A Collection of Useful Tips

Nahanni River Herb’s Collection of Useful Tips
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A Collection of Useful Tips................................................................................................ 1
Top 18 Baking Tips ........................................................................................................ 2
Bathroom Tips ................................................................................................................ 3
Cake tips.......................................................................................................................... 4
Cookie Tips..................................................................................................................... 5
Eggs Tips ........................................................................................................................ 6
Fruit Tips......................................................................................................................... 7
Garage & Garden Tips .................................................................................................... 8
Top 4 Gelatin Tips ........................................................................................................ 10
Top 4 Substitutions Tips ............................................................................................... 11
Health, Beauty, & First Aid Tips .................................................................................. 12
Household Hints............................................................................................................ 14
Just For Kids Tips ......................................................................................................... 17
Kitchen Tips.................................................................................................................. 18
Laundry Tips................................................................................................................. 19
Meats, Fish and Gravies Tips........................................................................................ 21
Milk, Cheese & Butter .................................................................................................. 22
Pie tips........................................................................................................................... 23
Sewing Room Tips........................................................................................................ 24
Sugar and Honey Tips................................................................................................... 25
Vegetables Tips............................................................................................................. 26
Nahanni River Herbs
Top 18 Baking Tips
1. Remember when shopping read labels carefully. Anything ending in "ose" is a
2. Always remember, too much baking powder is just as disastrous in baking as too
little. Try to be exact.
3. For lighter and faster rising dough and batters, substitute the liquid from the
recipe with powdered milk and water.
4. Spray your countertop with non-stick cooking spray before rolling out dough to
prevent sticking of dough.
5. Storing plastic wrap in the fridge prevents it from sticking together and makes it
easier to tear.
6. When making icing, try creaming with shortening instead of butter and add a few
drops of vinegar. The icing will not harden and will be easy to cut.
7. Test baking soda for freshness by adding a spoonful of soda to a cup of vinegar or
lemon juice. If it "fizzes" it's still active.
8. If you forgot to grease your baking pan, place a damp cloth beneath it for a few
minutes then the baked item can be easily removed.
9. To keep muffin papers in place while you fill them, rub the bottom of the muffin
tin cups with shortening before you put the papers in place.
10. Use an ice cream scoop to pour muffin batter into muffin cups. This will ensure
all muffins are uniform in size.
11. Make a quick and easy whipped topping by adding a sliced banana to one beaten
egg white. Beat the two together until mixture is stiff.
12. For fluffier whipped cream, add a teaspoon of honey as you whip, followed by a
little icing sugar.
13. Glass and ceramic baking dishes retain heat better, allowing you to reduce oven
temperature by up to 25 degrees Fahrenheit.
14. To keep the crust from getting too hard when baking bread or dark fruit cake,
place a small dish of water in the oven while cooking.
15. When baking a milk pudding, place the dish in a pan of water in the oven to
prevent the pudding from burning or boiling over.
16. An entire batch of bread dough can be frozen to be baked at a later date. Mix the
dough, wrap and freeze or let it rise once, punch it down and then wrap and
freeze. When it thaws, put it in bread pans for the second rise and then bake.
17. To give dinner rolls and buns that "just baked" freshness, fill a brown paper bag
with water, then pour it out immediatly. Fill the bag with the rolls or buns, rolling
the top of the bag to close. Place it in a low temperature oven for 5 -10 minutes.
They will then have that "fresh from the oven" taste.
18. Freeze water in muffin tins or bundy pans to make ice for punch bowls.
Nahanni River Herbs
Bathroom Tips
1. To remove toilet bowl stains, sprinkle orange juice crystals in the toilet bowl and
leave for a couple of hours. It will remove the stain and leave a clean fresh
2. Use denture cleaning tablets to clean toilets. Drop one in the bowl and let it sit
over night. Flush it away in the morning.
3. Soak vinyl shower curtains in salt water to prevent mildew.
4. Use old pantyhose to clean bathtub rings.
5. Used dryer sheets are great for polishing chrome bathroom fixtures.
6. Pit a piece of steel wool soap pad in your bathroom or shower drain to catch
7. White vinegar applied with a damp sponge will remove soap scum from shower
doors or tiled walls.
8. Use liquid fabric softener on a sponge or cloth to remove water stains and restore
the shine to bathroom sink and tub fixtures.
Nahanni River Herbs
Cake tips
1. For light textured cakes, use self-rising cake flour. To convert regular cake and
pastry flour to self-rising, use 1 cup cake flour, 1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
and 1/3 teaspoon salt for equally good results.
2. Remember, cheescakes taste much better if allowed to mature in the refrigerator
for at least 24 hours.
3. Use jarred baby fruit as a low fat alternative to flavor cakes and brownies.
4. To get your angel food cake to rise an extra 2 inches, freeze the egg whites solid,
a few days before you are ready to bake the cake. Thaw the egg whites to room
temperature to use.
5. A sprinkle of salt under the baking tins in the oven will prevent cakes from
6. To prevent a cake from sticking in the pan after it has been taken out of the oven
and turned upside down on a wire rack or board, place a cold, damp cloth on the
bottom of the tin for a few minutes.
7. To prevent sliced cake from sticking to the bottom of the plate, sprinkle a little
white sugar on the plate.
8. To keep cake fresh longer, cut slices from the middle of the cake, then push the
two sides together.
9. If you don't have an icing bag, use a clean mustard container with a squirt top.
Fill the container with icing and pipe away!
10. To keep icing from running on a cake, first dust the cake with a little flour or corn
11. Freeze cakes in individual pieces. This makes an easy treat for your kid's school
lunches. The piece will be thawed by lunch time.
12. When making a cake calling for raisins, heat the raisins for a few minutes before
adding them to the batter. This will prevent them from sinking to the bottom of
the cake pan.
Nahanni River Herbs
Cookie Tips
1. It is best to use unsalted butter or to reduce the amount of salt in the recipe.
2. Have all the ingredients at room temperature.
3. Cookie sheets should fit in the oven with at least 2 inches around all sides
(including between the sheets) so there is good air circulation. Otherwise, the
bottom of the cookies will burn before the tops have baked.
4. It's better to place cookie dough on a cool pan rather than a warm one, as the
dough will melt and affect the shape of the cookies.
5. Always remove cookies immediately with a spatula and let them cool on racks,
unless the recipe says to cool the cookies on the cookie sheets.
6. Always store crisp cookies in airtight containers. Moist cookies tend to become
soggy if stored in airtight containers.
7. For some recipes, a fine sprinkling of sugar over the top of the cookie is required.
An easy way of achieving an even coating is to put the sugar in a small fine
screen strainer and shake it over the cookies.
8. If you sprinkle a layer of white sugar in the bottom of the cookie jar, cookies will
stay fresh and crisp for a longer period of time.
9. Use leftover frozen juice containers to store refrigerator cookie dough. It will
give you a perfectly uniform shape for slicing.
Nahanni River Herbs
Eggs Tips
1. Fresh eggs have a rough and chalky shell, old eggs are shiny and smooth.
2. To determine if an egg is fresh, immerse it a pan of cool salted water. If it sinks,
it's fresh. If it floats, it's best to throw it away.
3. Dirty eggs will keep longer than fresh eggs. Eggs which have been cleaned have
had the protective coating removed, thus the eggs will spoil faster and absorb
refrigerator odors.
4. If the eggs are stuck to the carton, wet the carton and they will come out without
5. To keep the yolks in your eggs centered when cooking hard boiled eggs, stir the
water while you are cooking.
6. To keep egg yolks from crumbling when slicing, wet the knife blade with water
before each cut.
7. To keep poached eggs from running all over the pan, add a couple of drops of
vinegar to the water.
8. To hard boil eggs, place them in a pan of cold water and bring to boil. Remove
the pan from the heat, cover and let stand for 20 minutes, then rinse with cold
9. To use the yolks left over from a recipe that has called for the use of egg whites
only, drop them in a pot of boiling salted water and then use the cooked eggs in
10. It is easier to remove the shells from hot, hard boiled eggs if you rinse them in
cold water first.
11. To get double the volume of meringue, add one teaspoon of cold water for each
egg white before beating.
12. To make a fluffier omelet, add a pinch of cornstarch and a pinch of icing sugar to
the yolk of each egg before beating.
13. To get double the volume when beating egg whites, add 1 teaspoon of cold water
for each egg white.
14. If you get a little egg yolk in your egg white, the whites will not whip properly.
To remove the bits of yolk, dampen a small piece of cloth in cold water, then
touch the cloth to the bits of yolk. The cloth will act like a magnet.
15. Adding a little salt to the water will prevent boiling eggs from cracking.
16. If you've dropped an egg on the floor, cover it completly with salt and let it sit 20
minutes. It will sweep right up!
17. Foe extra height and extra delight, add an egg and use less water in your cake
mixes. This also works well with Yorkshire pudding.
18. To prevent dark rings that separate the yolks from the whites in hard boiled eggs,
pour cold water over the egg immediately after cooking.
19. When eggs shells crack while being cooked, add a little vinegar to prevent the egg
white from seeping out.
Nahanni River Herbs
Fruit Tips
1. To reduce the amount of sugar required when cooking cranberries, add 1/4
teaspoon of baking soda.
2. If you rub the bottom of the pan with butter when making jam, you will prevent
burning and the jam will be clear.
3. To maintain a nice red colour when cooking rhubarb, keep the lid on.
4. To enhance the flavor of grapefruit, sprinkle with a little salt.
5. You'll get more juice from oranges and lemons if you heat them for 10-15
minutes in hot water before squeezing.
6. Keep cut lemons fresh by brushing egg whites over the cut surface.
7. Ripen green bananas by wrapping them in a wet dish towel and putting them in a
brown paper bag.
Nahanni River Herbs
Garage & Garden Tips
Use a hair dryer to remove a bumper sticker from your car.
Use club soda to clean grease from a car windshield.
For a make-shift funnel, cut the bottom off a plastic pop bottle.
Neutralize battery acid corrosion with 3 parts baking soda to 1 part water.
Disconnect terminals, apply with a damp cloth, then re-connect terminals and
wipe them clean with petroleum jelly to prevent any further corrosion.
5. Usr baking soda on a damp sponge to clean boat hulls, chrome lights and to
remove bugs, etc. from windshields.
6. Using rubbing alcohol to clean the wiper blades and windshield of your car will
keep them from smearing.
7. Clean the chrome on your car with dampened aluminum foil.
8. A small neck bottle, such as a pop bottle, when filled about 1/3 full of sugar and
vinegar, makes a good fly trap.
9. On the outside of your home, draw a chalk line around the windows, doors, and
water pipes to repel ants.
10. A convenient way to transport charcoal briquettes to a cookout is to put them into
a cardboard egg cartons and tie shut. There is no mess and they can be ignited
right in the carton at the picnic site.
11. Spray the blades of your lawnmower with non-stick cooking spray to prevent
grass clippings from sticking to the blades.
12. Use non-stick cooking spray to libricate bicycle chains.
13. Place chalk in tool boxes to prevent rust.
14. Place an old piece of carpet in the bottom of tool box drawers to reduce paint
scrapes and damage to the drawers.
15. Use oven cleaner to clean grease and oil stains off the driveway.
16. Use club soda, vinegar or peroxide to loosen rusty screws, nuts, and bolts.
17. Rub tools with turtle wax to prevent rust.
18. Store paint cans upside down. This traps the air and prevents a skin from forming
on the top of the paint.
19. Use Q-tips for small paint touch-ups.
20. Rub window panes with soap before painting. That way, the paint won't stick to
the glass.
21. Make your own window cleaner with 1/2 cup of non-sudsy ammonia and 2
tablespoons of white vinegar in a quart of water.
22. Use old garden hoses which have sprung a leak to make soaker hoses. Just poke
in as many holes as required and attach to the faucet.
23. Keep dogs and cats out of the garbage bins by tying an old rag or sock soaked in
full strength ammonia to the lid or handles.
24. Use old pantyhose to support young plants or seedlings.
25. Secure vines to a trellis with mint flavored dental floss. It's strong, weather
resistant and blends with the color of the vines, making it "invisible".
Nahanni River Herbs
26. When planting your nexy rose bush, throw a banana peel in the soil next to the
roots. Roses love the potassium!
27. Tint cut flowers by adding a few drops of food coloring to the water in a flower
vase. The flowers will absorb the water and the food coloring will add interesting
colors to the flower petals.
28. To keep cut flowers fresh, make a floral preservative with 1 can of lemon soda
and 1 tablespoon of chlorine bleach mixed in 1 gallon of water.
29. If you've cut flower stems too short for an arrangement, place marbles in the
bottom of the vase to give them a lift.
30. Sprinkle chalk around deck pots and plants to repel slugs.
31. Feed your indoor or outdoor plants minerals by watering them periodically with
club soda.
32. To lure insects away from your patio or barbeque, place open cans of beer around
the edge of your yard. Great for attracting wasps and hornets, and perhaps a few
33. Restore the bounce to your tennis balls by wrapping them individually in
aluminum foil and heating in a 200 F oven for 1/2 hour.
34. Gently clean golf clubs with steel wool cleaning pads.
35. Use an old golf bag to store garden tools - it is especially handy if the bag has
Nahanni River Herbs
Top 4 Gelatin Tips
1. In order to have the gelatin drop out easily and also have a shiney lustre, rinse the
container in cold water and coat with salad oil before pouring in the gelatin
2. If you add 2 tablespoons of vinegar to each box of gelatin, the taste will not be
affected and you will get a firmer set.
3. To get gelatin to thicken quicker, pour the liquid into a metal pan and place in the
freezer for about 15 minutes.
4. To enhance the flavor of jelly powder, use leftover fruit juice instead of water.
Nahanni River Herbs
Top 4 Substitutions Tips
1. A sweet substitute for bread crumbs is finely crushed corn flakes, wheat flakes,
any unsweetened cereal, or crushed potato flakes.
2. Flat chamagne can be used as a substitute in recipes for dry white wine.
3. Low fat ricotta cheese used with light cream cheese in cheesecake recipes is
equivalent to cottage cheese. The texture is smoother than the regular cottage
cheese and the flavor is slightly sweet.
4. For your own low calorie sour cream, whip 1 cup of cottage cheese with 1/4 cup
skim milk.
Nahanni River Herbs
Health, Beauty, & First Aid Tips
1. Use coffee filters to clean eyeglasses. They will not scratch.
2. To keep eyeglasses from slipping, dab a little deodorant on the bridge of your
3. Make your own antacid with 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda dissolved in a glass of
4. To make rough skin soft, use the white of an egg. Just rub a little into the skin at
bedtime and wash off in the morning.
5. Make your skin silky soft by adding 1/2 cup of baking soda to your bath water.
6. Make your own facial with equal amounts of milk and honey, along with enough
cornstarch to make a paste. Apply to your face for 20 minutes, then rinse with
warm water.
7. Highlight brown or red hair by rinsing with coffee.
8. Prevent spilt ends by treating hair with 1 tablespoon of honey and 2 teaspoons of
olive oil. Warm the mixture and rub into hair. Soak a towel in hot water, wring it
out and wrap hair for 20 minutes. Shampoo and rinse.
9. Remove paint from your hair with a small amount of baby oil, then wash as usual.
10. Make your own bubble bath with 2 cups of corn oil, 3 tablespoons of shampoo
and a small amount of perfume. Mix in a blender at high speed.
11. Soothe those tired, aching feet with a foot soak made from 3 tablespoons of
baking soda in a basin of warm water.
12. Use vegetable oil to soften skin before removing a splinter.
13. Use corn oil to remove oil-based paint from your skin.
14. Apply a small amount of white glue over a splinter wound. Let it dry, then
remove it. The splinter should stick to the glue.
15. Ease the pain of a grease burn with vanilla extract.
16. To ease the pain of a burn, apply the white of an egg to the affected area. The egg
white acts as a cooling gel and will "set" over the burn, until you can get medical
17. Use a small amount of toothpaste to relieve the itch of a mosquito bite.
18. Use toothpaste to remove stubborn smells like onion or fish from your hands.
19. Joggers can prevent chafing of the inner thighs and upper arms by slathering them
in petroleum jelly.
20. To stop the pain of a bee sting, cover the sting with a paste made from 1/4
teaspoon meat tenderizer and enough water (1 - 2 teaspoons) to make a paste.
21. Relieve the itch of insect bites with 3 parts baking soda to 1 part water. Apply to
the affected area and let dry.
22. To ease the pain of a sunburn, make a paste with cornstarch and water and apply
to the affected area.
23. To ease the removal of an adhesive bandage, use a hair dryer on a low to medium
setting to soften the adhesive.
Nahanni River Herbs
24. Add 1/8 teaspoon of dried ginger to a cup of hot water for a soothing drink to
settle an upset stomach.
25. To ease the discomfort of a cough due to a cold, dissolve 1 tablespoon of honey
and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice in a 6-8 ounce glass of warm water and sip.
26. For a quick and effective heat or ice pack, fill an old sock with uncooked rice.
Secure the end and place the sock in the freezer or microwave on high for 2-3
minutes. If you heat it be sure to allow it to cool before applying to the skin.
Nahanni River Herbs
Household Hints
1. Spray plastic food containers with non-stick cooking spray to prevent tomato
based products like paste or sauce from staining.
2. If your oven racks no longer slide in and out easily, rub the outer edge of the rack
with petroleum jelly.
3. To brighten copper pots that have become blackened over open flames, use a
mixture of salt and lemon juice and then rinse with tepid water.
4. Turn the lid from a shoe box upside down and set your toaster in it to prevent
crumbs from scattering over your kitchen counter. You can cover the lid with a
decorative adhesive or wall paper to match your kitchen decor.
5. Remove burned on food from baking dishes by applying a liberal amount of
baking soda to the burnt food, then cover with water. Let sit for a few hours, and
wipe clean.
6. For an inexpensive copper cleaner, mix 1 tablespoon of salt and 1 tablespoon of
7. Use a paste made from baking soda and water to remove coffee and tea stains
from china or porcelain.
8. A box of baking soda in the refrigerator or freezer takes away odors and keeps
them fresh. Replace box about every two months.
9. Don't throw out "old " baking soda. Use it to refreshen sink drains and old
garbage cans. Pour in the baking soda, then rinse with hot water.
10. Make silver polish with 3 parts baking soda to 1 part water. Rub into silver with a
clean cloth. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft clean cloth.
11. Place a piece of chalk in your silver chest to prevent tarnishing.
12. Rust marks on linoleum can be removed with lemon juice.
13. A paste made of salt and olive oil will remove heat rings from furniture. Apply
this to the ring and allow to stand for at least one hour.
14. Use a drop of baby oil to add shine to a stainless steel sink or chrome appliances.
15. Use ketchup to clean copper. Rub it on, then rinse off the residue with warm
soapy water.
16. To remove crayon marks from walls and painted furniture, sprinkle baking soda
on a damp cloth and rub gently. Wipe dry.
17. Attach a stick-on air freshener to one of the blades on your ceiling fan. Turn the
fan on to a low setting, to circulate the fragrance.
18. Try rubbing furniture polish on the top of your ceiling fan blades to minimize dust
from settling on these hard to reach places.
19. To remove the smell of cigarette smoke or cigar smoke from a room within
minutes, dip a small towel in equal amounts of vinegar and water. Ring out the
towel and wave it around the room.
20. Pour a small amount of clean fine sand-like cat litter into ashtrays to extinguish
cigars and cigarettes quickly. Clean-up will be easier and odors will be reduced.
Nahanni River Herbs
21. Put a small amount of petroleum jelly on the tip of your glue gun to prevent long
annoying glue strings from forming.
22. Q-tips are great for cleaning in small crevices like telephone keys and other small
23. When packing shoes for travelling, place each shoe inside an old sock to prevent
them from being scratched.
24. Clean the grease and buildup from your electric can opener by running a piece of
paper towel through the cutter. It will wipe off the grease as it passes through.
25. To clean your coffee pot, fill it with water and add a denture tablet. Leave it
overnight, then rinse as usual.
26. To keep beverages in vacuum bottles hot for a longer period, pre-heat the vacuum
bottle for an hour or two by filling it with boiling water. Empty and add your
27. To keep unused glass jars from developing a musty smell, wash and dry the jar,
then insert a piece of paper towel into the jar before replacing the lid.
28. Clean an oven spill by covering it with salt. Once the oven has cooled, wipe it
29. Use glass wax to whiten a fridge that has turned yellow.
30. Secure an old sock to the end of a meter stick with a rubber band, and use this
skinny mop to clean under and around fridges, stoves, and other hard to reach
31. Barbeque briquettes make a great refrigerator deoderizer.
32. Wet coffee grounds will abaorb odor in your refrigerator.
33. To reduce the visibility of a crack in a dish, boil in milk to weld.
34. To remove old nails from a wall, use the tines of a fork if you do not have a
hammer. Just slide the nail between the tines and press down on the handle.
35. Add the fingers from old rubber gloves to broom handles, so they don't mark the
walls in the storage closet.
36. Coat dustpans with turtle wax. Dirt will slide right off.
37. Stop squeaky floor boards by sprinkling them with talcum powder.
38. To eliminate static electricity when working with foam chips, rub your arms and
hands with fabric softener sheet.
39. To prevent costume jewelry from tarnishing, place a piece of chalk in your
jewelry box.
40. Clean gem stone jewelry by soaking in club soda.
41. To keep gold and silver chains fron tangling in your jewel case, thread the end of
the chain through a plastic drinking straw, then fasten the clasp.
42. Keep eyeglasses streak free by wiping the lenses with a small amount of vinegar.
43. Remove sticky tags from glass, ornaments, or brass by rubbing with vegetable oil.
44. Spray your fall flower arrangements that you've hand picked with hair spray to
preserve them.
45. Put crumpled newspaper in suitcases to help prevent musty smells in storage.
46. Rub dark woodwork legs on sofas and tables with Tabasco sauce to repel cats
from scratching.
Nahanni River Herbs
47. Remove scuff marks from wall by rubbing with a little toothpaste.
48. For patio doors that stick, rub floor wax onto the track. Then slide the doors back
and forth to ensure the track is well coated.
49. Pre-soak candles in salt water before using to make them drip proof.
50. Add a fresh scent to your home by wiping bulbs with a cloth dampened with
vanilla extract. The heat from the bulbs will release the scent.
51. When moving furniture, put old socks over the legs to prevent marking the floor.
52. Use a drop of clear nail polish to fill small holes in linoleum.
Nahanni River Herbs
Just For Kids Tips
1. Remove dried formula from a baby's face the gentle way - with a wash cloth
dabbed with petroleum jelly.
2. Can't get your kids to take their vitamins? Try putting them in a Pez dispenser.
It makes vitamins more fun to take.
3. Make kids' clown make up by mixing 2 tablespoons of cornstarch to 1 tablespoon
of shortening. Color with food coloring.
4. Clean kids' wounds with a dark red wash cloth so they won't see any blood.
5. Make your kids bathmitts using old socks filled with left over soap slivers.
6. Make kids fingerpaints by mixing 1/4 cup of cornstarch with 2 cups of cold
water. Boil until the mixture thickens, then pour into small containers and tint
with food coloring.
7. Use a zipper-type storage bag to hold your childs artwork adorned with glitter and
other substances which may not remain on the paper. This will eliminate clean up
on the floor around the fridge or wherever you display their creations.
8. Clean the brushes from old nail polish bottles with nail polish remover, then give
them to your kids as a brush for their water color paint set.
9. When your child complains of a sore throat, check it using a round flat lollipop as
a tongue depresser. That way he or she won't complain when you want to take a
10. For painless removal of a bandage, lift the corner of the bandage, and use a Q-tip
dabbed with petroleum jelly to lift it.
Nahanni River Herbs
Kitchen Tips
1. To get ketchup flowing in a bottle, insert a plastic straw. When you pull out the
straw, the ketchup will pour easily.
2. Thicken soups with instant potato flakes.
3. Fill ice cube trays with chicken stock or boullion. Use the frozen cubes to cool a
bowl of soup that is too hot.
4. To keep marshmallows fresh and moist, store in a freezer.
5. To revive dried out marshmallows, put them in a wire strainer and hold them over
boiling water.
6. Stuff a miniature marshmallow into the bottom of a sugar cone to prevent ice
cream cones from dripping.
7. Add a few grains of rice to your salt shaker to prevent salt from sticking together
during periods of high humidity.
8. Pancakes will be fluffier if you replace the liquid with club soda.
9. Freeze leftover pancakes individually between sheets of wax paper. Reheat in the
10. If you place a tray of water on the bottom oven rack when broiling, the drippings
will fall in the water, making clean up easier.
11. To prevent the odor of hot cooking oil from invading your home, add a drop of
vanilla extract to the oil.
12. To make clear ice for punch, boil the water first.
Nahanni River Herbs
Laundry Tips
1. Make your own inexpensive alternative to fabric softener dryer sheets. Mix 1 cup
of liquid fabric softener together with 1 cup of water. Store in a wide mouth jar.
Using and old cloth, dip it in the mixture, then wring it out over the jar so that
any excess liquid is returned to the container. Throw the face cloth in the dryer
with the damp clothes. It works like a charm!*
2. Attach a magnetic caddy to the side of your washing machine to save items that
fall out of pockets in the wash.
3. To remove sticky film from the bottom of your iron, place 2 tablespoons of salt on
a piece of brown paper. Using a warm setting, iron over the salt to clean and
polish the iron like new.
4. Make your own spray starch with 1 tablespoon of cornstarch added to 1 pint of
cold water. Mix vigorously to dissolve the cornstarch and apply as usual with a
spray bottle.
5. Clean the steam vents of your iron with pipe cleaners.
6. To speed ironing, spray the ironing board cover with spray starch.
7. If clothes stick to the bottom of your iron, try sprinkling salt on a piece of paper
and then run your hot iron back and forth over the salt. This should solve the
8. To iron clothing with bead work, embroidery or other special trims, place the
design face down on a towel and iron. This will prevent the special trim from
being flattened during ironing.
9. To prevent colored fabrics from running, add a little salt to the fresh water.
10. To prevent new dark jeans, or any dark cottons from fading and streaking, turn
them inside out and throw them into your washing machine filled with cold water
and 1 cup of vinegar. This will "set" the color. A must for teenagers who don't
want the streaked effect that so commonly occurs with black jeans.
11. Take the stiffness out of new denim jeans by soaking them overnight in water
with 1 cup salt. Launder as usual.
12. Adding a teaspoon of vinegar to the rinsewater, will help pantyhose retain it's
13. To get rid of ring around the collar, rub hair shampoo into the ring before washing
or try a paste of vinegar and baking soda.
14. To remove stubborn smells from your laundry, add 1/2 cup baking soda to the
rinse cycle.
15. To whiten discolored socks, boil them in water along with 1 or 2 lemon slices.
16. For a fresher, cleaner wash add 1/2 cup of baking soda with your usual amount of
chlorine bleach to your load.
17. Sprinkle baking soda on soiled diapers before putting them in the pail to eliminate
the odor.
18. Brighten white socks and cottons by using dishwasher detergent in the washing
Nahanni River Herbs
19. To prevent lost or mismatched socks, keep a large supply of safety pins handy and
pin socks together before laundering.
20. Zippers last longer if they are zipped shut before laundering.
21. Fresh blood stains may be removed by washing in cold water. Hard and dry
blood stains should soak for a few hours in cold water that has a pinch of baking
soda added to it before it is washed. Never use hot water on blood stains.
22. Always wash milk or cream stains with cold water, never hot. Then follow with
soap and water and a clear water rinse.
23. To remove grass stains easily, rub undiluted hair shampoo into the stain, then
launder as usual.
24. Remove perspiration from clothing by soaking the garment in salt water, then
wash as usual.
25. Apply a patse made from baking soda and water to perspiration stains and allow it
to sit. Launder as usual.
26. For ball point pen ink marks, saturate the spot with hair spray, and allow to dry.
Then brush lightly with a solution of vinegar and water.
27. Remove ink from leather purses and shoes with nail polish remover.
28. Ink stains on fingers can be removed by brushing with a soft nail brush dipped
first in vinegar and then salt.
29. To remove grease from clothing, dampen the stain with salt dissolved in
ammonia. Blot and rinse.
30. Sprinkle a little talcum powder on a shoelace knot to loosen it.
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Meats, Fish and Gravies Tips
1. To have smooth gravy, keep a jar handy with a tight fitting lid. Place flour (3-4
tablespoons) in the jar and then add some water. Shake well and add to your
2. To speed up gravy making, add a little club soda to the roasting pan so the
browned bits will loosen more quickly.
3. To tenderize tough meat, marinate it overnight in 1/2 cup vinegar and 1 cup beef
4. Include tomatoes with your usual vegetables when cooking a pot roast. The
tomatoes will tenderize the meat.
5. Stretch ground beef by adding 1 1/2 cups of poultry dressing to every pound of
ground beef. Using seasoned dressing will also give the hamburger( or meatloaf)
a flavorful zest.
6. When shaping hamburgers poke a small hole in the center. The burger will cook
faster and the outside won't get overcooked before the center is done. The hole
will almost completely disappear as the burger cooks.
7. To make individual servings of meatloaf, cook in muffin tins.
8. Meat bones can be saved in the freezer, for future use in making broth or stock.
9. Enhance the flavor of a beef stew by adding 1 tablespoon of blackstrap molasses.
10. Never put bacon to fry in a warm pan, always in a cold pan.
11. If bacon is dipped in corn meal or flour before frying, it won't curl, shrink or
12. Sprinkle a little sugar in the frying pan to prevent bacon from sticking.
13. To prevent fried sausages from shrinking or breaking open, boil them first for 5
14. Piercing sausage skins with a fork prior to cooking will keep them from breaking
15. To reduce the salty taste of ham, drain off the juices while cooking, add a bottle of
ginger ale and bake until done.
16. To eliminate a frozen taste, place fish in a baking pan and cover with 1/3 cup of
powdered milk mixed with 3/4 cup of water.
17. If you shake salt in the fat when frying fish, the odors will be reduced.
18. Add a few drops of yellow food coloring to cooking oil before frying chicken.
The chicken will turn out golden brown.
19. Frozen chicken will retain its flavor and white color if it's defrosted, in heavily
salted cold water.
20. Keep roasted turkey covered in alumium foil for 1/2 hour after it comes out of the
oven to make carving easier.
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Milk, Cheese & Butter
1. To make butter go further, whip it to twice it's volume with an electric mixer.
2. Use the foil and paper wrappers from margarine and butter bricks to grease
baking pans and dishes.
3. To prevent butter from burning when frying, add two drops of oil.
4. To keep milk from scorching, add a small amount of sugar to the milk, without
5. For recipes calling for powdered milk, sift the crystals together with the other dry
6. To prevent separation of whipping cream that has to sit awhile, use icing sugar
instead of granulated sugar when whipping.
7. When using a commercial low-calorie whipped topping to garnish a dessert, you
will get more holding power if you beat in 1 teaspoon of cornstarch for every 2
cups of whipped topping.
8. A delicious substitute for whipping cream is a mashed banana added to the white
of an egg and beaten stiff.
9. Using icing sugar instead of granulated sugar in whipped cream will give a
smoother texture.
10. Cheese will slice thinner if a dull knife is used, rather than a sharp one.
11. To prevent mold from forming on cheese, wrap it in a clean cotton cloth
dampened with salt water before refrigerating.
12. Enhance the flavor of soup with grated cheese.
13. Spray cheese graters with non-stick cooking oil to prevent the cheese from
14. Store containers of dairy products such as sour cream upside down. This will keep
them fresh longer.
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Pie tips
1. Apple pie has better flavor if a little salt is sprinkled on the apples before the top
crust is put in place.
2. Fruit pies can be frozen unbaked or baked, but the former is preferred as the crust
will be more tender and the fruit flavour will be true.
3. When freezing an unbaked pie, add an additional tablespoon of thickener to
absorb the extra juices. If it is a closed double crust pie, do not put the vents in
the top crust. Use freezer wrap.
4. When baking a frozen pie, do not thaw. Cut the vents in the top crust and bake at
350 F for approximately 20 minutes more than required in the recipe.
5. When freezing a baked fruit pie, cool and use freezer wrap. When it comes time
to bake, thaw for an hour and then bake at 350 F for 30 minutes, then reduce heat
if overbrowning and bake for another 15 to 20 minutes.
6. For a flaky pie crust, add cream or milk instead of water.
7. Store your rolling pin in the freezer. A frozen rolling pin makes rolling out pastry
dough much easier.
8. Avoid soggy crusts by:
o rubbing the bottom of the pie plate with butter before adding the dough.
o sprinkling a small amount of sugar over the crust before adding the filling.
o sprinkling breadcrumbs on the crust before adding the filling.
o brushing the pie crust with egg white, followed by a light sprinkling of
9. Sprinkle buttermilk pancake mix on the counter top before rolling out pastry
dough. It will make a tastier pie crust.
10. Pie crust is flakier if the dough is made and stored in the refrigerator for 1 day
prior to use.
11. If you preheat your oven to 475 F, then reduce the oven temperature to 350 F for
baking, you'll prevent the shell from shrinking.
12. Meringue will not shrink during baking if it is touching the edges of the pie crust.
Nahanni River Herbs
Sewing Room Tips
1. To make threading needles easier, put a little hair spray on the thread to stiffen it
before passing it through the eye of the needle.
2. Remove the white hemline on jeans by rubbing the hem with a crayon matching
the color of your jeans, then iron the hem. Remember to use a pressing cloth,
otherwise the crayon will stick to the bottom of your iron.
3. When working with satin fabrics, prevent snagging of the fibres by first
exfoliating your hands with a tablespoon of vegetable oil mixed with a tablespoon
of sugar. The sugar granules remove any dead or rough skin while the vegetable
oil softens the skin. Remember to wash your hands to remove any excess oil.
This also makes a great exfoliant for elbows, knees, and heels.
4. When hand sewing, prevent threads from tangling by drawing them over a bar of
5. When hand sewing four-hole buttons, sew through 2 holes and knot the thread.
Use a separate strand of thread to sew the remaining 2 holes. This way, should
one thread let go, the button will still be secure.
6. Tack garment drawstrings in the center back of the casing to prevent them from
pulling through.
7. For those stubborn buttons that don't want to stay sewn on, sew them first with a
strand of fine dental floss, then cover the floss with a couple of stitches using
thread to match the garment.
Nahanni River Herbs
Sugar and Honey Tips
1. If you are out of powdered sugar, place granulated sugar in the food processor and
process until it is thin and powdery.
2. Soften hardened brown sugar by placing it in the freezer. When it is thawed, it
will be soft.
3. To add moisture back to hardened brown sugar, place apple slices in with the
hardened sugar and seal tightly.
4. Place a piece of plastic wrap over the mouth of a newly opened jar of honey. This
will help prevent the honey from crystallizing.
5. If your jar of honey has crystallized, place the jar in a pot of hot (not boiling)
water for 10 minutes. The result will be clear honey!
Nahanni River Herbs
Vegetables Tips
1. It is easier to peel garlic if it is first placed in hot water for a few minutes to
loosen the skin.
2. If garlic is chopped on a little salt, the pieces will not stick together, or to the
knife and cutting board.
To keep garlic cloves longer, put them in the freezer. When ready to use them,
peel and chop before they thaw.
3. To eliminate garlic breath, drink black coffee after eating garlic.
4. Place onions in a bowl of cold water for 15 -20 minutes before peeling, then peel
them under water to avoid tears.
5. After cutting onions or garlic, use a lemon to remove the odors from your hands.
6. To eliminate onion breath, drink sweet milk after eating onions.
7. Always tear lettuce. Cutting it will cause the edges to turn brown.
8. To rejuvenate a head of lettuce that has wilted: First remove the core, then soak
the head in cold water, drain and place in a plastic bag and store in the
refrigerator. After it has chilled, you will have a fresh head of lettuce.
9. To keep celery fresh in the refrigerator for weeks, wrap it in aluminum foil.
10. To absorb moisture and keep vegetables fresh, lay a paper towel on the bottom of
the refrigerator vegetable compartment.
11. To prevent stored potatos from sprouting, place a few small apples in the storage
bag or container.
12. If you sprinkle potatos lightly with flour before frying, they will come out
beautifully browned.
13. If you have soggy mashed potatoes, whip an egg white until stiff, then fold into
the pototoes. Bake until golden brown.
14. Add one teaspoon of vinegar to the water to keep old potatoes from turning dark
when boiling.
15. To cut your baking time in half when baking potatoes, let them stand in boiling
water for 15 minutes before baking.
16. Leftover baked potatoes? Reheat them by letting them rest in warm water for a
few minutes, then baking at a low oven temperature until reheated.
17. When boiling corn on the cob, enhance the natural sweetness by putting a little
sugar in the water.
18. If the soup you are making is too salty, add a grated raw potato to it to absorb the
19. Keep mushrooms fresh by storing them in a dampened brown paper bag in the
20. When lemon juice is added to recipes requiring fresh mushrooms, it will bring out
the flavor of the mushrooms.
21. By adding a pinch of baking soda to the cooking water when cooking cabbage,
odors will be eliminated and the cabbage will retain its green coloring.
Nahanni River Herbs
22. Before making cabbage rolls, instead of steaming the cabbage, place the whole
head of cabbage in the freezer until frozen solid. When ready to use, allow the
cabbage to thaw. The leaves will be easy to pull apart, and soft and easy to work
23. Liven up vegetables with a sauce made from a small amount of mayonnaise
mixed with the leftover cooking liquid.
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