues, parties and
summer evening relaxation make for instant vacations in your own backyard. Yet,
one aspect of pool ownership has often been troubling to many people. Wouldn’t
this enjoyment be best in chemical-free naturally clean water?
Chlorine and other water maintenance chemicals...unnatural
The additives commonly found in pool water are a direct contradiction to truly fresh,
pure, natural swimming water. Chemically-conditioned water is essentially dead,
poisoned water. Virtually every naturally occurring and beneficial microorganism
has been killed to create the look we’ve come to associate with clean pool water.
If the odor of a heavily chlorinated pool doesn’t convince you it’s perhaps not the
ideal environment, red and burning irritated eyes, and dried out skin and hair
should help to make the case.
Château de Germigney, France
Byron Bay, Australia
A swimming pond direct from nature’s drafting board
Picture a place where crystal clear water flows naturally from springs into streams
and lakes teeming with life, long before those waters are violated with the pollutants
of modern day living. A pool with water that’s as safe and pure as Mother Nature
can make it thanks to filtration and purification in a water garden adjacent to your
swimming area. That’s swimming the way nature intended...the BioNova® way.
Introducing BioNova® Natural Swimming Pools
BioNova® Natural Swimming Pools are widely enjoyed throughout the world in places
where conservation, ecology and sustainability are inherent parts of the culture.
With more than 20,000 installations on five (5) continents, BioNova® Natural Pools
has the experience to bring this approach to North America.
Now you no longer have to imagine a spring fed pond. With BioNova®, you can make
Mother Nature’s swimming pool your own – it’s virtually like having an ultimate
natural swimming experience in your backyard. BioNova® Pools are cleaned the
way nature cleans…through a water garden with hand selected indigenous plants
rooted hydroponically in a special gravel substrate, and augmented by European
designed energy-efficient pumps and biological filters.
What does a BioNova® Natural Pool look like?
Depending on your personal preferences and budget, BioNova® has a range of
options that can provide a complete solution for your natural swimming pool.
The swimming portion of the pool can look like a conventional swimming pool or
like a natural pond in virtually limitless configurations.
The regeneration pond or water garden can be located adjacent to the swimming
area or in a remote location depending on the space available. Regardless of the
ultimate look of your pool, you can be certain that from the design and construction
of the swimming areas and regeneration zones through the installation of the
filtration system and natural plantings, BioNova® will deliver superb technology
honed with decades of experience garnered from installations across the world.
Oestrich-Winkel, Germany
Along with enjoying the natural beauty of a BioNova® pool installation, you’ll be
able to relax in the comfort of knowing that you’re swimming in a chemical-free
pool that is beneficial to the environment and is energy efficient.
Bavaria, Germany
Düsseldorf, Germany
Princeton, NJ - USA
How does BioNova® filtration technology work?
At the heart of the BioNova® system is the regeneration zone,
a water garden filled with specific filtration substrate and
flora. Plants used for water regeneration can be supplemented
with decorative flowering species to create a lush and colorful
environment. Microbes, microorganisms and the water plants
ensure effective, continuous cleaning. In addition, the filtration technology
BioNova® employs relies on a combination of hydraulic design techniques in
conjunction with the BioNova® fine filter.
Materials such as leaves, pollen, dust or suntan lotion commonly found floating
on the water’s surface are removed by a BioNova® skimmer or overflow channel.
These BioNova® designed devices allow optimal skimming of the water surface
and reduce silting. In the downstream, the BioNova® biological filter removes and
retains additional particulate matter before water moves into the regeneration
zone. BioNova® pumps hydraulically optimize water flow rates and volumes using
high efficiency pumps and low flow plumbing. This combination of mechanically
enhanced natural filtration ensures that you’ll enjoy natural, clear water.
Ontario, Canada
Customized swimming solutions tailored for your specific region
Each BioNova® system is custom tailored to the property and climate where it’s
installed. Your individual Natural Swimming Pool will be expressly designed and
custom fitted with the appropriate biological filter and just the right combination
of water cleansing plants best suited to your specific locale. BioNova® Natural
Pools have been installed from the hot, tropical climes of northern Australia, to
the hot, dry areas of southern Italy, to the temperate regions of central Europe,
to the cooler altitudes of the Alps. BioNova® designs, just like Mother Nature, will
work in every normally habitable climate zone.
The BioNova® Process of Filtration
Below is an example of a single chamber pool where the swimming area and the
regeneration zone are part of one basin. Although BioNova®’s special filtration
design options can far exceed this simple example, one can appreciate how
the basic filtration and cleaning of the water is accomplished by the process
demonstrated in the drawing below.
Regeneration Zone:
The water exits the swimming pool by gravity through overflow skimmer and
enters the regeneration zone. In this planted zone, microbes and plants rooted in
the gravel substrate filter help to clean the water.
The overflow skimmer catches leaves and other floating debris. Easy to clean,
this non-entrapment skimmer is safe for children and small animals.
Biological FineFilter:
The biological FineFilter removes small particles from the water. BioNova® Natural
Pools always uses the special BioNova® fine particle filter to help keep the water
The energy-efficient pump draws the water through the FineFilter and returns
it to the pool. BioNova® Natural Pools consume far less energy than traditional
chemical pools.
Unlimited Design Options
Whether you prefer a classically formal pool, a naturally integrated rock-rimmed
pool or even wish to transform your existing chemically-treated in-ground pool
into a BioNova® Natural Swimming Pool, we can accommodate you. Each of
our installations is custom designed to complement your property, home and
Ontario, Canada
Princeton, NJ- USA
Nantucket, MA- USA
Your BioNova® Partner
BioNova® Natural Pools are built only by Partners in the BioNova® family who
share your passion for conservation and sustainability in watershapes.
BioNova® Partners undergo extensive training in the proprietary processes
pioneered at the BioNova® headquarters in Europe. They must demonstrate
proficiency in…
• Design Elements
• Technology
• Biology
• Limnology
• Construction Techniques
• Hydraulics
• Filtration Systems
• Mechanical Cleaning Devices
This is your assurance that every BioNova® Natural Swimming Pool is designed
and constructed by only the best trained, most dedicated and knowledgeable
contractors. And every BioNova® Natural Swimming Pool is given a BioNova®
Certificate of Authenticity upon completion. This means that your Natural
Swimming Pool has been built to BioNova®’s high standards, affording you peace
of mind while adding value to your home.
Nantucket, MA- USA
Nantucket, MA- USA
BioNova® Partners in Cambridge, MA - USA
BioNova® Natural Swimming Pools:
The Natural Choice
Bavaria, Germany
If you’re considering constructing a new pool or re-engineering an existing pool, consider
all the factors, including the environment. Join the tens of thousands of homeowners
who have chosen a natural swimming pool from BioNova®. Free yourself from chlorine
and chemical maintenance, while saving energy, enjoying a beautifully landscaped
water environment and being ecologically responsible. Make the Natural Choice and
let BioNova® provide you and your family with years of healthy recreation.
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