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gkthvyh] ds- ds ekxZ] egky{eh] eqacbZ& 400 034Haji Ali, K.K.Marg, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai – 400 034.
lanHkZ la-@Ref.No.:LFkkiuk/ Estt/ Puch.@Acct./1349
fnukad @Dated : 10 /01/ 2017.
M/s. Plus Business Machines Pvt.Ltd.,
223, Udyog Bhavan, Sonawala Road,
Goregaon(E), Mumbai-400 063.
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It is proposed to purchase Paper Shredding Machine following as mentioned below.
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I, request you to submit your lowest rate for supply of the same.
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While quoting, the following information may please be supplied .
oLrqvksadkiw.kZfooj.k&oLrqvksadkslfp= Li’VdjusokyhiqfLrdkvks]a b”rsgkjksa ;k uewuksa ds :iesAa
Complete description of the articles in form of booklets, pamphlets or samples illustrating the articles.
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The period within which the supply can be made.
lkekU; ,oafcØhdj @ foØ; dj la[;k bR;kfn] ;fnykxwgksAa
General and sales tax number etc. if applicable.
Paper Shredding Machine fufonk ds fy, eqgjcan fyQkQs esa Åij^fufonk* “kh’kZd nsdj funs”kd] vf[ky Hkkjrh; HkkSfrd fpfdRlk
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The quotation should be submitted in sealed envelope superscribed as quotation for Paper Shredding Machine
Director, All India Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Haji Ali Park, Mumbai – 400 034 and to be
dropped in quotation Box available with Establishment Section before 12.30 P.M. (I.S.T.) 30/01/2017
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Quotation with name & designation of authorized signatory by mentioning PAN/TAN Number will only be valid.
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Quotations should be valid for the period of one year.
Bl laca/k esa fdlh izdkj dh vU; tkudkjh vko”;d gks rks vki bl dk;kZy; ls lkseokj ls ”kqØokj] 9-00 ls ¼iwokZg~u½ 3-30
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Any other information you may require in this matter can be had from this office from Monday to Friday
between 9.00 a.m. to 3.30 p.m.
Sr. No.
1 No.
Paper Shredding Machine
Features:1. Easy handle to cut waste paper into scrap for office
2. ON/AUTO/REV Control function 3. Cut paper into unreadable
pieces to prevent Confidential information from falling into wrong hands.
Technical specification:Type cut: Cross cut, paper cutting, Shred size: 4x39MM.
1) Maximum shredding capacity (70GSM): 9-15 sheets
Shred speed 2-4 meters/Minute
2) Silent operation,
3) Waste container capacity: 15-20 litres,
4) Intelligent sense,
5) Paper sensing mode: AUTO,
6) 30 minutes continuous run time,
7) Thermostat overheat/overheat protection,
8) Bin included and
9) Warranty 1 year after the date of installation
Hkonh;@Yours faithfully,
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Note :Advance payment of the bill will not be made.
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