Eng-5 COOKER - Hedorfs Kollegium

The apartment is only to be habited by one person. Guests are welcome for a shorter
period, but it is not allowed to lent or rent out the apartment.
The apartment is very tight, and it is therefore necessary to replace the exhaust air.
There is always a little bit of exhaust hood and fan through the door. On top of the
triangular window is a ventilation shaft that can be opened / closed.
The cooking plates only work when the timer is set.
Frost box must be defrosted regularly, at least once every three months. Place your
food in the common refrigerator or outdoors in the winter, turn off the refrigeration
cabinet and place if necessary vegetable drawer under the refrigerator with the broad
side of the edge. The defrost drawer is filled up quickly, so empty it when defrosting
and protect the floor with rags or towels.
The hood runs continuously, even if it is off because of the requirement for
ventilation. Therefore, it is never completely silent. When it is turned on, it is quiet
silent since the engine sits on the roof, and extraction is not strong.
To lock the door handle is lifted upwards twice. If it whistles from the door when you
are in your room, it can be remedied by closing the same way from the inside.
You can connect by linking your PC to the green jack. You must buy a power cord or
a wireless router yourself.
There will be issued three keys, and it is recommended that one key is kept with a
friend or family if you're locked out and another key in the apartment.
The keys are system keys, and if a key is lost by theft or otherwise, the system has
to be changed and lock diverted, so that non-authorized person cannot gain access
to the college. This is expensive (DKK 2.600) and it is the tenant who is liable for it.
If a key is worn or breaking, the new key must be booked through the administrator.
If you lock yourself out you can call Lyngby Locks on tel.+45 4588 6088. This you
obviously have to pay yourself.
If the caretaker (tel. +45 2116 1849) is called out outside of working hours to unlock,
you can be sent a bill of DKK 500.
Residents themselves settle electricity with DONG. Monitor sits in the basement, so if
meter must be read please contact Jimmy with an e-mail or note to ja@hedorf.dk.
In May an e-mail is sent to all residents with unloading. By departure we read the
meter on survey day / last day of term. Final reading and moving out message are
sent to www.dongenergy.dk by the administration. If you are going abroad the last
bill can be sent to the administrator and will be withdrawn from your deposit.
If there has been a fuse in the relay, the tenant is even to replace it. 13A fuses have
to be used.
There has been installed television jack in all apartments. Tenants must book and
pay TV package to YouSee, if desired, 80 80 40 40 or yousee.dk. Per 1/1-2016 the
fee is DKK 464 for the basic package, DKK 564 for medium package and DKK 764
for full package. Rent period 6 months minimum.
Television license
Licensing is a statutory duty for all aged over 18 who have a device that can receive
and play back radio programs, photo programs or services, regardless of how the
equipment is used.
This means that you as an individual must pay a license for households if you have a
license due machine (smart phone, PC, I-pad or television) and it means that the
license does not depend on whether you are using DR's public service offer: DR1,
DR2, www.dr.dk, P1 P2, P3, P4 and digital radio channels, or only sees foreign
At 1 January 2016 the annual media licenses is at DKK 2,477.00.
The residents themselves must sign a home insurance as burglary, loss and damage
in the apartment must be notified by this insurance, also theft of bicycle.
Heating can be regulated at the thermostat, both on ground and in the bathroom.
Heating advance payment is recorded in August and final bill recite des early
December, even if the apartment is vacated.
Tenants shall put a padlock on the door to his cellar. Things of value, and beer /
liqueur should not be kept visible in the cellar.
Please bring your own soap. Payment for washing, DKK 15 and DKK 10 for the dryer
for 20 minutes is deducted the rent two months later. Do not dry more that 20
minutes. Remember to clean the filter in the dryer each time and it will dry better.
Never put clothes that have been exposed to oil nor rubber in the dryer, ie bath mats
or door mats.
You can open to visitors from your apartment.
This is also possible when the guest leaves as he simply dials again to get the door
open (only relevant for ground floor).
All residents must participate in cleaning and maintenance of common area-clay
especially common kitchens. There is created a rotation schedule for cleaning on
each floor, to be followed by everyone whether they use the kitchen a little or a lot.
Industrial dishwashers are installed in every kitchen. These washes up at high
temperature in a short time (approx. 20 min. for a program). Do not use ordinary
dishwashing powder, only special cleaning tablets from Miele. The soap is ordered
by Jimmi as to when the cask is becoming empty. Fill in salt and rinse aid when
necessary and clean filter frequently.
The oven must be cleaned after use and cleaned thoroughly at least once a week. If
grease and food residue are burning solid, it is difficult to make it clean, and heat
output is reduced.
Refrigerator and freezer are cleaned as needed, and old food thrown away. Check
once a week.
The persons who use the kitchen must clean up after themselves. Do not leave used
pan and pots in the sink, wash them off immediately. Wipe off dining tables and
kitchen tables, clean porcelain before it is placed in the washing machine and empty
the trash bag.
Tea-towels and dishcloths must be changed every day and washed by the weekly
cleaning responsible.
Sweep and wash regularly. Follow rotation plan for your kitchen.
The inspector Jimmi Andersson is here on Monday and Thursday between 9:00 and
15:00 and every second Wednesday.
Same time on phone 21 16 18 49 or e-mail ja@hedorf.dk
Defects at the apartment or the building must to be reported immediately to Jimmi
Andersson. Put a note in the mailbox 5R or send an e-mail.
The administrator's office is in the basement, down the stairs at the bicycle shed.
You are always welcome. Telephone +45 3819 3130 Mobile +45 2429 3130 or e-mail
A residents’ council has been formed. The meeting is held every other month. You
can make suggestions to the Residents’ Council.
A website has been created on facebook - hedorfskollegium - to exchange ideas and
information, and also pages for the respective kitchens can be found.
See www.kollegierneskontor.dk / Lease termination.
It is important to submit a written termination of tenancy, as there will only be
searched for new tenant at the desired departure date, when the written termination
is received. Term of notice is three months. New address and bank account
number shall be given so deposit can be returned. The deposit will be returned within
two months.
Final account of heating and water for the year 1/8 – 31/7 will be sent to you at the
end of November. Confirm your account number to www.KollegiernesKontor.dk.
It is important that food waste is thrown away in small plastic bags, max 15 l, which is
closed firmly. You will find the waste box next to the kitchen on each floor.
Paperboard as pizza trays jams and it is extremely difficult to get access
reestablished. They must be torn into small pieces. The tank is emptied twice a
week, so if the bags are not tightly closed it can cause odors. Do not throw bottles
and newspapers in the shaft, but use the containers in the yard.
You will find containers of Frederiksberg Municipality for bottles, newspapers,
cardboard and metal as well as a bulky room in the shed. There must be NO kitchen
waste in containers or bulky space and never leave a sac with mixed waste. Sort it
The lift is installed by ThyssenKrupp Elevator A / S - tel. 70 13 08 08
Elevator No. 2008-6033
The doors must not be blocked, as this may damage the fastener. Please notify
Jimmi Andersson if the lift is out of order
Bicycles must be in the courtyard in the bike rack. Put the hook on the handle when
the bikes otherwise overturned in windy weather. Do not place your bicycle anywhere
else. Get a solid lock as bikes are often stolen. You can also use your basement
room for keeping the bike.
There are 9 parking spaces in the courtyard reserved for residents of the
building, staff and their guests. Residents having their own car can get a
permanent license on presentation of registration certificate. All others can
get guest license that must be put behind the windscreen. You can contact
Jimmi Andersen to get more. The area is monitored by Q-Park, which will
issue fines for vehicles without valid permission. It is not allowed to park on
seats belonging to Flintholm Kollegium.
Send Jimmi a message something in common areas has to be replaced or repaired.
It is important that all doors are locked at all times both in the basement and kitchen
plans. There may be trespassers, trying to gain access to steal. Therefore, you
should not open the door phone to someone you do not know or have any unknown
make in through the front door.
Updated 1st March 2016
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