Nachi SeriesTM
Wall-Mounted Sensor-Operated
Lavatory Faucets for Battery or
Plug-In Installations.
Installation, Operation, Maintenance,
and Parts Manual
Wall-Mounted Sensor-Operated
Battery-Powered Lavatory Faucets
All goods sold hereunder are warranted to be free from defects in material and factory workmanship for a period of three years from the
date of purchase. Decorative finishes warranted for one year. We will replace at no costs goods that prove defective provided we are
notified in writing of such defect and the goods are returned to us prepaid at Sanford, NC, with evidence that they have been properly
maintained and used in accordance with instructions. We shall not be responsible for any labor charges or any loss, injury or damages
whatsoever, including incidental or consequential damages. The sole and exclusive remedy shall be limited to the replacement of the
defective goods. Before installation and use, the purchaser shall determine the suitability of the product for his intended use and the
purchaser assumes all risk and liability whatever in connection therewith. Where permitted by law, the implied warranty of merchantability
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NOTE: The information in this manual is subject to change at any time without notice. Installations may
be performed at different times of construction by different individuals. For this reason, these instructions
should be left on-site with the facility or maintenance manager.
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Date: 8/31/2017
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Nachi Faucet Package Contents
Required Tools:
Threaded Rod
Flange Nut
Drill Bits
-3/16”, 3/4”
Allen Wrench (M2)
Hand Drill
Phillips Head
and Key
Swivel Nut
The Nachi faucet maintains a sleek and simple design with robust sensor operation suitable for any washroom environment.
Sensor Range:
Operating Water Pressure:
Operational Water Temperature:
Automatic Timeout:
6 VDC Series [4 “AA” alkaline batteries and/or 110V/60Hz electrical outlet power option]
Manually calibrated
10-100 psi
33°F to 110°F (1°C to 45°C)
1.0 GPM Vandal-Resistant (Standard)
30 seconds
Important Safety Information:
Installer is responsible for ensuring the product is installed and conforms to all plumbing codes and ordinances.
Do not convert or modify this Zurn product yourself. All warranties will be voided.
Water supply lines must be sized according to building designer in order to provide adequate water supply for each fixture.
Flush all water lines prior to making connections.
Prior to Installation:
Before installing your Zurn Nachi Faucet: the items listed below should already be installed on site.
• Lavatory/sink
• Drain Line
• Hot and cold water supply line or pre-tempered water supply line.
• Installer/Servicer should not use pipe dope or teflon/thread sealant anywhere on this product, most notably threads and
connection points.
• Care shall be taken when installing this product to prevent marring of any exposed or decorative surfaces.
Be sure the sink/lavatory/basin is clear from any objects upon making the sensor to electronics connection initiating the selfcalibration feature. The sink must be clear of any and all objects in order to calibrate appropriately (calibration time approx
FV615 Rev - 8/31/2017
Page 2
Spout Installation
Note: Zurn recommends installing the faucet spout prior to finishing the wall (e.g. with tile). A minimum clearance
depth of 4" behind the wall is recommended. The faucet spout cannot be installed directly in front of wall studs or
other rigid supports.
Carefully screw aerator into spout using included tool.
Take care to not pinch blue o-ring
1.2. Mark center-point of faucet spout and drill a 3/4” hole on the previous marked center-point.
Note: It is recommended to horizontally align faucet spout with center of sink drain and vertically 7-10” above the sink drain.
To comply with ADA standards, faucet spout must be mounted less than 50" from finished floor.
There are four methods of securing the spout to the wall:
Drywall Anchor Method (Recommended): Mark the slots of the spout’s flange and drill 3 equally-spaced 3/16” (4mm) holes.
Insert the drywall anchors into the holes. Feed the hose and sensor cable through the hole in the wall, starting with the
sensor cable first. Then, attach the spout to the wall using the supplied screws.
FV615 Rev - 8/31/2017
Page 3
Threaded Shaft Method: Thread on the threaded rod onto the faucet spout. Feed the hose and sensor cable through the hole
in the wall, starting with the sensor cable first. Then, attach the flanged nut onto the threaded shaft of the spout by hand, behind
the wall. Ensure the spout is correctly oriented into the basin and continue tightening the nut with a wrench.
Note: Avoid over-tightening to prevent damage to the wall.
Elbow Method: Mark the slots of the spout’s flange and drill 3 equally-spaced holes with minimum drill bit size of 3/16"
(4mm). Slip the sensor cabling and flexible hose through the elbow such that the brass on the elbow contacts the back side
of the wall. Thread the M4 screws through the spout flange and into the threaded holes of the elbow. Tip: By hand, insert
each screw into the threaded holes, and barely tighten. Then use a screwdriver to tighten each screw in a clockwise pattern
little by little until tightened.
FV615 Rev - 8/31/2017
Page 4
Plywood Method: If the restroom has a plywood backing of minimum 1/2” thickness behind the wall, use a hand drill to fasten
the spout to the wall using the provided 3 coarse-threaded screws. Pre-drilling pilot holes is not required.
1.4. Slide escutcheon over spout and onto wall surface.
Control Box Installation
Remove the four screws from the control box. Remove the
control box cover. Remove the battery box from the control
box, and gently remove the screw from the battery box cover.
Install AA batteries in the orientation shown. Note: Use
only alkaline AA batteries. Re-install the battery box cover,
matching the alignment arrows together. Set the battery
box back into the control box, and re-install the control box
cover using the previously removed screws.
Choose a location under the sink basin to mount the control
box, such that the sensor cable, flexible hose, and incoming
water supply all connect to the control box. Under the sink
basin, drill a hole minimum 3/4” to fit the sensor cable and
flexible hose from the spout. Feed the sensor cable and
flexible hose through the hole.
FV615 Rev - 8/31/2017
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Control Box Installation - Continued
Mount the control box to the wall in the orientation shown.
Drill four 1/8" (3mm) holes as shown, and push drywall
anchors into each hole. Secure the control box to the wall
with the drywall screws.
Connect the incoming water supply line to the control box,
at the connection marked Inlet.
4 [110]
48 [105]
Thread on the swivel nut to the hose by hand. Tighten with
a wrench
Connect the faucet hose to the control box, at the connection
marked Outlet.
Flexible Hose
from Spout
FV615 Rev - 8/31/2017
Page 6
Slide sensor cable connector over the sensor cable
connector on the control box and tighten by hand.
Note: Prior to connecting the sensor cable to the control box,
open the water supply stop valve and ensure the sink basin
is completely clean and clear of objects, or the sensor will
not correctly calibrate. See page 6 for instructions on
recalibration. Please wait approximately 60 seconds after
connecting the sensor cable for sensor calibration to
complete and to begin using the faucet.
Maintenance and Care
Faucet un-responsive / No
water out
Battery voltage low or no power.
Change batteries and/or verify power provided from –ACA.
Poor cable connection(s) / Bent pins. Check for bent pins. Re-connect all cable connections.
Continuous water flow
Low flow
High flow
Short battery life
LED indicator light off
Dirt in filter.
Water supply off / too low.
Scratches/dirt on sensor lens.
Scratches/dirt on sensor lens.
Shorted pins.
Inlet and outlet hoses swapped.
Water supply pressure too low.
Dirt in filter.
Debris in aerator.
Water supply pressure too high.
Incorrect battery type.
Battery voltage low or no power.
Poor battery connection.
Clean the filter.
Ensure water supply is between 10-100psi.
Clean sensor lens.
Clean sensor lens.
Replace control box.
Ensure incoming water supply connected to 'inlet' and faucet
hose connected to 'outlet'.
Increase water supply pressure.
Clean the filter.
Clean the aerator.
Reduce water supply pressure.
Use only alkaline batteries.
Change batteries and/or verify power provided from –ACA.
Check orientation of batteries in battery box.
For further assistance with troubleshooting visit
Care and Cleaning Instructions:
Do not use any abrasive or chemical cleaners to clean the faucets.
If abrasives or chemicals are used it can lead to dulling of luster, attacking of chrome plating or decorative finishes.
ONLY use mildly warm soapy water, and then wipe the device dry with a clean/soft towel or cloth.
Upon cleaning other areas of the restroom be sure the sensor lenses are protected from other cleaning chemicals/solvents to
prevent potential damages to the sensor and/or electronics.
Filter Cleaning Instructions
1. Turn off incoming water supply.
2. Loosen and remove incoming water supply hose from control box.
3. Remove filter from threaded water supply connection.
4. Clean filter with soft brush
5. Replace filter and incoming water supply hose to control box.
Recalibration Instructions
If your faucet sensor did not correctly calibrate initially or the lavatory environment has changed (e.g. light color, light intensity, sink
basin color, sink basin geometry, faucet position, etc.), the faucet can be recalibrated.
On the control box, press and hold the recalibration button for at least three seconds. When the calibration cycle starts, water will
flow from the faucet for approximately 10 seconds. The total calibration time is approximately 30-60 seconds.
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Z6957-XL Serviceable Parts List
1. Mixing Valve w/Filter
2. Mixing Tee w/Filters and Back Checks P6900-XL-MT
FV615 Rev - 8/31/2017
Page 8
3. Single Stainless Supply Hose (XL)
4. Stainless Supply Hoses (XL)
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